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Dream Interpretation

Salam Alaikum w Rahmatullahi w Barakatuh
Brother and Sisters,
I have made this page to help the People of Allah, for the pleasure of Allah alone and the knowledge He has Bestow upon me thru his Deen and His Messenger Muhammad Sal allahu alaih wasallum.

Now write your dreams in here !
Go to bottom of this page and leave your dreams for interpretation.

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Kindly write making paragraphs of 4 lines and enter after making a paragraph, bcz conjusted writings make it very difficult to read and understand dreams, so if u want right answers than write properly making  4 lined paragraphs.

NOTE: Your dreams once written and posted will disappear. Dont write them again and again. Once written they are added to my approval to be replied.

BarakAllahu Feekum!


  1. muhammad talha pervaiz permalink

    i need to know the interpretation of this dream..

    i was standing on the cliff… and suddenly i slipped… but eventually the girl i love comes and saves me… even though i didnt saw her but when i woke up and when actually i survived i just knew it was her.. thats it!

    • brother you cant make certain decisions right and someone from your closed relations like mother, father or sister or any closed trustworthy one will help u tackling situation, pray to Allah and pray regularly to seek guidance from Allah.

  2. Ayat permalink

    I know I have posted my dream on the website mentioned above but just incase I’m going to post it here again with abit more detail. I hope you dont mind 🙂

    I have been dreaming about the judgement day a lot lately, in one if them I saw Muhammad saw but I don’t remember his face. I remember that the judgement day was very near and i was in the car with my family. I could see that the sky was very red. Anyway when i got home i was praying and crying, wishing that i had done athkar more (even though in real life i do alot of athkar) i then got up and sat on the bed( it wasn’t our house that I was in) and my mum came in, I started telling her I that I had a dream about the prophet. As I was explaining to her about the dream I saw him. I was sitting beside him eating dinner, there was a lot of food on the dining table and there were many other people with us. I remember him giving me a large cup but I don’t know what was in it. I think it was wine.  And then it went back to me sitting on the bed. I tried to remember the dream but it became darker and darker till i couldnt see the dream again. But I’m sure it was him. Anyway then I started talking to my mum again and I can’t remember what happened next.

    Also Yesterday I had a dream about the judgement day (again). I was in our kitchen and it was announced that the judgement day is in two days. I was really nervous and scared, so I started repeating the words alhamdullah, subhanallah etc And I was really upset because I could have done so much more. Anyway the time came and everyone was given their books, and when it was my turn I was standing there really nervous, but to my surprise I received my book (the one we receive that has everything written in it, everything we have done when we were alive) with my right hand. I couldn’t believe it so I said “that’s not right” and turned around and put my hand behind my back. Then I think it was my mum, she told me “no turn back , u got ur book with ur right hand” . I then turned again and I think I was really happy And at the same time surprised.
    And btw I don’t know who gave me the book, I couldn’t see their face or hear their voice.

    When I woke up in the middle of the night, not sure what time it was I felt perfectly fine, like I wasn’t scared or anything. Pleeeease help me, I really want to know what these two dreams mean and what it means if u have alot of dreams about the judgement day!

    • salam brother, ok to post in here 🙂
      your dreams are not bad but a warning for you, you should try to do regular salah ( prayers) with focusing and paying attention. You have to read the Quran and understand it and act upon it as well. if you do many many athkar, than you have to act on the righteous path as well.
      if you have hurt yr parents sometimes back than pls seek forgiveness from both of them. and repent to allah and pray for yr parents health and happiness.
      there are things in yr life which you have not sorted out and are incomplete, so u have to do those things rightly and with the intention of pleasing Allah.
      inshallah Allah will be pleased with u 🙂
      barakallahu feekum bro

      • Ayat permalink

        Aw thank you so much, btw I’m a sister. 🙂
        So sorry but I jjust want to ask you another question.
        What do you mean by I have things in my life which are not sorted or incomplete ? And what makes you think that (from the dreams) ?
        Also in my dreams (which involves the judgement day) my mum is always in them, why ?
        Thank you sooooo much for your help !
        Barakallahu fiki 🙂

      • yes by yr dreams, as u have been seeing it again and again, so i felt something is missing in yr life and u have to sort it out, and if u see yr mom everytime than pls think hard and see if u have ever hurt her and go and seek forgiveness from her. and show yr love to yr mom a lot and pray for her and ask her to pray regular also. salaam

  3. Sue permalink

    Alsalam 3alaykum,

    I am 3months pregnant and saw a dream of a black and grey cat jumping towards me and then finally pouncing on me before I woke up feeling frightened.

    Can you please provide any info about the meaning of this, if there is one.



    • walekum salam sister, you need to pray regularly please!! pray 5 times daily and maintain reading of quran with understanding daily, even 1 page but dialy.
      recite ayat al kursi 3 times and blow on yr hands and rub on yr all body everynight or day u can do this but once a day is good. do it with heart and intention to seek refuge from Allah to save u & yr baby inside u from harm.
      some sources are trying to harm u dear but dont get afraid. pray and duaa will inshallah benefit u, ask me anything if u have problems in somethings later. inshallah im here to help u sister. barak Allahu feek

      • Sue permalink

        Thankyou very much, inshallah i will continue to pray and also recite the aya as u have said. allah karim.

        baraka allahu fik

  4. Sarah permalink


    Sometime ago my brother had a dream.
    He was in a White room, And there were many men dressed in dishdasha. He said that their faces were full of noor, they were dressed fully in White, everything was White except their hair and beard. so he thinks they were angels but he is not sure. Anyway, as he walked into the room one of the men who he thinks was the “leader” because he was standing in the middle, smiled at him and hugged him. And then he woke up.

    Barakallahu fik.

    • salam, ask yr brother to be punctual in his prayers and good righteous deeds. If he is already doing it and ok but if not than he needs to start taking islamic classes or understanding Quran and Sunnah and implement them on his life, Allah will bless him inshalah.

  5. janine permalink

    Asalamo alaikum,
    I had a dream that a character is shooting at me with a gun and i am screaming Allah’s name “Ya Rahman” out loud. I missed the shots first couple of times but then I keep going and reciting Allah’s name. Also, I felt like my father was somewhere in the dream allowing this person to shoot me.
    what does it mean?
    Jazak Allahu khair

    • Walekum salam sister, seems like lot of tensions to come in yr family life.
      Solution is rightly shown to u, you only need to Pray to allah 🙂 ask him to save you and yr loved ones from the
      evils of all kinds and sources. you should pray 5 times daily and if possible pray 2 rakah in tahajjud as well. time for tahajjud is 1-2 hours before fajr salah. After prayer you have to praise Allah by doing tasbeeh , e.g allahu sami ul aleem, allhu na’mal wakeel, alhmdulilah , subhan Allah, allahu akbar in any limit , limit is not fixed, u can do 1 , 3, 50, 100 etc.. and than u send salawat to Prophet SAW like we do in salah ( allah huma salli ala muhammad wa ala ali muhammad kama sal laita ………………till the end) in any limit. then make duaa to allah. you can also make duaa in sujud ( prostration)

  6. janine permalink

    I also had another dream that i was with my mother, and i was arguing with her in the car. Then we hit another car and she started bleeding from her nostril. Thats all i remmber of the dream. what does it mean. it seems i dream a lot of my mom and I arguing.
    Jazak Allah khair

    • this dream’s solution is same as i have mentioned in yr previous dream.
      but one more thing, your closed relation like yr mom or father or sister, bro .. i mean very closed person is not happy with you. you need to think and see where you have done bad with someone, and need to make up with them, show love to them and seek forgiveness from allah. if you have a mother in law than you need to make her feel good and show love to her as well and take good care of her. sister, we humans have tests thru fellow humans by our actions and behavior as well.Allah tests us and said they are tests to us and we are tests to them. so in order to make our lives peaceful and make Allah happy we have to care for our relatives with all means, with actions, deeds, care and money ! May Allah guides us on the right path, path of Sahaba RA and Prophet SAW, Ameen

  7. Allahs_slave permalink

    Asalam alakum sister, today I had a dream that women came over to visit my mom since she just came back from hajj.(alhamduallah). They kept bringing money with them, and I took care of the money, but for sum reason I gave back change to some of those women. In the same time there was a guy, who in the dream did not look Arab, he was alright looking when his hair was brushed back, but then I put his hair on his face which made him look cute, I showed him to my sisters they said oh he looks better like that, anyway the boy had green-bluish eyes…same time it looked like we were both working and getting the money, I kept seeing a girl flirt with him (I think his boss) so I went up to her, I grabbed a ring (idk from where) and put it on, I shower her and said “LOOK WERE ENGAGED!” she only looked at me. (we really were not engaged) THEN, a total diff story came in the dream, I was on my porch at night, then two kids (ages 10-12) a boy and girl came tried to come in my house, the girl cut herself on her neck and I saw her bones! I was really scared, so I got in, I tried shutting the door but she kept pushing it open, I locked it but when I touched that lock for the outside door, it would shock my hand. Then I finally got it to close, and I started shutting the inside door, but some how she got her hand to fit under the door and was grabbing me, I was screaming so loud for help, my older sister came and looked at me and ONLY sat down, I’m like to her “COME HELP ME CLOSE THE DOOR” but she wouldn’t come, then my other sister came, looked at me and only sat down, I was screaming! Bc Now she had a knife on her hand, but it wasn’t on me, she was tryna break through
    the glass door window. So I gave up I let go, and ran down stairs to my mom, I picked up 2 sticks, and was hitting the girl so bad on her back, but she manages to get up and hit me back, I screamed to my mom for help! And said “CALL THE COPS!” my mom stood there and watched me hit her without doing anything, the sticks kept breaking and I kept picking up other ones. I tried calling the cops, but I kept pressing diffrent numbers, I knew the number but I didn’t press it..then some how the girl wasn’t there anymore, and I ended up on my porch again, this time I had money on my hand and waiting for the guy to come, so I can give him half (for working and I promised him) this guy was the same guy with the green-bluish eyes, but was a diffrent person by looks, I knew him! He was an old guy friend from 2 years ago, I was out in the dark and saying “when is he going to come! I need to give him the money” 
    Now this guy was only a friend, and I stopped talkin to him bc I thought it’s wrong! What does this dream mean? Plz help me sister! Jazakallahukhairan. Btw I’m allahs slave from the other site. 🙂

    • salam sister, i recognized u dear 🙂
      many blessings to come to u inshallah and happiness. problems will come as yr sister dreamt a small girl came to her home and gave dvd to her, ( i remember her dream ) so u r also seeing this as a girl coming and bothering u, certainly i think someone has intervened in yr life and probably connected with you. if yr sister is married , pls tell her to pray for her family and her husband’s safety.
      Look ,, we cant stop anyone ok! we can pray thats the best and most powerful thing we can do. really ! ask yr sister to pray and u also pray for her. i dont knw if who will get affected ( u or yr sis ) but its connected with your entire family as u both had been dreaming same things? tell me, do you all girls even pray 5 times ?
      do u take out time to read Quran or at least listen to tilawat attentively ?
      pls do so, and take yr selves out from the chaos to come and inshallah they wont harm u 🙂 sticks u r picking and trying calling are showing u will make efforts to save yr self and family. inshalah. ………..btw, talking with men is not totally haram, we go to shopping and there are men , at shouks there are men selling , so we have been ordered by Allah in surah Noor ayah 31, to lower their gaze and guard their modesty ! means not to indulge in making relationships and falling in love like that.
      we can talk but in respective manner in a way they dont attract towards us by our voice or actions, by not looking into their eyes as well.
      and stop making ideas in our minds as such e.g oh, does he like me, or oh he is so handsome, will he look at me, this is haram 🙂
      simply asking any nice honest brother for any help by lowering our eyes and talking in modest manner , if required is ok, it doesnt mean that we start unnecessarily asking them things to take their attention. hope now u knw in detail.

      • Allahs_slave permalink

        Thank you so much! Please tell me all I can do is pray? I know it’s powerfull. And I do pray alhamduallah, I just can’t read Arabic, so I listen to Quran on my iPod. What should I listen to? How can I become someone better bc I make mistakes over and over again. 😦 I’m really mad!
        Anyway, about the dreams, should I tell my mom about my sisters and my dream?? And tell her a meaning atleast? Or who shuld I tell? Jazkuallahkhairan! 🙂

      • Sister, no need to get perplexed, Islam is the simple religion and easy to follow.
        I have explained to you all that, read with clear mind and dont get mixed up.
        for yr dreams and yr sister’s, dont get nervous and confused. dont tell yr mom, i suggest, it will make her sad, if sshe can handle and doesnt take stress over things than let her knw in good times, u can discuss with yr sis who dreamt with you. and above all, no need to worry. they wont harm you, dreams are indications and if we understand than and pray for them than Allah saves us from the harm. just be positive in yr approach abt dreams, dont panic please. Pray and listening to Quran is ok, if u listen to translation or read that it is best, cuz listening just arabic wont make uunderstand wat is the meaning. take it all easy. salaam

      • Allahs_slave permalink

        Inshallah, I will be someone better! Ima try my hardest. Now I want to ask you, Is it really haram to pluck your eye brows? And it’s it haram to put eye liner on at school? (I don’t do it for the boys, it’s just I look dead without eye liner) also, music? Haram right?
        Sorry I ask so much questions, but wallah your going to help me so much, that Allah will give you so much agr ameen.

      • 🙂 yes sweetheart i will inshallah help you. i have mailed the replies to yr email address u have written while commenting..

  8. shoaib permalink


  9. Allahs_slave permalink

    What does it mean, when you find a baby, laying down crying in a place full of people watching a game, and it was raining on the ppl. And u pick up the baby and take him home and take good care of him? and ur family help take care of him. I dreamed I found the baby. And was willing to keep him and not bring him back.

    • walekum salam, people are busy in the activities and troubles are coming on them but they dont pay attention and keep busy in their lives, no one is ready to take the responsibility ( an opportunity) and you took one and your loved ones helped you in your aim and you wont let go on the responsibility which you have taken.

      seems you are coming into right track girl 🙂 Mashallah, May Allah Helps you with Greatest of his helps.Ameen.
      you should tell the dreams u & yr sister seen to your mom with the interpretations and way to solve them which i told u, inshallah all will be fine and peaceful. barakAllahu feek sister.

      • can u plz tell me what happened if u saw prophet but not clear but he said he is prophet

      • whn u dream of rasul sw then hes shown clearly and his appearance has been described in the hadith. if someone
        says that he’s rasul sw than its not necessarily him.salam

  10. Allahs_slave permalink

    Thank you sister. 🙂
    anyway, my other sister that’s 18, wanted me to ask this question (dream)
    she had a dream, that she was drawing to lines (paths) one went straight and got off a little and one was everywhere, they were really long, started same place, went diffrent directions but ended same place. What does this mean?
    Also (this dream is not for my sister)
    what does it mean when you dream you got engaged to your 2nd cousin whom who have no contact with…in the dream your alright, not mad or sad, and when you woke up your very confused bc you have no clue where the dream came from..(btw this dream, a girl dreamt it) Salam

    • Salam sister,
      pls ask yr sister to write her dreams herself, to avoid misquoting or misunderstandings..
      i dont understand in yr sister’s drawing lines, does 1 line broke in the middle and continued while having the gap? pls clarify this.
      2nd line was everywhere, i dont understand this too.. does she make the line in circles in crazy manner as the way kids make when they dont know how to write?

      for the other girl’s dream, her dream can mean that may be her family likes some one for her, ask her to see if her parents are planning something for her , than she can pray to Allah and make duaa if the person is right for her in this life and next than allah make him stay, she can go ahead with her parent’s choice .. she must be young now as u r just 16 i guess, how can she get engaged now? is she indian or south asian? Allhu aalam, but this dream of hers says that new ventures to come , she better get ready 🙂

      • Allahs_slave permalink

        This Is EXACTLY what my sister wrote just now, I was drawing 2 different paths, they both started at the same point and and they both ended at the same point, one was squiggly at one point and the other was kind of straight.
        And for the other dream, im the one that had that dream…I just didn’t want to seem ridiculous having a new dream every time and coming to bother you lol. Srry. Anyway, sister, for the passed days (even before I dreamt about me getting engaged) ive been having these feelings that closly I’m going to get engaged. Is that normal?

      • sister, never lie abt a dream, u wrote some gal seen it and it was u, Prophet SAW forbid to lie abt dreams. be careful
        i have no problem u having dreams every night or dozens in a day. its ok
        u can write them. for yr engagement dream, the meaning is same, but if i look over to yr all dreams in past u shared with me, i will simply say that this one is from them and u dont have to worry, pls pray only and hope for the best from Allah. worries make us more tensed, Faith in Allah that nothing will happen to us except wat Allah has ordained for us, strengthens eeman sister.
        for yr sister’s lines, Allah has given 2 paths to follow. 1 is simple ( the way of sunnah) which will end towards the paradise , of people who do good and stay on it and die as muslims with strong eeman and enter jannah

        and 2nd is tough, having hurdles which will also result in paradise, u see that we get problems and fitna on us when we dont behave properly and problems come on our ways more and more cuz Allah wants to Make His servant come to him in the right manner, which like some people dont follow good way 1st and than after problems enter their lives than they realize mistakes and repent and later become good. so they enter paradise somehow.

        so yr sister has to choose from which wayshe has to go , she likes 1st way of 2nd way, 1st will be tough as well, cuz people who practise right path face difficulties as well, its beacuse Allah puts a test, higher the faith , stronger the test! so some people leave the right path for a while but later they come back.. anyhow, too much of details. let yr sister knw, she has to choose one path, better be the straight path of Prophet SAW.

  11. Sawera permalink

    Assalam Alikum, I saw your replies and mashaAllah it’s a great deed that you’re doing may Allah s.w.t bless you always ameen. I wanted an interpretation of my dream and I posted it on mydreammeanings but I rather have a reply here.
    I saw a venomous spider in my dream ( like the one in the picture except it was huge. I tried to kill it with the bug killing spray but it wasn’t dieing and it kept coming towards me, it kinda rolled and I kept spraying but it wasn’t dieing. I saw this in the situation that I am moving places with my parents and my parents are trying to stop me from talking to my husband, I am constantly begging them to not do this and to let me talk to him once. My parents took my phone away and instead there were two other cellphones left in my bag one had Arabic keypads and the other one with English. Then i saw that my husband came over to my place and tried talking to my parents, i couldn’t hear their conversation but in my dream I was praying to Allah s.w.t hoping it works out between them. I was sitting at the far end crying while my cousin and one other person tried to comfort me (in my real life I don’t really get along with both of them).
    Then I saw myself trying to kill that spider.
    seeing this I woke up and it was around 3.30am, i tried to get back to sleep, i think it was around 4am when i had fallen asleep and the same dream continued.

    From past few days, I am seeing spiders of different kinds literally everywhere, at my house and at other places as well. I am not scared of the small spiders that you usually see around houses and I don’t prefer to kill them rather I pick them up in a tissue or paper and leave them outside my house
    Recently, I am really struggling to maintain a balance a between my parents and family and my married life, its not working out well (may Allah swt make things better in future Ameen)

    Usually the dreams I have, have a meaning to them. Also I wanted to ask if its possible to contact you via email cause I kind of hesitate to explain my proper situation here to relate it with the dream
    JazakAllahu Kheir

    • salam sister, yes i have email, i will send my email to yr mentioned id u have given while writing to me of par…………… i cant disclose here thats yr id 🙂
      i have interpreted yr dream on the other site 🙂 i just saw yr ms here now 🙂
      i will put here as well
      salam sister, very sad to hear this wallah. and i am aware of yr situation. the meaning of dream is but i also have the solution for u.

      meaning: 1 person only 1 person wants to isolate u, that 1 person is powerful enough and aware that u will listen and do wat he or she wants.

      solution: seems yr parents and husband are not in good terms with each other, sister wat Islam tells is that if yr parents try to forbid a girl to live with his husband than the girl should not listen to them.
      this is the 1st right of husband over his wife. he can stop u to visit yr parents and u will have to obey him but yr parents cant stop u to live with husband.
      when husband stops to meet parents than he is answerable to Allah cuz after marriage yr parents parents become his parents, even divorce or death of wife cant cancel this relation of his mother in law wit him ever.

      so sister, be with yr husband and pray 5 times daily , wake up at tahajjud and pray for yr parents to accept yr husband. and pray daily, prayers will inshallah change yr parents. have faith in prayers and avoid any acts which are not liked by allah, dont mix with men and observe Hijab, be faithful to husband and show love to his parents and yr parents as well. do wat Allah says and Allah will relieve yr pain , Ameen

      I will mail u and u can let me know the things in detail inshallah , Allah be with our help inshallah

  12. Salam Alaykoum, I did a dream where I was in my room, it was snowing outside and it was during the night. I went upstairs into my room, I saw a person that I can’t describe. I remember that this person was like a spirit (djinn) holding a sort of “palette” of stones where it seemed he could read something on and that person wanted to tell me something – he said “I’m gonna say to you something really important”- I was tempted but I knew that it is shirk billah so I refused saying that It WAS SHIRK and I didn’t want to make shirk because I am afraid of dying like a non-muslim. So that person (djinn) attacked me and I recited Ayat Al Koursi with difficulty, I felt like someone was stranggling me. At the end the person told me that I will meet someone during a trip in April and that person will be my husband. I don’t know what is the meaning please help me…

    I did a dream before that dream where a person came to me and hypnotised me. That person told me that I will meet my husband during a trip without mentioning where and when.

    I am 26, I am a student and I know that I was under sahar that’s why during the end of 2009 I did several Roqya char3iya (recitation of Quran). JazakAllah

    • salam sheema, sister u know wat to do, u r aware of the things yrself, u need to make duaa just to allah to protect u , and plus u can recite ayat al kursi 3 times and blow on yrself, this is not bidah, Prophet SAW’s hadith of doing such and I really part away from bidah so i never ask anyone to do any such acts.
      also b4 sleeping u recite surah al falak and an naas 3 times , blow on yr both hands and rub on yr body, and always take refuge with Allah to protect u, several duaa in Quran to take protection, being an arab as i identify thru yr writing, u can understand Quran and find those ayah for protection.
      and dont worry , inshallah Allah will protect u. ask yr mother to pray for u also.

  13. Allahs_slave permalink

    Sister, what does it mean when you dream an old man, was surrounded by me and my sisters and he asked me “what’s your name? Your family name?” I didn’t tell him bc he soon asked a weird question, I’m not sure what it was but it was like “are you a good girl” I soon answered “yeah I am” the guy was wearing a white small hat, he had a little white hair, he was sitting down and my sisters and I were sitting next to him…? What does this mean??

    • Alhmdulilah u started seeing good dreams and peaceful one 🙂 u saw the power of duaa?
      Its a good dream, alhmdulilah yr home will find peace soon inshallah and all yr worries will vanish , ameen,
      salaam 🙂

  14. Allahs_slave permalink

    Also what does it mean when you dream your brushing your hair, and in your dream your hair is soooo long and soft really nice??

    • were u looking yr hair in mirror or u were loking at yr hair yrself without looking in mirror?

      • Allahs_slave permalink

        It was somehow looking at myself in the mirror. And same time I was showing my sister, how long and nice it’s gotten.

      • ok, inshallah in future u will be going to be getting over all worries which u mentioned in private.
        yr life will be very good alhmdulilah, u will see the changes soon ukhti inshallah 🙂

      • Allahs_slave permalink

        Inshallah thank u so much

  15. khalid permalink

    yes it’s me again can u please talk to me on my email i dont like to say stuff in public so i will you the whole of my dream
    if u cant see my email i will post it
    thanks for ur help

    • salam, ok, i have sent u an email and u can reply with yr dream..
      dont forget to check junk folder, sometimes new mails dont reach in inbox.

  16. Concerned Dreamer permalink

    as salaamu alaykum,
    last night i had a dream. it seemed like a very long dream, as in a lot of things were happening. none of those things caused me any alarm when i woke up except for the part i am about to tell you. its a bit embarrassing but in one part of my dream i was sitting at a table with a bunch of people. i reeeeally had to go to the bathroom for a i think in my dream i had diarrehea. so anyway im sitting at this table wanting to go to the toilet and i can hear or see the people around me saying “what’s that smell?” so i rush to the i’m in the bathroom and i pull my pants down..nothing happens..i look in the mirror and i can feel the feces coming out of my mouth and i’m pulling at it. now i dont remember seeing the actual feces coming out of my mouth in the dream but i can see it on my teeth and i know that its coming out of my mouth. so that happens and then a series of other things happen which were somewhat normal after that.

    ok so when i woke up the feces part is what made me feel weird and i spoke to a friend of mine and she told me that it means that im either going to be afflicted by a jinn or i will have a hard pregnancy in the future. either way im extremely concerned about this dream and im begging you to tell me all that you can possibly find out about it. thank you so much for your time!!

    • Salam. you can start praying and dont be lazy, pray for yr protection and read ayat al kursi 3 times and blow on yr self while making duaa wit allah to protect u from the harms gona happen. yr dream is not related wit pregnancy, but its like sahar. as well as your bad name or insult among people. read Quran with understanding daily and try to avoid bad friends..
      try to make duaa while in sujood as well and inshallah Allah will protect need to get tensed just be good with 5 times prayers, salaam

  17. Farha Abdul Kareem permalink

    Asaalaam Mualaikum….
    I just wrote a reply for you on the dreams website but i am also going to reply here…first of i would like to thank you about the website you have created and the reply…and my reply on the website was….My mum is with me…she can understand english…but her speaking is not good…my mum says please if there is anything let her know…since my mum married lots of problems had started with her first year she started getting health problems, we had financial problems, we keep reading namaaz and quran… my mum wants to know what you want to say to her…jazakallah…
    i thought i had put it here bcoz it would be easier……

    • Salam Sister, i reply daily 🙂 sometimes connection problems though. this wordpress is mine, but that website of mydreammeanings is not mine, its operated by some non muslims i think. and they release the questions lately, sometimes i get the dozens of questions in a day or sometimes not a single for 2, 3 days lol..

      well, i wanted u to convey my msg to yr both parents but it wont be good to write it all here, as many people can read this.
      I am going to send u the email to yr email id mentioned in yr question ros……….. ( undisclosed)
      pls check yr email and get back to me on that.

      • Zainab Hashmi permalink

        I haven’t recieved an email from you yet please email me at jazakallah 🙂

      • salam sis, pls write yr dream in here wit a fake name , i dont reply on emails.

      • Bilqis permalink

        sister I did not get your email, I am getting worried and impatient now about what you want to tell me 😦

      • i have replied yr dreams sis, salam

    • how u found me here? that webiste has blocked my contacting details and even deleted my replies where i written them 🙂

      • Bilqis permalink

        Sister, I had another dream today about my mum, it was after fajar salah( by Allah I was able to wake up for fajr today).
        I saw that I was back home again, I am going around my house looking around and there are people there I don’t know who they are, they seem to be like guests or something. They watch me looking around my house (not inside my house bur outside), I can hear them talk about me, saying “who is she?” and all that, and in the dream I think to my self “these people have no idea that I am the daughter of this house, they don’t recognise me, I used to live here once” I did not care much about it any way and then I went looking for my mum, I went at the back of my house where there is like a small lake, there are steps that you can climb down to reach the water, I see my mum praying (doing her salah) sitting on her prayer mat on the top of the water in the middle of the lake, she sees me aswell and we both are so happy to see eachother, and then I think she gets up from the prayer mat and extends her arms and so do I to hug eachother, and then the dream just ends it goes all blank and dark. Then I see my self trying tell some one about the dream I think I was telling my mum. Then I wake up for real this time.

        ps. the dream seemed so real when I saw my mum sitting on her prayer mat sitting up in the praying position after sujood. The water in the lake was so clear. She was sitting on the prayer mat that I actually pray on.

      • sister it seems that some woman is interested for u or yr sis to be her daughter in law, salam

      • i dont reply on emails, pls write yr dreams in here

      • Muryam Ilyas permalink


        I have had a recurring dream theme on a number of occasions over the past few years. It is about being displaced in unfamiliar or horrible places bereft of warmth and joy. Sort of like a homeless wandering feeling in grim places that my soul does not resonate with. Also in my dreams the people are common souls I do not relate to that seem degenerate and ugly to me- not physically but just in terms of a lack of spiritual beauty, warmth. I feel far away from home and love and safety.

        The other recurring dream theme is not being able to find a clean toilet. I have had this disturbing and distressing dream maybe a couple of times in a year over the last several years. There is usually an urgent need to use the toilet and I am urgently trying to find one. When I go into a building to use a toilet, all the toilets are horribly dirty and soiled, I look for a clean one but either I cannot find one or am forced to use a dirty one that is the best out of a bad bunch. I try to avoid the mess around it or sometimes try to roughly clean the rim of the toilet so it is useable. Sometimes the only toilet I can find is an outdoor toilet but I am afraid that I am going to be seen. I cannot remember if I actually do use it. All I know is that I am compelled to use the toilet even though there is no privacy and others might be able to see me and this is very distressing. These dreams are distressing because I am sure there are messages here but I am unable to comprehend.

        I used to have amazing dream interpretation powers naturally all my life but lost them about ten years ago when my father died. I could understand not only my own but friends would end up telling me their dreams and could not believe the accuracy and detailed info that I would give them and it helped them alot. Sometimes ofcourse this power was a burden. I was able to do this without even needing to analyse or think about it. It was something I kept to myself and only close family and friends knew because they would sometimes ask for my opinion. Images and information would just flow in automatically without effort and even without me wanting this power. It was just something I had been naturally given for an appointed time. Since I lost this ability, it is sometimes frustrating, it seems as though something is missing and it is especially frustrating when I cannot understand a dream. Before I would just observe and the meanings would appear.

        On a few rare occasions I have automatically been able to understand a couple of dreams about two years ago. It was when my sister dreamt of a friend and told me about the dream. I shared what I saw and understood from the dream she related. My sister had not been in touch with this friend for about a year and when she got in touch she was very concerned because the dream interpretation was exactly what a certain friend of hers was going through and the dream was a warning that she was harming her deen and herself by the situation she was placing herself in. When my sister told her about the meaning of the dream, she made positive changes and decisions and redirected her life. That was just a one off but has not happened since. Although this used to be something which I was able to do all the time before Allah took my dream powers away from me.

        Sometimes I wonder if Allah is unhappy with me or if there is a distance between Allah and me. I have always strived to get close to Allah and try to establish regular timeous salah. I do pray regularly but not always on time. Inshallah would be good to receive your comments.

        Sister Muryam

      • yr dreams abt the toilet means that you are lookin for some work/job but cant get the one which suits yr taste. and you feel embarrassed as well.

        i have no idea abt why u lost the dreams interpretation knowledge, maybe you have stoped helping people around u or else. however this ilm is blessed by Allah alone and only he can give meanings to any thing he shows.

        if you are tensed than just go back to prayers and ask allah to forgive u while in sujud and repent, inshallah all will be well


      • Muryam Ilyas permalink

        Wasalaam and thank you for your response. I pray Allah protects you, keeps you on the straight path and blesses your sincerest efforts in His way.

  18. Farha soni permalink

    i clickey on islam sunshine it was highlighted so i found this website… 🙂 and i replied u back…thank u for the reply

  19. Salam brother in islam,
    My sister had a dream 2 yrs ago.The dream had two part.In first part of dream she saw a new house where we two brothers were fighting and my mother also got involved with it.In one stage of fighting she saw we killed each other including my mom.Only women were alive(she looks thin and for your kind information my brother got married 1 yr ago and my bhabi also looks thin).In the last part of dream my sister also saw this accident took place in the neighbor’s flat and we were frightened watching them.

    For your kind information the house she saw in her dream is the same house we are moving in now.But at the time of her dream the house was not fixed.

    Please shek put a light on this dream.Jajak allah

    • salam bro, pls make duaa for yr family, always recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek directly from allah.
      recite surah al yusuf, read it with understanding and make duaa, if u have on PC mp3 than listen to the recitation and try to understand and seek help from Allah, seems to me troubles are near u, so inshalah duaa will help u all getting safer.

  20. Salam brother in islam,

    Last night I had a dream.I saw that I was doing my BBA twice.I was about to study the same subject and I felt that it would take too much time.For your information I finished my grad in 2008 and now I have got admitted in MBA.What it means??plz explain brother.

  21. Salam brother in islam,
    I had another dream just one month ago.I saw a girl whom I never seen before.I saw her as my spouse in that dream.In the last part of dream the girl was about to leave some where and she was telling me that she is going out side.what all this means?

  22. anusha permalink

    i had a dream last night, and since then iam really disturbed…

    in my dream i saw, i had a child n i ws evn breastfeeding him, becoz i am UNMARRIED, i found it quite scary. can u plz help.

    thank u.
    allah hafiz

    • u r being caring towards a person sister, who apparently not as much caring or loving to u.
      take good care of yrself and dont let anyone take u for anything less sister, duaa to allah and seek allah’s refuge , recite ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa for yr protection from such people..

  23. Allahs slave permalink

    Salam sister, how are you?
    Sister today I had a very weird dream, and hopefully you can intrepret it for me.
    Today, I had a dream I was getting married to a young man in his early 30’s but he had white hair. I was happy! But in the same time so sad. The wedding was really big, I was wearing a white dress, I was also on my monthly period, and I forgot to shave my arms (lol). At the same time I wanted to marry my friend(a guy I knew) it was so confusing because one minute I’m getting married to the 30 year old, and the second minute I’m getting married to my friend. Then later in the dream I walked in a room (at my house) full of men only, I was looking for someone, and when I saw him get up, he looked so sad and old (he was my ex boyfriend btw he’s only 21, I love him wallah! I left him for the sake of Allah) I don’t know why he was old, he had white hair, and when I saw him I started crying and I ran out of the room, and as I was running out some men were taking pics of me as I was running and crying, just like I was someone famous. I ran into a room I’ve never seen b4, I started crying uncontrollably because I wanted him (my ex) I wouldn’t get out of the room to join my wedding, it was so sad because in the dream I was getting married to my ex’s brother. BUT I LOVE MY EX! Then I finally got out of the room still pissed though, and I joined the family, I still had my white dress on. The dream was confusing yet so sad! Sister, what does this mean?? Please help me out! Thx! Jazakallah khairan.

  24. Allahs slave permalink

    Hello sister, last night I also had a very weird dreAm!
    I had a dream that an animal Ive never seen before kept following me, it kept chasing me, it wouldn’t leave me alone, and it wasnt harming me at all, it wanted to stay with me…there were women over my house, and I kept crying because the animal looked scary and it wouldn’t leave me alone!! Soon I hit it untill it fainted then I ran to my neighbors garage and out it there closed the door then ran to my house, I hugged my mom and was still crying, she told me “are you sure you didn’t do anything with it?” I’m like “no mom I don’t know why it’ followed me” wallah sister it felt like I was the animals mom.
    And then when the ladies left, there happened to be purple swollen spots on my left hand, and when I touched them they would go blood red, and sometimes they would bleed!! Then my Kim and dad took me to the hospital, and then I awoke.

    • sister, u r driving away a loving person out of yr life, u may not like his appearance but he is good for u.
      but when u will make him go away far from u than u will regret yr mistake, .. to me it seems like ur proposal is abt to come and u r preparing to refuse it. dont do that!

      • Allahs slave permalink

        Thank you. How can I repay you sister?
        Wallah your the only one that’s helped me this much.

      • Almdulilah , Allah who has helped u sister not me, im nothing.

      • Allahs slave permalink

        الحمد لله على كل شيء. الله أكبر.

  25. fatima permalink

    asalamualaikum .
    last night few minutes before fajr , i had this dream where first i daily use to watch this boy going to his flat at midnight ( like i stalk him outside his flat every night ) . i dont even know him . nor i can see his face clearly . one night he comes and give me something to eat . the next thing i know i feel sluggish and semi conscious drowsing on the floor of his bedroom ( i get a strong feeling i was drugged ).
    he left for somwhere and try reaching for my phone to call someone for help ( but i get frustrated because i dont know exactly what street this is and i am pretty sure my friends will think i m playing a joke ) . he apparently sees me using my phone and comes over tries to rape me , i start screaming , But…
    And i suddenly wake up hearing fajr alarm on my cell .
    i was so terrified i started crying …
    plz tell me interpretation , i m scared bcz dreams near fajr mostly come true

    • salam, its not abt rape, its abt if u had any boy in yr mind and he attracts u than u should not go behind him, as this may lead to giving u a bad name or may result in embarrassment.

  26. Allahs slave permalink

    Salam sister,
    today I had a dream that I was at the school lunchroom and I was eating so much cake!!
    And when I got out I heard someone reciting the Quran, I go out and see my friend on the stairs reciting the Quran so loud, (he’s my friend I told you about in my last dream about the marriage) and he kept looking at me while readin the Quran, and I kept turning around Being a little shy, then I ran to the bathroom and fixed my scarf, I come back out and run outside, only to find my sister (the one I told you about 15 year old) friend handing my sister a paper, the my sister began signing a paper, I’m like what is this, she said “I have to sign this because I’m a witness for some girls marriage” I told her “NO DONt SIGN IT” but she insisted, so I’m like okay, my sisters friend was there with he brother looking at us from the car, so my sisters friend comes and gives my sister something white to eat, I’m like “NO DONT EAT IT” and I amde her spit it out on my hand, I’m like “WALLAH IF MY MOM FINDS IUT YOUR EATING SMTHN FROM SOMEONE YOUR DEAD” I told her u never know what’s in it, I grab the paper and run to my sisters friends brother and hand him the paper and gave him back what my sister spit, I’m like “no take it back” he smiled at me and I winked at him and walked away. What does this mean sis??

    • your sis who was dating has not stopped, and u will soon get engaged wit a very nice muslim guy inshallah

  27. saadia permalink

    i have seen dis dream second time that me and my family members are getting ready to leave to visit someone. in one dream there was a friend of my father who was waiting outside and i was hurriedly closing the doors of my house during that i broke one door and also i was telling my sis to hurry up who was not very willing to go.
    in the next dream,again we have to go somewhere and we were getting late,my mom left earlier bc she had to buy something , my father was taking meals and while i was getting ready i saw my face in mirror, i had darker complexion than i originally have,i smiled and decided not to put any make up on my face except on my chin ,to which i applied some foundation.i saw that my sis had a very expensive make up kit. i was wearing black printe shirt and grey socks ,the socks were of either my bro or dad,they were not mine,thensome relative of my aunt came to take us to probably our aunt’s house, i am not sure whether we r going to our aunts house or somewhere else.then i fell asleep in my dream and i was wondering whether i slept in that relative’s car or in aunt’s home, and i found myself on my bed.

    • sister, seems u r hasting in any of major decisions which will get worse afterwards and u r also constantly worried for them
      pray to Allah in salah ( prayers) and make duaa for yr self, praise Allah than send salawat to Prophet SAW and make duaa.
      inshallah Alah will guide u

      • saadia permalink

        ok, perhaps u r right, you also pray for me as i can’t make it out even after praying and praying.

      • inshallah i’ll pray for u sister but if duaa apparently doesnt seem to be fulfilled than its allah’s reasons behind them which we cant understand, inshallah all will be well

      • saadia permalink

        walaikum assalam

  28. mona tunisian permalink

    recently i had a dream where me and my sister where in the dream. i was looking, not through the mirror, very amazed and happy with my long curley hair, but then when i went to show it to my sister i have noticed that she had nice long straight hair.

    another dream, that night i had my period. i had a dream that its my engagement day but all of a sudden i got too busy with helping my cousin girl who all of a sudden lost so much weight picking a dress from my closet for her to wear in my party. that’s where my dream ended.

    Thank you and jazakou Allah khayran

  29. Tamanna permalink

    salaam sister, today morning I had a dream…this time I was in college and 2 teachers were investigating this case were 2 students were shouting,,singing very loudly while coming down a staircase and coincidently at the same time i was climbing up the same stairs and we were three caught in the cameras during tht time…then the 2 teachers called me and were taking me to a sound recording room were a bunch of girls some of which i knw were asking me where are you going i started making up excuses that i’m going for an exam but the girl didn’t beleive me..then the teacher said something to me and took me to the room were another teacher was and told me to record my voice but it seemed like they thought i was the one who was guilty but i knew in the dream that i am safe then i saw myself sitting in a waiting room with some other girls who i didn’t knw…then suddenely the two girls came and sat down i recognised them and pointed at them telling the teachers these two were the girls who singing and shouting…then the teachers saw and they believed me (i felt a sense of relief) then one of the girls ran away, then I and the teachers began chasing her and then she came out of the school building and I stopped chasing her and i saw the girl running out hugging someone (i think her mother) and began weeping and then i woke up..

    what does this dream mean sister…please interpretate
    Jazzakallah khair

  30. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…I recently had a dream that i was on holiday in abroad and i went to a shop or a restaurant with my cousin and i saw this guy who looked ok but then i don’t knw how i eventually found out that he liked me through my cousin….

    today morning i had a dream similar to the one above that i was on holiday.. i’m watching this film with my family which was about a happy married life and then i go outside with my family and met the same guy again at a shop or something and then my mom was with me this time and i secretively told her that this guy likes me and wants to marry and then my mom and that guy were talking…and i woke up.

    in reality the guy in my dream is an actor…and i don’t even like him

    please interpretate this dream sister…
    jazakallah khair

  31. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister,
    1) I had a dream this morning that I was back home at my mom’s cousin mehdhi ka rasam…she was the bride and all the family were putting henna on and so was I and then I saw the bride’s hands full of mehndi but then i saw the colour wasn’t turning dark and for some reason i knw that the henna that was being put on the bride will not bring no red color so I wanted to get something to darken the henna like felt-tip pens or another cone of henna…and then I saw both my hands fulll of henna and then i woke up before I woke up…I saw both my hands fulll of henna and i just knew that my henna will be very dark in colour …then i woke up

    2) After that dream sister I had another dream… that I and my sister were getting very late to school…for some reason I was was very slow to get ready for school and my dad and mom were shouting at me and my sisters ‘hurry up your late’ then i saw the time it was 3pm and then we got eady and my parents drove me and my sisters to school and said bye..then my sister was arguing with me that I’m going the wrong way then i was explaining to her I will drop my little sister to school then i will go to college and i was pointing at another direction ‘go this way to your school’ to my sister. Then my sister went to school and i dropped my little sister and my college somehow was outside..i think it was an assembly or special occasion or something with lots of students and parents and then I sat down and i was relieve that I got to school on time I saw my friend sitting near the back bt infront of me and then i was thinking i wasn’t the only one late today..then I realized i was sitting next to my mom’s friend and I think somehow my mom was there too…and my mom’s friend said to me that your dad is gaining so much good deeds as i was fasting one day and you parents drove me home and i was very happy for my dad. Then she said to me tht I’m a very good and respectble girl and then she asked me how do u usually dress ? or somthing and i pointed at my knees (a little bit above my knees) trying to explain these are usually how long my tops are but she didn’t understand so I told her this is the way i normally dress showing the clothes i was wearing..then my mom’s friend said to me u knw this girl (which i knw in real life) I said yes aunty i knw her…then she said she’s a very bad girl she wears short mini skirts..then i was like ok..then there was a boy sitting next her (i don’t knw this person) and she said that she is very bad too I think in the dream i knew she was a girl dressed up like a boy and my moms friend suddenely got violent and began shouting at her saying this is wrong and pulling the person face and saying to her u need to get ur act together..i was trying to stop her to but she would continue scolding the girl and then i woke up…

    Please interpret this dream sister…jazakallah khair

  32. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…today I had a dream..

    I was in my house in london…and it think me and my family came back from outside…and i was already engaged to someone…then for some reason the boy i like and his family were in my house too I think they were on holiday so they came to visit us…then suddenely i went to my parents room and saw my dad on the phone where someone told my dad that my fiance had died…i hardly reacted about this news and then i was i a room taking my shoes off and then my sister came up to me saying ‘are u upset’..then i was annoyed and upset and I said to her ‘ofcourse…he was my fiance…i am upset’ and then i began staring at my ring on my left hand. Then i was suddenly in another room where the boy i like came up to me and said ‘ur fiance has died’ and then I ran way from him and I went to the room where I was talking to my sister and i shut the door…and i think i was fake crying and then i don’t knw how but the door was a window now..i peaked through it to see the boy i like and to see his reactions…i peaked and i saw he was sitting down…staring at the room i was in…and then I woke upp

    In the dream I kept on seeing a blurry face of my unknown fiance…first time I saw the face when my dad was on phone..second time when i was speaking to my sister and then i think i saw him last time when i was crying….

    Also sister…I think it might help if I tell u..the boy i like is actually a close relative to my family

    Please shed some light on this dream sister..
    Jazzakallah Khair

    • you will be getting engaged , yr parents are seeking a guy and pray for the best and put yr trust in allah alone..

  33. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    my mom had a dream…that she was back home in my aunty’s house and she was cleaning up a room…then she saw some webs so my mom began cleaning it…then suddenly my mom saw a big spider and it bit her hand and then another spider came out of nowhere and bit her again on her arm or hand…and then my mom woke up

    please interpretate this dream sister…
    Jazzakallah khair

    • Tamanna permalink

      Salaam sister…all these 5 dreams were posted on mydreams but i wasn’t get no reply…so i decided to post it heree 🙂
      I hope thats okk
      jazakallah khair 🙂

    • salam, ask yr mom to sek refuge with allah by reciting ayat al kursi 3 times, making duaa for her protection from allah alone. someone is harming her badly, a strong envy. dont trust on people that alot..

  34. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…today morning I had a dream …
    that i was bck in my homecountry…where i was in a car with my dad was driving, my uncle was sitting next to my dad and my mom and aunty were sitting at the back sit together and i was between them (we were in my dads car which is in London but my dad was driving it in my homecountry) it was dark outside and full of trees….the in the car my uncle told me to open a box …and he told me to eat the sweets which he said he bought frm india for me.. wen i opened the box it had white sweets inside…the i said to my uncle these are not the sweets are wanted…i wanted the red mixed tropical sweets..then my mom said…atleast say thankyou to ur uncle for buying it for u…then my uncle said no ..i bought u the red sweet u asked for…then my aunty or someone told me to mix the sweets u and suddenely it turned out to be exactly the sweets i wanted and then i said thankyou uncle…then my uncle said ur welcome (laughing at me) and then he said i was suree that i got the right sweets maybe someone mixed the white sweets with it too……..

    then suddenely i dreamt I was sleeping on my bed it was a very usual room..i think it was my bedroom in London
    but slightly different and in my dream while i was sleeping i heard some playiing…and laughing noises…then i woke up…and my little sister and the boy i like his younger sister came up to me and said wake up..everyones playingg… then i asked one of them wheres my cousin….then one of them answered your cousin slept at 2am in the morning and woke up very early and is talking and playing with everyone…
    i was kind of supriseed as she sleeps early and wakes up late (the boy i like and his family were in my house in my homecountry as
    guests and were staying with us) So my cousin woke up for them and was playing with them…and then i got out of my bed and the younger sister got 2 pads out for me…then i asked
    how do u knw i’m on period..then shes said i just knw…then i saw my reflection in the mirror and i was wearing white and blood was leaking..then i got the period pad off her and rushed to the toilet which was exactly the same toilet thats in my homecountry..i went inside and the toilet look refurbished (in realiity my house in my homecountry is being refurbished)…

    then suddenely i saw me and my mom, dad , uncle and aunty in the toilet discussing about the toilets refurbishment and then i went out of toilet and saw the boy i like…its family…all my cousins…and my sisters all laughing and playing and i was passing from the kitchen to my room and everyone or maybe just the boy i like
    stopped and began starring at me…then i woke up

    Please interpretate this dream for me sister..
    jazzakallah khair

    • Tamanna permalink

      Also sister…when i was in the car travelling …i think my younger sister was in the car too and I and her saw a camel passing on my left side..

      Jazzakallah Khair sister.

    • you are some kinda indulged in things which can give u a bad name, the boy u like, does he even knw u like him? or yr friends knw and they are ridiculing behind u? figure this out and in no means u should let anyone knw anything as such.
      protect yr self sister. salam

      • Tamanna permalink

        salaam sister…thnks for the reply …
        i need to tell u something important about my dreams which cannot say in public…
        do u have a way i can tell u privately…

        jazzakallah khair

  35. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…today morning I had a dreamm…

    I was at the dentist and they said tha my last molars have cracked and so they will do fillings on it and they also whitened my teeth…

    then i saw myself in a massive mall where there were 2 staircases to get through on was completely empty and the other staircase and was full with so many people they were all lining up to do something also my parents were standing in long line too…then my younger sister was holding my hands and then i took her down the staircase which was empty….then at the end of the staircase i saw the boy i like standing there and he was on the phone…then somehow i figured out that the other line a entry line to enter a competition and the question was ‘which ingredient is always in a toothpaste’…then i turned to my sister and explained to her this is a competition and i saw everyone going to the cashier and getting the answer wrong…i told my sister i knw the answer we both ran up the empty line and went to my parent and joined the line and i told my sister as soon as its ur go call me i will tell he right answer…as soon as i left my sister with my parent and looked to see whos the next competitior that person said ‘sodium flouride’ and he won and i was said…thats not fair then i went to my sister and we were moaning..and then i went downstairs again coz i was waiting for my parents to come down i saw the boy i like still standing downstairs on the phone and i was wandering who he was talking too…

    then i saw myself and the boy i like and my mom, dad standing outside my house and the boy like was telling my mom or both my parents that some guest were coming and suddenely a massive black helicopter landed and some unknown people came out…

    then i don’t remember this bit clearly but i think i was watching tv or something and I saw a show with a man and a woman with a long black whip in her hands and i think they were wearing black…the shows production was also black and I think they were dancing or fighting with eachother or something … then i woke up

    please interpretate this dream sister..
    jazzakallah khair

    • sister tamanna, you are tied up in many questions , many decisions to be made but u cant just make up yr mind and inquisitive of things and people around you,
      you should start praying regularly and take quranic lessons, or if not possible take translation and begin.
      you will start to make up yr mind inshallah and all answers will be fullfilled in yr life..

      the empty stair case is this which i asked u to do and the one with full of many people , longing and waiting shows the majority of people running behind material desires.
      begin yourself on the journey and than involve yr siblings and parents on the track , have patience, barak allahu feek

      • Tamanna permalink

        thanks for replying…
        jazzakallah khair

  36. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    my sister had a dream that her and her friend were watching tv then suddenely all my sister’s friends came over to our house to have a sleepover and then my whole family were sleeping and then one of her friends said les oreder some pizza then my sister agreed ….

    Then all her friend were sitting on the floor eatting the pizza while my sister came out of thekitchen going to her the living room and saw all the pizza was finished then my sister saw the time it was 2;30 in the morning and so she told her friend lets go to sleep….

    then my sister saw some black kohl pencil (kaajhal) in her hands and she and her friend were drawing moustach and eyebrows on their other friends…

    then my sister saw herslef sleeping and then one of her friends was trying to wake her up and said to her i can’t go to sleep..then my sister replied saying just cose ur eyes and try to sleep…

    then she saw 2 of her other friends cutting my sisters hair while she was asleep…

    then my sister saw herself sleeping and she saw all her friends trying to wake her up in the morning and she saw me sitting near her head asking her what happened to u? and then she saw my little sister laughing at her and then my sister stood up and all her friends were laughing at her and I was standing next to my mom and I held my sisters hand and dragged her out of her room and took her to my bedroom and truned her around facing the mirror and told my sister to look at urself?? then she looked at herself seeing herself all bold and then she screamed and then she …woke up

    what does this mean sister?
    Please interpretate
    jazakallah khair

    • yr sister dreams alot, ask her to write dreams herself pls.
      some people are trying to make her down but she is not parting away from them, while honest people who are closer are trying to help but she cant see their truthfulness. ask her to pray for her self, regular salah (prayers ) and ask her to read quran daily with understanding and make duaa for herself

  37. Saleh permalink

    Salaam Sister,

    I keep dreaming a weddings. I don’t know whose wedding it is, but I seem to be there and I am either having a feast or walking around. I saw quite a few dreams. Could you interpret what it might mean please.
    I would also like to email dreams privately, how can I do that? jazakallah.

  38. salam bro, seems an opportunity to come inshallah, and its not a bad dream, you guys could get married also, as the new turn in life is shown. make duaa for yr betterment. salaam

  39. saadia permalink

    i saw dat afghan president karzai has come to our house wid his mates who were having white beards, it was night time, they were in my fathers room and my family serving them, bt i was waiting outside the house bc i was fearful so i thought that when they wil leave i wil come inside, my mom has arranged snacks and cold drinks for hem, bt mom has placed one packet of snacks outside the house, the packet was blue in colour, i noticed it when i was waiting outside, Then when these people left , i came inside house, and then me and my family enjoyed wid snacks and soft drinks,i took fanta,
    IN the meanwhile, i noticed that children of our neighbours came inside our house, with milk packets in their hands,which they handed over to my mom, my mom opened them, so there were rice balls inside them which mom distributed between children,
    then in the same dream i saw that my father is a very rich man, he has one secretary who although an honest man, this time stolen my brothers wallet, which was full of cash, the secretary just ran , and me and my father caught him on way, i was forgiving at that time so i said my father that he is an honest man,though this time he was in need of money THAT’S why he did this, so i tried to help him and gave him some cash from the wallet, i don’t remember exactly but i think some were 1oo rupee notes and perhaps 5oo or 1ooo,….
    in the last part of dream my mom was scolding me for dat i did not place the pens in proper place.
    kindly interpret

    • salam, good news inshallah to come bringing happiness, when it comes, thx allah and pray 2 nafil salah and make charity..

      • saadia permalink

        waiaikum salam, thanx and jazak ALLAH. may ALLAH ALMIGHTY make this happen.amen.

  40. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    i had a dream that i think i was in a coach with the boy i like and no one else was there and we were trying to diffuse a bomb…i think the bomb was under the seat that i was sitting but however my bag was on the seat now…i think there were 3 wires brown , white and green and the boy i like was kneeling down at the bomb with a nibbling Pincers in his hand was trying to diffuse the bomb and i was shouting at him to cut the green wire and he wasn’t answering me and was figuring out something then he cut the brown wire and he manage to diffuse the bomb…then i woke up

    please interpretate this dream sister..

    jazakallah khair

    • some ppl have made u and this boy a gazing stock, perhaps a notorious affair, he is trying to solve it so u and he doesnt get embarrassed.

  41. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister….
    my younger sister had a dream…
    that mom and her 2 sisters went to drink coffee..when she came out frm the coffee shop then me and my other sister went on another bus and my mom went on a seperate bus…. and so she was lef alone on the streets…then a staircase appeared out of nowhere and she went up the stairs and then she saw many people waiting for the bus…then she went uo to them and asked them if she could borrow their phones to make a phone call but everyone was saying no ..then someone gave her a phone and she tried to call my mom but her phone was engaged as she was comunicating with me and then she tried to call my other sister but her phone was engaged too as she was talking to my dad…then she called home and the home phone was engaged as well…and then she saw a man sitting on the other side of the road which she thought was our dad as she came uo towards person she saw no one was there…then she woke up

    please interpretate this dream..
    jazzakallah lhair

    • someone will be departing in a different way among yr family, and where they go , there they will face difficulties, better make an intekhara prayer 1st than make decision..

  42. SAFA permalink

    i had a dream two days before. i was walking to the kitchen of my house and somebody(my husband or my sister-iam not sure) is with me. somebody in the kitchen too. when i reached kitchen isaw my abaaya lying there. i took it up and found it too heavy and fearing what is inside that i dropped it on the floor. as i dropped it a pair of shoes/sandals fell from that and the abaayya started shaking as if some creature is there inside. and iam telling the person with me that something is there inside and just then a snake cmae ouside from that and moved towards me and i was screaming when i saw that. it was a very very fat snake and its very short too….
    what does this mean???????
    kindly pls interpret

    • a suspected envy, plotting against u and is very closer to u to harm. you better look around and be very careful in sharing yrself with people, who seems yr friend is not actually, seek Allah’s refuge and recite ayal al kursi and make duaa from allah to protect u,

  43. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…I recently had a dream that I was back home at my mom’s cousin mehdhi ka rasam…she was the bride and all the family were putting henna on and so was I and then I saw the bride’s hands full of mehndi but then i saw the colour wasn’t turning dark and for some reason i knw that the henna that was being put on the bride will not bring no red color so I wanted to get something to darken the henna like felt-tip pens or another cone of henna…and then I saw both my hands fulll of henna and then i woke up before I woke up…I saw both my hands full of henna and i just knew that my henna will be very dark in colour …then i woke up

    Please interpretate..
    jazzakallah khair

    • Tamanna permalink

      before i woke up… the dream i saw both my hands full of henna and i just knew that my henna will be very dark in color

  44. KeepDreaming permalink

    I saw I was going to a grocery shop. The shop in reality is very big, but in the dream it was divided into two parts and as if they were competing with each other. Anyhow, The shutters were down just a small gap remaining so I raan into the shop, and told the counter lady I am just going to take that (pointing at a lemon) but I wasn’t in there to buy lemon. While I was running into the shop I saw lots of vegetables displayed in the front of the shop (but they were almost closed and had packed everything), These vegetables were so nice and clean, it was sparkling and the display looked very neat.
    Anyhow, I bought something from the shop (cannot remember) and then found a water sprinkler. I wanted to test it out, so the assistant came to show it to me. I sat on a double/king size bed with maroon bedcover n the bed was quite comfortable to sit on, so I was fully got up and sat on the bed. The girl fitted all parts of the sprinkler and pressed the button. The water came out and it was very Nice and Very clean and looked very pure water. But there wasn’t alot of water coming out of the sprinkler and because of that I did not want to buy it… Could you kindly interpret the dream please. Thank you.


  45. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister I recently had a dream… that I and my sister were getting very late to school…for some reason I was was very slow to get ready for school and my dad and mom were shouting at me and my sisters ‘hurry up your late’ then i saw the time it was 3pm and then we got eady and my parents drove me and my sisters to school and said bye..then my sister was arguing with me that I’m going the wrong way then i was explaining to her I will drop my little sister to school then i will go to college and i was pointing at another direction ‘go this way to your school’ to my sister. Then my sister went to school and i dropped my little sister and my college somehow was outside..i think it was an assembly or special occasion or something with lots of students and parents and then I sat down and i was relieve that I got to school on time I saw my friend sitting near the back bt infront of me and then i was thinking i wasn’t the only one late today..then I realized i was sitting next to my mom’s friend and I think somehow my mom was there too…and my mom’s friend said to me that your dad is gaining so much good deeds as i was fasting one day and you parents drove me home and i was very happy for my dad. Then she said to me tht I’m a very good and respectble girl and then she asked me how do u usually dress ? or somthing and i pointed at my knees (a little bit above my knees) trying to explain these are usually how long my tops are but she didn’t understand so I told her this is the way i normally dress showing the clothes i was wearing..then my mom’s friend said to me u knw this girl (which i knw in real life) I said yes aunty i knw her…then she said she’s a very bad girl she wears short mini skirts..then i was like ok..then there was a boy sitting next her (i don’t knw this person) and she said that she is very bad too I think in the dream i knew she was a girl dressed up like a boy and my moms friend suddenely got violent and began shouting at her saying this is wrong and pulling the person face and saying to her u need to get ur act together..i was trying to stop her to but she would continue scolding the girl and then i woke up…

    Please interpret this dream sister…jazakallah khair

  46. saa'diyah permalink

    assalamo alaikun, i saw that i am in a canteen where there were different items, like burgers etc but i decided to buy cake, which was wrapped in green color packet, it was probably of dawn bakery, actually at first, i told the salesman to give a big packet but it was expensive so i told him to give a one with less price, then i don,t remember exactly whether it is the first part of dream or the last, that i was a bit sick, and when i touched my forehead it was quite warm ,i had fever,i had to prepare for paper, and i thanked Allah that i have 2 more holidays so i can prepare for it………. Then i saw we were preparing for our exam, i saw one of my colleague in some lawn, reading a book, it was dawn time, me and my other class fellows thought that this girl is studying so early in morning , but when i came near the girl who was studying,she was reading an english novel, i had a look at it.. i felt that it is a good novel, there were at the end of it, some flower pictures, but on turning the pages i saw one obscene pic,and i quickly turned that page .

  47. Nabeel permalink

    Assalamu alikum, i m going through some difficult times in my life as i m jobless for the past 6 months. There is no sign of getting a job , but there is one hope which i may get an appointment after 2-3 months and thats a very good offer if i get it. Last 2 weeks i m praying to Allah to show me any sign or dream to take a decision to wait fr that particular job or not.As i m n a foreign country i cant stay anymore here without a job , and i was planning to go back my native country and that job is my last hope.
    Yesterday i had a dream at the time of Subahi that an Elephant trying to attack me and I m running from it to escape along with my 2 yr old son. But it keep following me and I was struggling a lot to run away from it…. Can you pls clarify whether is there any particular meaning in Islam for such a dream

    • salam, bro pray to allah in 5 prayers and make duaa in sujud to allah to remove the problems from u.

      pray to allah and recite 3 times ayat al kursi and seek alahs protection and ask for yr rizq and allah is providers to all mankind
      ..someone is trying to harm u,but when u do wat i asked than inshallah u will get allah’s protection which is above all ..


  48. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    My granma had a dream..
    that she saw my late grandad was in my house in london and he was wearing a white shirt and white trousers and my grandad said that he was going out to watch football with my uncle..then my granma said why u going alone now…then my grandad said i will go first and then he will come behind me…

    please intepretate this dream sister..
    jazakallah khair

  49. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…today morning I had a dream…
    that i was in a clothes shop wear a competiton was going on..many celebs were there…then i went up to my favorite celeb but he was in a crisis…the competiton was to wash..iron and sell as many wedding dresses as they could….and his partner wore a wedding dress and she saw the dress was had many stains on it…and she said to the celeb ahe had tried removing the stain but it didn’t work….then a customer was not willing to buy any dresses and then i decided to help the celeb and the customer had a small girl with her and i dressed her up in a white dress and then the customer stepped out of the shop and the celeb was running behind the customer trying to persuade her to buy the dress … then i was behind them too and i carried the girl up in my arms..and they also had a beautiful white cat with them…and then i fell down…then the cat was looking at me..then i stood up and i asked the girl jump on me and i carried her again…

    suddenely it was very dark and the little girl becam my younger sister…and a black cat was following us..i told my sister to stand bonnet and then i told her i will carry you…sit on my left side..then she said no i want to sit on the right then i fell again and the i stood up and suddenely i saw the black cats eye it was green and it suddenely turned yellow then in my head i was saying the cats eyes are scary and then I carried my sister and i fell again and the cat looked at me fiercelyy made a loud meow noise and pounced on me ….and then i woke up….

    please interpretate this dream sister
    jazzakallah khair

  50. 786 permalink


    Please can you advice, I have been married for nearly 1 year and would like to have a baby but there has been difficulites.

    Last night i had a dream that i had a baby in my arm and i knew it was mine because it was dressed like my husband. I than saw it had a cut on his leg so my husband and i called a nurse, the nurse said my baby will be fine but i may be pregnat again. as i looked at myself in the dream i saw i was very fat around the stomach, i was wearing a white top and a diferrent colour skirt.

    i than saw my husband acting like a baby.

    please advice as i am very confused and dont know what this dream mean.

    salam and may allah guide us all

    • salam sister, you will have a child inshallah, pray to allah to give u a healthy and pious child. ameen

  51. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I ahd a dream that i was back in my high school and i was with my friends and i was observing a old teacher…teaching a french lesson to other younger students and i was having watching the whole class having fun

    jazzakallah khair

    • Tamanna permalink

      I mean to say…i was having fun watching the whole class 🙂
      Also there was a young boy in the class who was disturbing the teacher

  52. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    today morning i had a dream… that i was frustrated at my dad for giving too much money to someone as an eiddy and i saw competition also saw a small arguement between my dad and my uncle….and arguements between me and my cousins as they lied to me that she was getting married and i told my parents about her marriage and so my dad gave away so much money and gifts to her ..then a competition took place between my 2 cousins and 2 relatives and the relatives lost….then i saw myself parking my dads car and my next door neighbour wanted to correct my parking and drove the car into a wall…and then my dad drove a van home with my mom…sisters inside and he saw the car crashed and my dad was shouting at me and i was explaining that the neighbour crashed the car into the wall not me…i went into my house and i saw my room full of stuff..mattress..luggage as if we were moving out or in ….then in my house i saw my relatives crying as they lost the competition…and i was hugging them ….and then i woke up

    please interpretate sister…

  53. fatima permalink

    my aunt saw a drean and needs consultation

    She saw KAABA H with golden doors
    Milky walls
    Golden tiles
    and a huge window through which lot of NOOR is shining

    When she did go inside she tried praying 2 rakah but fell down for sajdah and when got up some voice which resembled her big brother’s said to do 1 more Sajdah

    Later from far she dis see her maternal cousins

    Later Muttawa /Imam came yellin at her that she should leave as it is time to lock the Kabbah ‘s door .

  54. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…I had a dream tht the boy I like had called me and confessed that he liked me but i don’t remember the whole converstaion but i think i was turning him down and trying to make him feel guilty for not comfessing it earlier… I was also getting angry as it was nearly 8am and i was getting late for college. Then i shut the phone…then i was regretting that i was being so rude to him…

    Then it was night time… me and my mom were watching tv… he called me again and then i answered the call…and i was not talking to him but i left the call on …but i knew he was on the phone and he could hear my tv…then i woke up

    PLease interpretate..
    jazzakallah khair

  55. Sister permalink


    I had a dream of myself standing face to face with a guy who I know but not seen for a while, were both smiling at each other, and then we both get shy and walk away. Then i see myself with my friends and were walking down the strret and we stop because we see a green car parked on the foot paths, I think to myself has there been an accident and so I start looking at the front of the car which is right next to a house. I look around and there is no sign of any damage or accident, i then look around and i can hear a mother and daughter talk on the opposite side of the road. I can see the mothers white scarf stands out and she is saying something like the she is washing her car hence the reason why its on the footpaths. I just smile and walk away, when im half way on the street I can see that guy is still standing at the other end looking towards me and then I just remember flying towards him, and then I woke up.

    • if yr intention is to have a halal relation of marriage than u do is that when u meet a guy who has solitude of marriage than u have yr parents see him andtalk to him, this is how the things work. dont indule in dating, its haram and brings tests in life


  56. sster, inshallah a very good person is trying to marry you, inshallah all yr family will like him

    • salam, if yr parents agree and done all research for his character, faith and honesty and u find good in heart after istekhara than put yr all trust in Allah and seek his guidance and he will make yr ways easy for u, ameen

  57. saa'diyah permalink

    assalamo alaikun, i saw that i am in a canteen where there were different items, like burgers etc but i decided to buy cake, which was wrapped in green color packet, it was probably of dawn bakery, actually at first, i told the salesman to give a big packet but it was expensive so i told him to give a one with less price, then i don,t remember exactly whether it is the first part of dream or the last, that i was a bit sick, and when i touched my forehead it was quite warm ,i had fever,i had to prepare for paper, and i thanked Allah that i have 2 more holidays so i can prepare for it………. Then i saw we were preparing for our exam, i saw one of my colleague in some lawn, reading a book, it was dawn time, me and my other class fellows thought that this girl is studying so early in morning , but when i came near the girl who was studying,she was reading an english novel, i had a look at it.. i felt that it is a good novel, there were at the end of it, some flower pictures, but on turning the pages i saw one obscene pic,and i quickly turned that page .

  58. fatima permalink

    i m constantly seeing a Golden snake in my dream since 2 days .
    On the 1st nyt it was trying to help me
    but on 2 nd night i got scared
    What is it ?

    • fatima permalink

      PLEASE REPLY SISTER !!!!!!!!!!!

      • salam, sorry for the delay sister, had been very busy in my work

        there is a person who is not honest with u but he/she is trying to come closer to u by showing u the right side of himself and trying to help u, avoid friendliness with people and dont share anything with them, recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek protection from allah from tht person.

  59. salam bro, the best method in islam is to seek marriage for some one u like, u can send yr parents to hers and ask her parents in the modest way, this way u will come to knw wat can of it. haram relations dating, love is not good for muslims.
    and have many disadvantages as well.
    yr dreams say that u like her, they dont say she like u or not, so i suggest u to do as above.. even if u dont work, ask parents for khutuba ( islamic engagement) and marry after u start working…
    barak allahu feek

    • bro yr dreams showing me that u like her, i have no sign from yr dreams tht she also loves u, u always see her lookin at u, its better u talk wit her or send yr mom to her home and ask for her hand in marriage or engagement
      this way u will come to knw wat she wants


    • Bilal permalink

      can you delete my first comment aswell. thank you.

  60. Sister permalink

    Jazakallah khair sister.

    In response to your previous reply, I dont personally agree on relationships outside marriage and nor have I been in such an act, may allah s.w.a protect me always.

    I would like to ask you what the following symbols represnt in a dream:

    1. Seeing a male from far and then all i can see is him taking his shirt off and black curly dark hair on his chest.

    2. Admiring a beautiful pigeon that is sitting on the floor and has a chain around it’s neck.

    3. Seeing a friend get on a bus, i ask my sister if she’s met him but when I turn around to introduce him he’s not on the bus anymore and Im upset and search for him.

    4. I see a young man in a read jacket raising his hands and making dua, and he’s telling me to make dua too so i see myself all happy and making dua.

    Jazakallah khair for your time and assistance.

    • Sister permalink

      ohhh and I forgot.

      5. Being chased by an unknown male, but i escape by flying. I run up my stairs change my clothes and stand outside my door. I see the same male go past me without realising that was me, and then im walking on my street smiling/happy.

    • 1: some one with bad intention istrying to reach u
      2: someone , some loved one is not able to reach u due to certain difficulties, a loved one loves u alot
      3: someone will be with u for a short time but u will think he is forever, dont trust anyone
      4: someone praying and trying to help u
      5; someone with bad intention is trying to follow u and trap u, had bad intentions as well, allah will protect u and he cant harm u,

      pray for yrself in salah and sujud, ‘

      • Sister permalink


        Sister can the people I see be the people who are trying to harm me. Or can the people be anyone, but i just saw them in the form of my friends?

      • u see them as yr friends , it doesnt mean tht they are in actual those ppl, sometimes allah shows closer ppl to us but in actual they are diff people ,
        pray to allah and u will come to knw who is who inshallah

  61. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    My granma had a dream..
    that she saw my late grandad was in my house in london and he was wearing a white shirt and white trousers and my grandad said that he was going out to watch football with my uncle..then my granma said why u going alone now…then my grandad said i will go first and then he will come behind me…

    please intepretate this dream sister..
    jazakallah khair

  62. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…I had a dream tht the boy I like had called me and confessed that he liked me but i don’t remember the whole converstaion but i think i was turning him down and trying to make him feel guilty for not confessing it earlier… I was also getting angry as it was nearly 8am and i was getting late for college. Then i shut the phone…then i was regretting that i was being so rude to him…

    Then it was night time… me and my mom were watching tv… he called me again and then i answered the call…and i was not talking to him but i left the call on …but i knew he was on the phone and he could hear my tv…then i woke up

    PLease interpretate..
    jazzakallah khair

    • salam sis,
      he is inside yr mind and some dreams are generated by nafs ( self by mind) so these kinda dreams have no meanings.

  63. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…today morning I had a dream…
    that i was in a clothes shop wear a competiton was going on..many celebs were there…then i went up to my favorite celeb but he was in a crisis…the competiton was to wash..iron and sell as many wedding dresses as they could….and his partner wore a wedding dress and she saw the dress was had many stains on it…and she said to the celeb ahe had tried removing the stain but it didn’t work….then a customer was not willing to buy any dresses and then i decided to help the celeb and the customer had a small girl with her and i dressed her up in a white dress and then the customer stepped out of the shop and the celeb was running behind the customer trying to persuade her to buy the dress … then i was behind them too and i carried the girl up in my arms..and they also had a beautiful white cat with them…and then i fell down…then the cat was looking at me..then i stood up and i asked the girl jump on me and i carried her again…

    suddenely it was very dark and the little girl becam my younger sister…and a black cat was following us..i told my sister to stand bonnet and then i told her i will carry you…sit on my left side..then she said no i want to sit on the right then i fell again and the i stood up and suddenely i saw the black cats eye it was green and it suddenely turned yellow then in my head i was saying the cats eyes are scary and then I carried my sister and i fell again and the cat looked at me fiercelyy made a loud meow noise and pounced on me ….and then i woke up….

    please interpretate this dream sister
    jazzakallah khair

    • salam tamanna, im extremely sory for delay, i read yr dreams and i realize u r in real problems.
      some guy is not honest with u while he is trying to create a relationship with u dear, if u r not the one in real life than look for yr sister if she is having any such connection with some guy, the guys isnt honest !!

      and some one is trying to put spells on you or yr family members for their own sake, seems a guy who is trying to marry is doing this and allah has been showing u dream abt his intentions.

      as i said above , recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek allah;s protection , do this daily, if u or yr family face arguments and disagreements and fighting than u knw its the spell behind
      and be regular in prayers and make duaa in yr sujud pls. allah will inshallah remove the spell.

  64. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…I recently had a dream that I was back home at my mom’s cousin mehdhi ka rasam…she was the bride and all the family were putting henna on and so was I and then I saw the bride’s hands full of mehndi but then i saw the colour wasn’t turning dark and for some reason i knw that the henna that was being put on the bride will not bring no red color so I wanted to get something to darken the henna like felt-tip pens or another cone of henna…and then I saw both my hands fulll of henna and then i …I saw both my hands full of henna and i just knew that my henna will be very dark in colour …then i woke up

    Please interpretate..
    jazzakallah khair

  65. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister..
    i had a dream that i was fasting and i wanted to break my fast… my mom told me to do wudu and go to prayer and then she caught me with some sweets in my mouth which i was spitting out ….my mom was pregnent in the dream and she accidently bumped her stomach on a wall and I told her my mom to becareful mom your pregnent…then my mom came inside the bathroom and said to me that her friend fasted on some so and so days when she was pregnent and she had given birth to a very strong boy…strong like our prophet…then my mom had this large doll in her and she said if u want a girl you should do something whihc i don’t remeber…then my mom hanged that doll in the bathrrom and that doll had really long black hair…i was kind of scared when i saw the doll..then i left the bathroom and the doll was hanging there..

    and then i woke up…

    please reply sister…

    jazzakallah khair

    • salam, sorry for delay,
      the dream is something u you should take care with, someone is envying u dear, u better recite surah al falak and al naas 3 times blow on yr palms and rub on entire body, do this frequently, and recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek allah’s protection from all hidden and shown harmfulness. make duaa in yr sujud while praying for yr family and u , that alah to protect u people and forgive u and guide u towards righteous path, ameen.

  66. Allahs slave permalink

    Asalam alakum sister.
    Today, I had a dream about the kid I like (whom you know about my ex) and about my older sister (the one I told you about that’s married) she asked him for a gun, because her husband needed it (I THINK it was for a war) then the kid I like told my sister “go to my house, my mom will open the door, then go straight to my room and look under my mattress, my gun is there” so my sister and I went to his house and went inside his room straight to pick up the mattress and RIGHT when we picked up the mattress, we seen the gun, and when I seen it, all of a sudden his past memories came back, I’m the only one that saw it, it’s like when I got to his room I seen his past, this is how it was, he was CRYING!! And it seemed like I was in his past too, same time I was there to only look at his past, and when he was crying I went and hugged him, I was like “oh my god, what’s wrong” and when I looked down at his arm I seen that he cut his arm on purpose! His wrist, it said “Yemen” and some other numbers, and he was still crying, I kept asking what’s wrong but it was so blurry! And it was hot in the room, it was a red backround and somehow crazy! He was sweating crazy!! But I held on to him!!! Than all of a sudden I was back in the room with my sister, we got out of his house and went to get his car, and right when I took his car, his past came back to me again, this time he was holding me and just telling me to get the other car…than I was suddenly in a store with my dad, my dad knew the cashier, he said “this cashier is engaged to a very young girl” and I kept looking at him, I don’t know why..I bought smthn (i dnt know what) and got out. It was just so weird about the guy I like part…what does this mean? Please help me! Thank u 🙂

    • salam, the boy will cut his connections with you,
      so u dont have to wait for him any more and as per yr previous dreams, inshallah u will have a good person whom u will get engaged inshallah, keep praying sister for yr self

  67. Allahs slave permalink

    Today, I also had another dream. I had a dream that my mom and some of my sisters and Dax went out, and it was only my little brother and 2 of my younger sisters and I in the house alone, I was taking care of them. And there happen to be an old lady that looked so scary and terrifying!! And everytime she’d come and look from the window into our house and I would duck and hide my little sisters and brothers under me!! Than she would run back to my neighbors house (in the dream she lives there) and come back and go back and come back running looking at us trying to get into the house, one of my little sisters opened the lights, so I yelled at her and said “no keep them shut so the old lady thinks we’re not home” so I shut them and I seen her running towards my house! I ran to the basement and seen the side door opened (I don’t know who opened it, I think my brother though) and I shut it right away bc she was going to come in! I take my sisters and brother to the basement and we layed down, untill my mom and dad came back, I was trying to tell my mom what happened but the words wouldn’t come out, so than when my mom came back with the rest the old lady didn’t end up coming. My sisters and my mom and I went to the upstairs attic and I was brushing my hair, (my hair in the dream was very thick) than a big part of my hair came out (but I still had alot of hair on my head) I was like “OMG MOM LOOK AT MY HAIR IT KEEPS COMING OUT” all my sister were shocked! But my mom wasn’t, she was calm she just said take care of it…sister what does this mean? Please help me.

    • salam, sorry for delay sister 🙂
      seems u gonna get into trouble and it will be very painful, better make duaa with allah to save u from all negative things inshallah, ameen.

      • Allahs slave permalink

        Thank u so much 🙂

  68. done,
    but how u gona get replies on those dreams ?

  69. sister permalink


    I don’t want responses to my dreams on the website so id like them to be deleted. Infact because these dreams are 2months old I don’t think I want them interperated as they may only get me worried. I shall just leave everything to Allah s.w.a. can you please delete all the dreams posted by me. Is really appreciate all the dreams removed.

    Jazakallah khair sister

  70. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    In a dream i saw a white cat passing infront of me…
    what does this mean??

    jazzakallah khair

    • salam, if the cat was not saying anything than a harmless friend would meet u, if it was trying to attach u or it seemed fierce than an envy would get on to u. so u knw wat the cat was like,

  71. Tooba permalink


    I dream a lot. But when some major event is about to be transpired, I have dreams that emtionally affect me. I had two dreams over a two week period.

    In the first dream, I was getting ready for work and left home then realized later that I was not wearing a hijab and felt very embarrased (I wear a hijab). In real life, I work with muslim company and they are very good and religious people. I just started working with them and love them for the sake of Allah. Work is hard and demands long hours.

    Then in the second dream, I saw that my parents, who are both in 60s, have gotten divorce and my mother is pregnant. I am embarrased and confused but want to support her. I ask her how far she is and he says about six months. I am thinking that this child and myslef wil have more than a 35 year age difference but I feel attachment with the baby.

    Then later in the dream, I see that she is divorcing the other man and is laughing with my father and I am thinking that they will get back together.

    • salam sister, 1st dream means that u will get embarrassed due to something in yr life.
      2nd dream means that there is seriously a problem which u r trying to hide away from people and due to that thing u will feel embarrassment as in the 1st dream, both dreams are chained-connected.

      to get rid of such things, pray to allah, offer regular salah and while in sujud ask alah that he is the one who keeps our secrets and gives honor and disrespect. so ask allah to give u respect and hide yr faults from the world,
      pray in sujud always and after salah, make duaa.
      seek allah;s protection by reciting ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa for protection

  72. Sister permalink

    Salaam Sister

    Just want to say thank you soo much for your time and hard work.

    I had the following dream before fajr today, would appreciate an interpretion.

    Me and my sister are in the kitchen, the kitchen looks soo much bigger, brighter and better than tour original one. My sister is sitting down eating and I am standing, I remember putting egg curry into mthe microvawe to warm up. It looked really tasty and it had a really nice smell, I then start eating it with the chapatti’s. Whilst im eating my dad walks into the kitchen, I get abit worried i’ve just eaten my dads roti’s but my dad doesn’t seem bothered he just picks up the left over chappatti and starts eating it. Then my mum walks into the door from the dining room, she looks grumpy as though as she’s just woken up, she’s wearing white clothes and she’s holding her white scarf in her hands.

  73. kiny permalink

    I had this dream recently abt the guy I like. I m not in any relationship as its haram. I have seen him twice before but always in a white and green place like meadows and pastures. all good dreams. however this time around I saw him sitting on a couch. and I don’t remember clearly but my brother was sitting with him maybe. I m trying to get that boys attention. Then after a while he gets upset and gets up, grabs me by the hand and I start leaning backwards and into a bathroom. he has a knife in his hand and he cuts my lower arm. the area between the wrist and elbow. a sleek line is drawn and a very fine line of blood is seen. it doesn’t hurt though.

    2. Also what does dancing in the rain signify?

    3. My mom also had a dream regarding the same boy. she likes him for me too.she saw in her dream that that boy is standing with my brothel and her. and. he is really happy and nice and very kind to my brother and mom. Mom is happy that he has blended so well since,she has me in mind. He is happy and mom too. But my mami is there too.(she is our mutual connection to that guy, she is his khala) She is not happy and looks jealous. When she looks,away my mom smiles at that boy and rubs her hand on his head and face lovingly. And she likes him. the buy was reallynice in the dream to my mom and brother.

    • rain shows uneasy things, problems in yr way,
      all over yr dreams show that some person will have a chance to get connected with u but he will be there for a shorter time.
      you should pray to allah to save u from the troubles. and show u the facts of everyone. dont trust anyone, give people time and time brings things clearer inshallah

      • kiny permalink

        Salaam sister,
        Its possible that these dreams are random and meaningless right? I have been giving sadaqah regularly ever since the rain dream. I have been praying more often too. May Allah forgive me.

        But could you temme what the first and third dream meant? Since its still not.clear to me. So kindly elaborate 🙂

      • if a dream is meaning less than i would say it, yr dreams had signs so i told u wat they mean, rest is allahu alam

  74. sister, there will a person whom u and all yr family would really like inshallah

  75. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    my cousin had this dream….

    The dream was set in a new house….after marriage….
    i was married to the boy i like …me and him only in the house …together alonee..then i was going to sleep..and my husband said tomorrow i’m not going to work…i want to go outside at 4am…then i asked why? he replied that he wanted to go to airpot to pick up some friends come…then my husband said set the alarm on for 12am and then we both went to sleep…then the alarm rang and he stood up and went to the airport and my husband picked up my cousin tamanna and the boy she likes were married and my husband brought them both to my house and tamanna and her husband were sleeping in the guest room. Then i woke up at 10am in the morning and my husband said don’t go in the sitting room and wear a headscarf..i asked why…then he said there some guest inside..then i went to the kitchen was making tea then my husband said make 4 cups and then i asked we only make cups everyday..then he said i feel like drinking more tea today..then i said ok….then suddenely tamanna came and huged me frm the back and i was like what u doing i need to clean the house i’m busy ….then tamanna said its me…i was in a suprisee to see her then tamanna said her husband in guestroom then i was like what a pleasent suprise?
    hen tamanna husband came in sitting room..everyone had a good time chatting…me and tamanna both make dinner…eat
    next day me and tamanna go outside 4pm shopping…siteseeing..having fun….we ate at a restrauant
    then next day me, tamanna playing tic tac toe and then tamanna husband heping her..while my husband was outside..then my husband came and gave me tickets and visa for honeymoon..i was suprised again and then i said how can we go tamanna is here then my husband said we aare going altogether 4 of us on honeymoon then i say thankyoou

    Then in the airport in the plane we were all sitting down in a row it was me my husband, tamanna husband then tamanna then i said to my husband i want to talk with tamanna then my husband said tell me i will tell tamanna then tamanna husband said u can come sit here i want to talk to u and then we all swap placed and it was my husband, me tamanna then tamanna husband…

    Then in switerland airport …we book hotel…then manager asked how many or two? Tamana husband said ofcourse two rooms then me and tamanna said why two rooms one room is enough ..two rooms will be too expensive..then tamanna husband said no two is finee..then hotel room..were big…lots of flowers and candles…then we all go to dinner and my husband asked me for a dance…and we dance..and tamanna and her husband dance too all night…then we goo back in our rooms to sleep…

    suddenely we were all in tamanna’s house…she make food…and last day in dubai we tay up talk all night and have funn
    and next day i got back to my own home…
    and then i woke up

    please interpretate this dream sister
    jazzakallah khair

    • salam, this dream seemed to like a movie 🙂
      anyways, i cant see any sign in this dream to interpret, allah know wat it meant. she saw the future in a very detailed manner and i really have no idea abt her depth in her faith ( eeman ) and her state of mind.
      some dreams come by allah and have signs and some are generated by nafs.
      sister pls dnt get upset if u dnt get meaning of every dream, as i analyze the dream and then reply and when i see nothing to reflect than i speak straight away abt the nature of dream.

      though yr dreams had meanings and i have replied them..

  76. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister..
    I had this dream a very long time ago..i think its been 2 yrs..

    In the dream i was married to the boy i like…and i was living with him and his family…the house was big..dark and ugly it seemed to be very dirty…and i think i was the only on wearing bright clothes in the house and the boy i like was walking in the house…i think he was ignoring me and seemed very rude…and changed…then my parents came over to visit me and me and my parents were happy to see eachother…i saw the boy i like passing downstairs..i saw his back and his hair was longer then usual and he just seemed as if he was ignoring me…

    and then i woke up…
    what does this mean sister?
    Jazzakallah khair

    • salam sister, yr dream is self explanatory. the guy isn’t into u and he will definately go out of yr life.
      you seemed to like him alot.. but Allah will u a better one inshallah ,. whom u deserve.. inshallah.

  77. *Fathima* permalink

    i had a dream in which i saw my mother in law died and no one is crying or sad. i was feeling sad and was thinking y my husband didnt tell me when he took me to her.then i saw her in her grave wearing a black abaya, a white scarf and socks. First i saw her lying down in the grave and then isaw her getting up and pulling her socks up so that no part of her leg cud b seen. thn she laid down again.
    What does this mean?

  78. sister in islam permalink

    i’ve been looking for a dream interpretation site.and finally i reached here. my grandfather died last week and today morning i had a dream.
    he was sitting in our bedroom very much alive talking to me about something which i dont exactly remember(he never talks to me .its a salam and then thats it) and then the next thing is he’s washing the bed he was lying down on saying he’s urinated and he want to clean it and also said the bed was and my sis took it from him and cleaned it.then while going to the room i notice that he’ve urinated on the floor and also feces coming from his dress.and me and my sis call our father so that he can clean our grandfather and also my mother comes up to clean all the najis from the floor.
    the thing is i was not upset by this father has been looking after my grandfather for the past three years(that’s when he agreed to leave his home and agreed to stay with his sons) and Alhamdulillah my parents have been incredibly patient with my grandfather. he used to spread najis all over the room floor or bathroom right after my mother cleaned them.twice or thrice or about evn 7 times.actually i would not b saying this if he was actually sick or amnesic or anything but he did it on purpose.he did that in one of his other son’s home but got scolded and he didn’t repeat it there.but my father doesn’t say anything(coz he respects him very much.Alhamdulillah) so maybe thats why he did it in our home all the was as if to prove something(i’ve no idea what).He was in his own home when he happened all of a sudden but still a bit of a shock.but i honestly forgot about all of it for the past two days.

    the strange thing i found in this dream was
    1) he was talking to me(he never converses with any of his grandkids..he’s got plenty of them)
    2) then trying to wash up the mattress which showed he was strong enough to hold it.
    i’m not even sure if this was good or bad so when i woke up for fajr today morning i was emotionless.but later on i was thinking if i should make dua for him,so i made dua for him. i’ve also seen my grandmother(she died 7 years ago) many times evn though i wasn’t much attached to her.but i didnt know then i had to make dua 😦 .

    i hope u answer this dream i had.does this have any thing to
    interpret?i’m not sure so that’s why i need ur help.

    Jazakallahu khair 🙂

    • sister in islam permalink

      also my grandfather was wearing long black trousers and shirt.i’ve never in my life seen him wear that.he always wear a white shirt and white lungi(a wrap around cloth.its a naitve dress in our place) that reaches just above the ankle.

      pls reply o.k 🙂

    • salam sister, your grand father’s left something for yr dad in inheritance, so your mom dad will get that soon.
      this is just the meaning of yr dream.
      plus u can give sadaka from his money which he may have left or ask yr mom dad to give charity on his behalf.

  79. Allahs slave permalink

    Salam sis. I had another dream today, which worried me.
    So I dreamed that I was looking to hurt myself, then my friend (I’ll put a diffrent name for her) Mary cut her wrist on purpose and died!! And her sister Maria was smoking hookah and she choked and died the same day, I was crying so bad because I’m really close to Mary, my tears were coming down so fast and easily, so i decided to call marys mom and tell her how sorry I was, but I was going to call private and hide my identity (I dnt know why) I called her and said “aslam alakum, is this marys mom” she’s like “yes who’s this” she didn’t seek sad or anything, I said “im a person who does good” (i said it in Arabic “fa3lat khair”) and I wanted to tell you “This was written, almaktoob” and I also said smthn else to explain how sorry I was. And I hung up the phone right away. I go to school then my teacher starts talking about how her friend died, I started crying!!!! So badly!! But it’s weird in the dream because at the same time, Mary and maria were still next to me explaining how they died, Mary said she cut her wrist and Maria said se choked on the hookah smoke..what does this mean?

    • salam sister, this means that you will a little sad time at home, could be come closer person could hurt u
      inshallah all will be well, barak allahu feek

  80. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that i was cycling around an area…around my flat…and then suddenley it became very crowded and i was stuck in the crowd with my bike …i noticed in the crowd there were some women but mostly men..and then i realized in the crowd there was this man standing next to me..and he began staring at me… and then i was trying and trying to get out of the crowd but i couldn’t then gradually the crowd became less and then i managed to get out of the crowed and the man was still staring at me…hen i went towards the main road and turned left and then i was passing a flat and 2 women were talking very loudly..then infront of me i saw two women passing infront of me wearing a bikini…then i looked away and i cycled back to my flat where i saw on the 4th two male celebs talking to eachother and then on the second or first floor i saw female celeb and her child dancing…(in reality i live in the same flat on the ground floor) ….and then i woke up

    What does this mean sister…
    Jazzakallah Khair

    • salam sis, hope u understand that all yr dreams say that the person u like is not serious abt u and into other woman,
      in your life you r really much thinking abt other ppl.. just say bye to that guy and dont look for another one..
      when allah has created u than he will give u the guy who truly deserves u and he will gve u the husband on right time,
      allah is best of planners.

  81. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…

    1) I had a dream that i was at home and my chest was hurting alot…i looked inside a mirror and lifted up my shirt and i saw so many red, thick lines like veins on my chest…i felts it and it was very hard..i was trying to scrape it of with my nails but i was still there…than i told my sister and she had some thin, purple lines on her chest..we were both looking inside he mirror together…as it was fajr time…we went to prayer while an old man was waiting in my bedroom talking to my younger sister…. thats it

    2) I saw another dream the same moring that i was in college…but it looked very was lunchtime and everyone was eating…and some girl sat on the table looking very sad….then suddenely the table was empty..and me and my mom were there..and i was telling my mom about this teacher who assaults students…at the same time that teaacher passed and i told my mom its him…then my mom said he touched u…u need to becareful…then suddenely my 2 of my friends came to was crying as she got assaulted by the teacher and the other was consoling her…and i was asking her what happend?…

    3) I had another dream i was in college waiting for a teacher to arrive..i had this important maths re-take exam and a whole class of young children were also waiting for the same teacher for the exam …we waited for a very long time…soem student were revising and others were just sitting down…but she was no where to be found and then…then however my dad appeared out of nowhere and he gave me a paper which said an address we were supposed to get to and had a time 8-5 written on it..and then we found out the teacher cannot come so i decided to take the lead and we were walking in lines travelling to the place…

    4) I had a nother dream i was sitting in a waiting room and suddenly i saw a relative my mom’s cousin and she was sitting there in the same waiting room…i think someone had died and we were suprising gathered there…my mom’s cousin was asking me questions and i was answering her…but i seemed kind of upset…

    Please interpretate these dreams sister….
    Jazzakallah khair

    • Tamanna permalink

      sister for the second dream i also saw a paper which was in my hand whihc has a list of dates and it said something about the 28th February…i got happy thinking it was a bank holiday…but then i read it properly it said some new and different activity would take place in college that day…i read it and i was kind of excited..

      jazzakallah kahir

    • tamanna u see many dreams , u remind me of days when i started having these many dreams and than allah taught me their meanings 🙂

      pls my repky in CAPITAL LETTERS under yr dream i have pasted here

      1) I had a dream that i was at home and my chest was hurting alot…i looked inside a mirror and lifted up my shirt and i saw so many red, thick lines like veins on my chest…i felts it and it was very hard..i was trying to scrape it of with my nails but i was still there…than i told my sister and she had some thin, purple lines on her chest..we were both looking inside he mirror together…as it was fajr time…we went to prayer while an old man was waiting in my bedroom talking to my younger sister…. thats it



      2) I saw another dream the same moring that i was in college…but it looked very was lunchtime and everyone was eating…and some girl sat on the table looking very sad….then suddenely the table was empty..and me and my mom were there..and i was telling my mom about this teacher who assaults students…at the same time that teaacher passed and i told my mom its him…then my mom said he touched u…u need to becareful…then suddenely my 2 of my friends came to was crying as she got assaulted by the teacher and the other was consoling her…and i was asking her what happend?…


      3) I had another dream i was in college waiting for a teacher to arrive..i had this important maths re-take exam and a whole class of young children were also waiting for the same teacher for the exam …we waited for a very long time…soem student were revising and others were just sitting down…but she was no where to be found and then…then however my dad appeared out of nowhere and he gave me a paper which said an address we were supposed to get to and had a time 8-5 written on it..and then we found out the teacher cannot come so i decided to take the lead and we were walking in lines travelling to the place…

      4) I had a nother dream i was sitting in a waiting room and suddenly i saw a relative my mom’s cousin and she was sitting there in the same waiting room…i think someone had died and we were suprising gathered there…my mom’s cousin was asking me questions and i was answering her…but i seemed kind of upset…

  82. Tamanna permalink

    salaam sister…
    I had a dream that I went inside this shop and there are saw two black boys modelling in groom clothes…and photographer taking pictures….then i saw myself inside a white wedding dress modelling down a corridor and posing while the photographer was taking pictures of me…there was a mirror and i saw my reflection and i seemed darker then usual as if they had put lots of make-up on my face to make me look dark…i was saying to myself i look dark today…..then i saw myself posing between two walls and some celeb came towards me and began leaning on a wall and then he said u look nice ….i began thinking ohh i lookk so black today and he still thinks i look nice…i was flattered then i noticed he had a flash camera in both of his hands which was hanging around his neck…..then he asked me do u knw where so and so room is…i was like yes i knw…then nearby where i was posing a little boy was peeing inside a plant pot and so many tall girls wearing white were covering him..the celeb saw and told the boy off and told him to not do that again…
    then i saw myself and a lady and many other girls running towards the room the celeb was in…while i was running i had a oy bird in my hand who’s wings had fallen of and i was trying to fix it while at the same time i was running…the lady got into the room before me…

    then i saw myslef opening the room door…and i saw the celeb and lady were sleeping together..having an intimate relationship…i looked away and shut the door and i saw myself and my youngest sister who was following me began running away frm the room and i still had the toy bird in my hand and its wings…while i was running away i managed to fix the wings but then i realized i fixed it upside down…my sister was looking at me and then i said to her…atleast i fixed it…

    what does this mean sister??
    Please reply…
    Jazzakallah khair

    • sister there is a guy seems u like him a lot and he is in serious relation with a girl who is not so good, shown to u as dark skinned. and that person is not a good person so find out who the person is flirting on u and is having a relation already..

      why dont u make a vow to yr self that u wont fall in love with jst any person and will only love yr husband so that Allah gives u the right person rightaway soon and bad dreams stop coming to u 🙂

  83. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister,
    my sister had a dream that there was an earthquake and she was running, as the earthquake was right behind her.

    What does this mean??
    Jazzakallah khair

    • salam, when ever anyone see such dreams , just offer salah and make duaa for betterment,
      earthquake means a big trouble she is falling into and she should avoid it by making necessary actions and duaa from allah..

  84. Allahs slave permalink

    How come my dreams are always in moderation??

    • because this way i remember to reply them, once u see yr dream on my page than u knw its replied..

  85. saadia permalink

    asalamo aliakum.
    i saw the mother of the guy i like, in my dream. that she is extremely ill… and her daughter who is my colleauge is sitting beside her side. tha lady was lying in bed. i don’t know where the place was. she was ill because she took something that made her to breathe difficulty. and then i came near her.. and did something that the thing that was making her ill came out of her mouth..and these were louqat(orange coloured fruit)which came out of her. and then she was fine. and there were along with fruit ,some fluffy material like cotton which was on fruit. and i heard my mom saying that the lady didnot know how to take that fruit,atleast we know……..
    In real life i met that lady twice.. and she was quite affectionate towards i used to think that she wants me to be her daughter in law.:-)

  86. Arshiya permalink

    i have been going thru some problems regarding my marriage…there is my cousin and v both like each othr n v both want to gt married to each other. but our family is nt ready to accept either of us saying me that guy is not nice he is a spoil person and his family also is not ready to accept because of family ego.
    i performed istikhara and saw white green n other color balls and 2nd time when i performed again few months back i saw that the guy is calling me on phone n saying me dont worry i vil call u back in a minute u keep the call and then he calls me.
    even the boy performed the istikhara.but he couldnt see anything but he could just feel that i am around him.
    and now his mother is making his marriage fixed with some girl but that boy is not ready but he is saying yes because his mother is forcing him to say yes. from past few days I am getting dreams about his mother. on one occasion i saw his parents are at my place and 2nd time i saw i am at his house sitting beside his mother and his aunt also is there in the hall and after that i saw that i am in Makkah and going to my hotel room and all people are in white clothes. but the hotel is full so we go to another hotel. there is elevator and the door of elevator is full of white green and yellow color and it opens n we all go inside.and then the elevator goes up and in that elevator my family, my friends, my cousins and this guy is also there and there is mirror on al four sides and the flooring is silver color. suddenly the elevator shakes and we all get down except 1 friend 1 cousin sister and this guy are left in the elevator. and suddenly they all disappear and i can see blood stains on the floor of the elevator and some says they are dead but i don’t believe that the guy is dead and then some one gives me his shoes to me which is white and black in color.
    I don’t understand the meaning of this dream and please guide me with the istikhara meaning.

    • salam my sister, this is hard for u to bear but believe me , no one on earth can make the guy by force to marry anyone. even allah doesnt force people to make decisions.
      he is marrying the girl becasue he is willing and saying his mom is making him, then its jst an excuse.
      i am a girl myself and seen life and its turns. but when a guy wants to do anything than he does, he can take stand for u as well and his mom cant do anything.. saying mom is ill or having bad health are jst excuses.
      and when he and his mom are not agreeing than why to let down yrself, inshallah you will get a better person who would be able to stand for u.

      yr dream says that this guy is not good for u and if u continue with him than later u will face extreme pain and hopeless ness. just pray to Allah and leave him with his mom.. and depart from him respectfully. salaam

      • Arshiya permalink

        thanx 4 it…
        but wat abt d istikhara dat i did??? wht does it mean

      • sister, i dont believe in the colours people see for istekhara.
        this is bidah and has no authentication from Rasul SAW or his Sahaba .
        therefore i stick to the fundamentals and i consider the result of istekhara as where the heart eases.
        this is what is mentioned in sahih ahadith and should be followed,

        but the situation u told here and dreams u had seen, they are not related with istekhara, Allah is guiding u thru dreams so u can understand and get yr self out of this perplexed person.

      • Arshiya permalink

        and i had a dream wen all dis was going on..i cried alot same day n made lots of duas and same night i saw Hazrat Muhammad sal Allahu alaihi wasalam and he is in my house and i am so glad to see him and i can stil recollect his face and i start making tea for him.
        plz interpretate about the dream and do tel abt istikhara meaning..
        jazakallah khair

      • sister as i have mentioned i dont follow colours as reply in istekahara, therefore u do the istekahara again, do 2 rakah of prayer after any regular prayer and make duaa of istekhara and seek guidance of allah, if the desicion is good for yr dunya and aakhira than allah make it happen and if its not good for dunya and akhira than allah keep u away from that decision.

        in yr dream abt Prophet SAW , mashallah u r also aked to follow to the right method of sunnah and follow islam in true spirit which was like 1400 years ago.
        seek right knowledge
        may allah guides u and us towards path of rasul sw and his beloved sahaba ra.ameen

      • Arshiya permalink

        jazakkallah sister 🙂

  87. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister….
    My sister had this dream:

    I had a dream…all my family were sitting in the car…driving on bridge..and we were listening to music and my older sister tamanna was sitting at the backseat and i was sitting on her left side and my younger sister was siting on the right side…..suddenely..the back tyre fell out… my younger sister placed her head out of the window and was singing in the wind…the right side door flung open were my younger sister was sitting and she was nearly about to fall out and tamanna grabbed her hands and then i fell out of the door and then i was screaming help me tamanna and she quickly grabbed my hands too…tamanna held us both for a 2 minutes and then she was trying to pull me up and then my hands slipped out of her hands…then i fell out…the she was trying to pull up my younger sister…and then tamanna said i can’t hold u anymore and she let go…the car was still moving…i was able to stand up…the i saw my younger sister who rolled over and flunged over hanging on a bridge…then i turned around and i saw tamanna fell out of the car and ended up hanging on the bridge..hen i ran too my younger sister and told her hold on i’m coming bck…and then i went to tamanna and i saw she was hanging on the bridge and then i told her too put one leg up and she said i can’t i’ve lost one leg…then i saw the car still was being driven and was going left and right in curves and my mom looked out of the car and she was laughing and my dad was touching his moustache… and then tamanna sorry i’m coming wait…tamanna said i don’t want to die…but as usual she was smiling even in danger and then i sadi don’t worry ur not going to die…then she said if i die right now then I will go to Allah….please don’t cry for me if i die….ok ok…i;m coming…i ran behind the car and tied the rope on my waist…i told my young sister to hold a rope and flunged other rope towards tamanna…then an old man came and said that its impossible to save them….then i ran to my younger sister…and said hang on the rope…she said no i don’t want to i’m still young to die…then i said don’t worry i’m going to be the hero and i will save u guys…then she began pulling the rope and she was nearly up and then i ran to tamanna and i said come up..try ur bes,,,i know u have one leg…still try …and then she was trying and trying to come up…i pulled her with all might and she only needed to lift one leg up…then i saw my younger sister stood up..saved…then i turned to tamanna and she pushed herself on the bridge wall and she fell off and died….and then i went to my younger sister held her and ran to see tamanna and she was dead on the ground…

    Please shed some light on this dream…
    jazzakallah khair

    • as i told u someone is doing sahar on yr family, so now yr sister seen this, pls do wat i asked u, repent to allah and ask mom dad to repent to allah and make up with their parents if they are still alive and be regular in yr prayers and help ppl with money, recite ayat al kursi 3 times each one of u family members and ask allah to save u all from the troubles shown u in dreams,

  88. given, dont get impatient when i dont reply, i am not well these days. had viral pneumonia fever. so when ever i get strength to stand up and sit in front of PC than 1st thing i do is to reply the dreams and normally there are many many dreams so it takes times to read, understand and call upon allah to help me to reply dreams.

    • Allah afiki feel better sister i will mention u in my prayers!

  89. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    my sister had another dream:
    my mom was making cooking lots of sweets…we had lots of newspapers next to the cooker…my mom told my younger sister to wrap the sweets up in the newspaper…and then i looked at the time and it was 12;30pm and it was a monday…we all had school and college but we weren’t going…then my mom called this lady to come and collect the sweets then the lady said sorry i don’t want the sweets anymore..then my mom asked why don’t u want it anymore..i’ve put lots of hardwork into making this…thn the lady replied i don’t want it…my mom was asking us three sisters what do i do now with all this…while my mom asking… me and tamanna were stuffing out mouths with sweets while tamanna had an icecream and mixing the sweets up with it and eating it…and then my younger sister came up with the idea to give all the sweets to our aunty who lives backhome… and she can sell it for us and give the money to us…and then my mom agreed…my mom gave money to my younger sister…them my mom went to her room and called aunty and tamanna went to have a bath and my younger sister was cleaning up the kitchen while i went with my mom…i was sitting on the floor seeing my mom calling my aunty…the call was not connecting..after three tries it finally connected…then my mom was explaining about the sweets to my aunty then my aunty agreed to sell it backhome then suddenely my mom and her sister began fighting on the phone…and suddenely were all in backhome…adn my mom and my aunty were fighting face to face…and then tamanna came and i noticed that her face was black from her forehead till her nose and it had lots of red big spots on it and the rest was normal and she was bold with some back hair and she asked whats happeneing? and i replied it just a younger sister came and said its not a joke it seriouslook at the tension on their face…then my uncle’s wife and began taking pictures of me…and then her daughter came in and said don’t take pictures of her…take the pictures of the two fighting …and she said was a great scene …then my aunties daughters came and said lets gets some popcorn…i said its a jokeee…then my uncle came home and brought some fishes…and the my mom ran into a balcony and began crying and my aunty began cursing and swearing at my mom…the rest of the familywere sat down watching us and my uncle’s daughter began taking pictures of my mom and aunty…and i was like its a joke…..then my aunty came and slapped me..saying its not a joke…its true…then my aunty went in another room and then my dad and my uncle came and my mom’s brother began explaining what had happened…and then i said to my uncle’s daughter forget about aall this take my photos…and then me and my sisters had a small arguement on who going to tale the pictures…then i asked tamanna was this a real fight..and tamanna yelled at me and said YES!

    PLease interpretate…

    Jazzakallah khir

    • are u people in some kind of clashes with relatives? im asking this cuz everytime u or yr sister sees such dreams, tension and quarrels or bad things happening.. pls get back to me on this cuz this matter has to be solved.
      u girls dream alot and long long dreams u write.. so i really wana look into yr family matters.


      • Tamanna permalink

        Salaam sister..
        yes ur right we do have some clashes with relatives….
        I can’t explain my family matters here in public … can i have an email id i can write to u bck on…

        Jazzakallah khair

      • salam , i have sent u email , pls read and get back to me

  90. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister..
    some sheik told my cousin that finding dream meanings is haraam…and the people who interpretate or believe in it will not go to jannat..
    is this truee
    please reply sister
    jazzakallah khair

    • i really dont get why would any shaikh deny from dreams and their interpretations and would say such things, for u i am giving reference from sahih bukhari book 87, interpretations of dreams and hadith #

      now you can think yourself which is correct, do or not do!
      111 Narrated ‘Aisha: The commencement of the Divine Inspiration to Allah’s Apostle was in the form of good righteous (true) dreams in his sleep. He never had a dream but that it came true like bright day light. He used to go in seclusion (the cave of) Hira where he used to worship(Allah Alone) continuously for many (days) nights. He used to take with him the journey food for that (stay) and then come back to (his wife) Khadija to take his food like-wise again for another period to stay, till suddenly the Truth descended upon him while he was in the cave of Hira. The angel came to him in it and asked him to read. The Prophet replied, “I do not know how to read.” (The Prophet added), “The angel caught me (forcefully) and pressed me so hard that I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and again asked me to read, and I replied, “I do not know how to read,” whereupon he caught me again and pressed me a second time till I could not bear it anymore. He then released me and asked me again to read, but again I replied, “I do not know how to read (or, what shall I read?).” Thereupon he caught me for the third time and pressed me and then released me and said, “Read: In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists). Has created man from a clot. Read and Your Lord is Most Generous…up to….. ..that which he knew not.” (96.15) Then Allah’s Apostle returned with the Inspiration, his neck muscles twitching with terror till he entered upon Khadija and said, “Cover me! Cover me!” They covered him till his fear was over and then he said, “O Khadija, what is wrong with me?” Then he told her everything that had happened and said, ‘I fear that something may happen to me.” Khadija said, ‘Never! But have the glad tidings, for by Allah, Allah will never disgrace you as you keep good reactions with your Kith and kin, speak the truth, help the poor and the destitute, serve your guest generously and assist the deserving, calamity-afflicted ones.” Khadija then accompanied him to (her cousin) Waraqa bin Naufal bin Asad bin ‘Abdul ‘Uzza bin Qusai. Waraqa was the son of her paternal uncle, i.e., her father’s brother, who during the Pre-Islamic Period became a Christian and used to write the Arabic writing and used to write of the Gospels in Arabic as much as Allah wished him to write. He was an old man and had lost his eyesight. Khadija said to him, “O my cousin! Listen to the story of your nephew.” Waraqa asked, “O my nephew! What have you seen?” The Prophet described whatever he had seen. Waraqa said, “This is the same Namus (i.e., Gabriel, the Angel who keeps the secrets) whom Allah had sent to Moses. I wish I were young and could live up to the time when your people would turn you out.” Allah’s Apostle asked, “Will they turn me out?” Waraqa replied in the affirmative and said: “Never did a man come with something similar to what you have brought but was treated with hostility. If I should remain alive till the day when you will be turned out then I would support you strongly.” But after a few days Waraqa died and the Divine Inspiration was also paused for a while and the Prophet became so sad as we have heard that he intended several times to throw himself from the tops of high mountains and every time he went up the top of a mountain in order to throw himself down, Gabriel would appear before him and say, “O Muhammad! You are indeed Allah’s Apostle in truth” whereupon his heart would become quiet and he would calm down and would return home. And whenever the period of the coming of the inspiration used to become long, he would do as before, but when he used to reach the top of a mountain, Gabriel would appear before him and say to him what he had said before. (Ibn ‘Abbas said regarding the meaning of: ‘He it is that Cleaves the daybreak (from the darkness)’ (6.96) that Al-Asbah. means the light of the sun during the day and the light of the moon at night).


      Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah’s Apostle said, “A good dream (that comes true) of a righteous man is one of forty-six parts of prophetism.”


      Narrated Abu Qatada: The Prophet said, “A true good dream is from Allah, and a bad dream is from Satan.”


      Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri: The Prophet said, “If anyone of you sees a dream that he likes, then it is from Allah, and he should thank Allah for it and narrate it to others; but if he sees something else, i.e., a dream that he dislikes, then it is from Satan, and he should seek refuge with Allah from its evil, and he should not mention it to anybody, for it will not harm him.”


      Narrated Abu Qatada: The Prophet said, “A good dream that comes true is from Allah, and a bad dream is from Satan, so if anyone of you sees a bad dream, he should seek refuge with Allah from Satan and should spit on the left, for the bad dream will not harm him.”


      Narrated ‘Ubada bin As-Samit: The Prophet said, “The (good) dreams of a faithful believer is a part of the forty-six parts of prophetism:’


      Narrated Abu Huraira: Allah’s Apostle said, “The (good) dream of a faithful believer is a part of the forty-six parts of prophetism.”


      Narrated Abu Sa’id Al-Khudri: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “A good dream is a part of the forty six parts of prophetism.”


      Narrated Abu Huraira: I heard Allah’s Apostle saying, “Nothing is left of the prophetism except Al-Mubashshirat.” They asked, “What are Al-Mubashshirat?” He replied, “The true good dreams (that conveys glad tidings).”


      Narrated Ibn ‘Umar: Some people were shown the Night of Qadr as being in the last seven days (of the month of Ramadan). The Prophet said, “Seek it in the last seven days (of Ramadan).”

  91. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that…

    1) I was travelling to school…but for some reason i had taken some different route..then suddenely a ganag of boys began following me and calling me names…i turned around and i was walking towards them…then a white boy in the gang punched in my chest with bothe of it hurt…then i rushed to my next door neighbours house…and saw the time it was 9:15 am and i was late for school…then I realized i didn’t prayer fajr namaz so i went to the bathroom doing wudu…then suddenely my dad appeared out of nowhere…waiting for me as i was late for college…then i washed my face…and went out of the main door…

    2) I had a dream i was in dubai…with my family in my mom’s aunty’s house..(it seemed very different to wot it really is in reality)…me and my family were spending our holiday there and we were having lots of fun and the boy i like was there too and he was very normal as he always is whenever we are around…in the dream i still liked him…then my family were all sitting down and his mom came and out of nowhere my cousins who live in London was there too…and i was telling my mom’s aunt (who is also the mother of the boy i like) that my cousin who is frm london is doing a degree in psychology and she was getting very impressed by her…then suddenely i’m alone with my mom’s aunt and she was telling me to get something and also told me shes planning something for her son’s and then i asked her wot then she said …i can’t tell you everything..then she began to say i want your sister to marry my younger son and i want your cousin to marry my…and then she stopped and began thinking she want my cousin to marry her older son (who is boy i like)…then suddenely i saw myself in a really dark..staircase it was like an attic below the house…and i was going up the stairs looking for the looking for some light to see where the door to the house itself is …i was kind of scared and i was rushing up the stairs..then i gradually saw bright light and heard my dads voice and my sisters playing i was going up the stair when i turned my heard left and I read a sign saying domestic then i thought they mus keep all there household stuff in that area..i then reahed to the door and i open it i saw my dad still sitting and my cousin was still there too…then i came to my mom’s aunt and told her do knw how old she is? then i continued shes give an hint to my mom’s aunt that shes too old for her son…
    then i saw myself in a very bright room…full of toys…then suddenely i saw thwe boy i like in the room to…then i came out of the room and opposite me was his younger brother (who i dislike in reality) who was on the computer…i went up to him and saw his computer screen and said ohh your doing chemistry..and he nicely replied yes…i asked him would u like some help? he seemed like a very nice person and then the boy i like stood infront of me and said yeah these are equations…then i snapped at him and I said yes i knw…these are equations..i study chemistry too….and then i woke up

    3) I also had a dream recently that i was in the past like 10 yrs ago…i was very small and so were all my cousin and my sisters and the boy i like was small too…and his siters and brother were there too…and we were all backhome…happily playing with eachother

    Please interpretate these dreams sister…
    Jazakallah khair

    • Tamanna permalink

      Also for the third dream sister…I suddenely had grown up and I was in a museam or school it had lots of light and i had lost something or someone and I was searching for it and I was climbing many flights of stairs…

      Please reply…
      Jazzakallah khair

      • this is the reply to yr dreams all in one sister:
        your all probs will come to end and help from allah will reach u thru a person who will be caring like yr teacher inshallah
        i sent u email from my personal email id and u have replied it to me yet.. check yr trash folder and see the subject islamsunhine or dreams, and get back to me …

    • look, the boy u like isnt fr you as wat u have seen in other dreams,
      however there is another guy who will inshallah come into yr life and he is better but i dont knw when?
      therefore, all will inshallah good, keep up wth yr prayers and make duaa for u and yr family as well in sujud.
      i guess u r a student at the moment and there are chances tht u will go into standing for family after u finish studying..

      so be tough and be there for yr parents and siblings sister, salaam

  92. ola permalink

    hi a few wekks ago i had this dream of my father that past away last year he was at his house i said dad is that you i kissed him and his hand i saw him walk in a room and pray he was beautifull i said to him dad can you forgive mum he said no i said why please can you forgive her if you wont then what can she do he said i ant her to die when my dad was alive my parents were happy but small things thay would argu nothing serious i cant understand why he would say it my dream was so real

  93. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    my sister had the following dream…

    I and my whole family were on a plane going on holiday and then me and my younger sister were eating chocolates and suddenly my younger sister saw a massive grey circle…a small part of it was bright yellow with small red dots on it…and it had a thin outline of red and a dark outine on top, whihc was black and it has orange/red lights shining out of it…I knew it was the sun…my younger sister had this astronomy book in her bag whihc she took out and began flicking through it and found the exact image in the book same as the one we were looking at through the window…then my sister tamanna said theres no point looking in the book..I knw everything about it as i’ve studied astronomy..then i began taking a photo of the view and suddenely the glass of my camera cracked…and it went inside my younger sisters eyes..and she began crying then tamanna took the glass out of her eye/s and then she was finee…then i saw my mom reading a dua book…then an annoucement happened that the planes going to crash so wear a seatbelt…then my mom was reading the dua..then tamanna and i went to the pilot to ask him what happened and he showed us a map which had a line and a semi cirle joined to it and another line…and he explained that tha lines symbolized mountains and the the semi-circle meant danger and he said we going to crash in 20 mins theres no way to land infront of us were mountains and be were flying above a water and then i said your so stupid you shud knw how to drive a plane and then he said well its not my fault its my first time…then there was a few minutes of slience then Tamanna said to the pilot your so stupid…movee..let me do it and she pushed the pilot aside and sat dwn on the pilots seat..and she said to the pilot i don’t knw how to drive a plane..but u cud teach me…then i went outside to the public and i said don’t worry..were safe my sisters driving…then my dad was shocked and he said wot..tamanna’s driving and he rushed and nearly triped on a small boy and ran to tamanna and my dad said tamanna your driving and she replied yeah..its better than driving a car…then my dad smiled and seemed proud of tamanna and went to my mom and explained to her wot tamanna was doing..then my and my younger sister went to tamanna and the pilot and tamanna said theres no way to survive but we shud all keep our hopes up..and she told me to tell everyone to wear life jackets and open the plane doors then everyone began evacuating the plane and then my mom said i can’t leave my daughters here then i said mom just jump me and my younger sister pushed my mom off with my dad and before my dad left he said allah khair karen…my prayers are wil u all and my dad jumped off…then the pilot I can do nothing and he jumped off..then i rushed to get some life jackets and there was only two left I wore one and gave one to tamanna and i said to my younger sister to jump on my bck and then i saw tamanna’s life jacket was not working so i told her to hang onto me..and then we were just about to jump off and suddenely the plane changed directions and we all fell back in the plane and we lost our balance and the plane crashed…then i suddenley woke up and i saw myself in the plane and my younger sister taking out chocolates and then i told my younger sister and tamanna abou the dream and they both didn’t believe and began laughing at me…and Tamanna said i’m such a joke and then i saw my mom reading the dua book..and then suddenely out of nowhere I saw three tv celebs talking to my sister tamanna and inviting her to join a TV show the three celebs starr in…tamanna agreed but my mom said no….and then i woke up

    • tamanna , why dont u read the replies of yr dreams,
      i have already replied it and pls dont make copies of yr dreams.
      see the reply i have given

      • Tamanna permalink

        Salaam sister … sorry for the inconvience…but sister i still can’t see the interpretaion of this dream anywhere…please can u rewrite the dream meaning…
        jazzakallah aalf aalf khair

      • press ctrl + F , write tamanna and see yr name/dreams one by one

  94. saadia permalink

    assalamo alaikuM. i posted it earlier but this was skipped.
    i saw that i am in a canteen where there were different items, like burgers etc but i decided to buy cake, which was wrapped in green color packet, it was probably of dawn bakery, actually at first, i told the salesman to give a big packet but it was expensive so i told him to give a one with less price, then i don,t remember exactly whether it is the first part of dream or the last, that i was a bit sick, and when i touched my forehead it was quite warm ,i had fever,i had to prepare for paper, and i thanked Allah that i have 2 more holidays so i can prepare for it………. Then i saw we were preparing for our exam, i saw one of my colleague in some lawn, reading a book, it was dawn time, me and my other class fellows thought that this girl is studying so early in morning , but when i came near the girl who was studying,she was reading an english novel, i had a look at it.. i felt that it is a good novel, there were at the end of it, some flower pictures, but on turning the pages i saw one obscene pic,and i quickly turned that page .

    • oh yeah i had some probs last time while replying i checked now, u posted it 2 times in February
      3things in this dream, a really nice person will get n touch wit u,
      you will get really worried abt some decisions
      you will find a helpful friend to decrease yr tension and inshallah all will get clearer

      • saadia permalink

        walaikum assalam.thanx dear. Jazak ALLAH.

  95. Mona permalink

    salamu alekum!

    last night i had a dream i saw myself runnin in a wedding dress in the dream my parents had forbid me to atend my own wedding, i see myself from the back of myself runnin to my wedding own my way i se t somalian there faces arnt clerar i only see 2 black ppl with no faces speaking somali to me they are sayin run run its 11 a clock!!
    i keept on runnin so hard until i got in to a new country an arabic conutry! on my way i see a imam i grab him by the hand and say to him please come with me he laughs and says im sorry im busy my daughter and where speakin arabic! i start to laugh and drag him by the hand and say pls pls come with a laugh then he starts to run with me and where both laughin on our way..

    what does this mean sister?


    • sister , bad dreams… seek refuge with allah before u sleep, pls recite quran and offer salah
      recite ayat al kursi 3times and make duaa to be protected from allah to save u from the shaitan and his followers

      • mona permalink

        ok i will sister what do u mean with salah?

        i would aslo like to say this i dreamed in the mornin and i did pray istakhara on marrage

      • i thought u r an arab so i wrote salah for prayer in urdu its namaz

      • mona, black people with no head is not a good dream, its bad dream and yes i follow quran and hadith only..

        and u running and asking help from an imam
        usually running shows hard efforts and running with u that imam also shows someone is trying to help u..
        i asked u to seek refuge with allah , its not haram to seek refuge with allah when a person sees a bad dream, right?
        if u take it as good dream, its up to u, my job is done, i have told u wat i felt.

      • Mona permalink

        yes ur right and i thank u for ur answer but in the dream they did have head but just not faces but maybe its the same thing?

        i just wanted to her the details from u ur last reply sounded more like another one i got


  96. Mona permalink


    my mother had a dream last night she dreamt she was all alone and pregnent she was gonna give birth and had no one to help her, she start saying to her self oh where is my sister she had alot of children she can help me, and then my mother says in the dream i need a pink cover she knew she was gonna have a girl, at the same time she was chocked beacuse shes over 50 years and was thinking how is this possible how can i be pregnant in this age..

    what does this mean?


    • salam, your mom has been worried abt some thing and is afraid to discuss with others..
      ask her to seek help from allah and ask her to make duaa in tahajjud salah
      and give charity as much as she can, allah will lift her worries inshallah

  97. Allahs slave permalink

    Salam sister, I really need to talk to you. I’ve changed my email, and this is my new one, please if you have time, go ahead and inbox me. Thank you. Salam.

  98. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    Today my younger sister had a dream…
    That i said that the tests were still on, because it was test week…so than my mum got so angry…and started to hit me with a ruler because i did not revise and i had lots of marks on my face….Tamanna started to laugh at me…

    And then i woke up…

    What does this mean sister?

  99. plus yr dream says tht some boy will come into yr life.. i dont knw if he is good for u or not, u have to get yr parents talk to him, or u talk to him rightaway , let him know how u feel for him and leave the rest to allah, keep praying to allah tht if the person is good for yr life and akhirah and allah gives u tht person,.. make sure yr parents are involved in this situation, act maturely and wisely

  100. Yus permalink

    Assalamualaikum Brother or Sister,

    i need to know the interpretation of this dream..
    ” I dream that i got a book which i hav picked up on a street, as i opened it, the pages were written of blood, may b of some kind of diary, like girls written on…

    • walekum salam,
      your dream shows you are under spell, are u also not feeling well these days, like head aches or pain in body?
      even if u r not having these symptoms than recite surah al falak and al naas and recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek refuge with allah and blow on yr palms and rub on yr entire body..
      try to apologize from people who are hurt from u and make up with mom dad and show mercy and love to them, ask them to pray for u, in parents duaa, the blessings from allah comes faster and greater

  101. help permalink

    salaam sister ,
    there is a boy i like , he used to like me too , but later he fell in love with someone else and left me . but she later left him too . i still miss him but he wnot even come back to me . i am very much hurt . so i did ISTIKHARAH and this is what i saw
    dream 1 – NOTHING

    dream 2 – i saw my mother sitting on a chair in a green dress and she is showing me another green dress and asking me which one to wear . it seems to me she is in a function

    dream 3 – i was walking with one of the most ISLAMIC boys of our class at a train station . i saw HIM ( my lover ) coming
    while the other islamic boy left but was stalking us from a distance
    My lover was extremely sad and standing in front of me then i hold him and i told him that I am 4 u and Everything is for you
    and when he lifted his face . his eyes were red and was crying .


    • girl, dont ask me abt love relations 🙂
      anyhow, in your life one guy will not come back to you and one u have is waiting for you to come to him..
      the one waiting is a good person but u r not able to recognize him now..
      leave the one who is not coming back and look for the one who is yours.
      pray for yrself that Allah gives u the husband as a person who honestly loves u from his heart..

      • help permalink

        Jazak Allah khair…..:-)
        Sister do i know the person who is waiting for me? I mean is he my classmate or friend??

      • i dont know, and i dont favour the love relations out of marriage.. if u get a nice muslim guy seeking yr hand in marriage than u accept him thru yr parents,

      • help permalink

        & i just wanna know how accurate are yr predictions?? sorry if i made a mistake by askin u such a question….:-)
        Bt plezse reply me!

      • i am not sitting here to challenge the interpretations sister, wat i see in yr dreams tht i tell u, i have no interest in either u or yr personal life, i help people for the sake of allah alone.. its hard for me to take out time to sit and read the long long dreams and take pain in replying them, this is not for any pleasure. and i take this burden for my God only.

  102. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam Sister…
    This is my cousins dream….
    I dreamt that I was in the bathroom and suddenely the phone rang and my mom answered it and then it was the mother of the boy I like and she said her son was dead and that she would like me to come over to her house and see the boy for the last time before he gets buried…then my mom told me and i felt very sad and i went bck into the bathroom and began crying alot. Then the boys mother began pleading to allow me to go to her house to see the boy but my dad kept on saying no. Then after 6 hrs the boys dead body began to smell badly and the mother pleaded again to send me over to her house but my dad say no and said that I can’t come. Then after 3 weeks Tamanna came to my country…and she met another boy who wants to get married to me…and then me and Tamanna were eating ice-cream in an icecream palour and the boy who wanted to marry me gave money for the icecream. After a few days he had died too…then I began crying and crying and I was asking allah why are u doinf this to me? I loved someone and he died and now i loved him and now he died too?? What do I do now?? I was crying and crying and Tamanna came and she too began crying..we both were crying…then i woke up

    please interpretate this dream…
    Jazzakallah khair

    • salam, you will get a new work and theres a guy whom u like but he is not into u, things wont work out..

  103. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that I was in college…and I was working hard…and he room was dark and the blinds were raised then my teacher came and I was discussing wot I was graded in my last piece of wrk…the teacher said u got a pass and I said no..I really want a distinction..then the teaher went inside his office and I began working again this time the room was full of light and the blinds were dwn and then I remember I was not suppossed to be in this lesson today as I was supposed to be somewhere else completing this afirst aid qualification course which was part of another subject I study…then i quickily told my teacher and he too remember and told me to go quickly…I realized i was 2hrs late to the course..I was rushing and there was another girl who was lae too with me….I saw the whole class doing some excersise activities while the other teacher was up on a large staircase standing and i ran up the staircase towards my teacher and i was explaining to her why I was late and the fact hat i forgot about todays schedule..then she said to both of us latecomers to go way your off this course now..i said please miss don’t do this..I’m really sorry…she said no jus go bck to sleep..then my previous teacher came and persuaded the teacher to let me do the course and then she finally agreed and forgave me and told me to join the course again…I joined a team and i was kind of confused of what they were doing…it seemed like we were looking for a room to begin and my group opened a doble door and suddenely it became very croweded in tha area and i was trying to follow my group…then i saw two groups in different group in a small room and another group eagerly waiting by a staircase for something and i was in that group…and there was a blue door with a window on it which allowed lots of sunlight to come in…then I woke up

    Please interpretate sister…
    Jazzakallah khair

  104. ok, i understand now

  105. yes the dreams are showing u a sign that the guy u like is not for u and certainly another person will come into yr life ,
    who will be good
    i dont knw why many people asking dreams to me having probs with their relations and somehow everyone is seeing tht allah has planned another person for them instead of the ones they like 🙂
    im telling u this so that u dont feel awkward and realise many people are also in pain of love.
    but always knw that allah loves u more than anyone else and he has made a person who will be honest and deserve good people like u.. so just dont think too much and forget the past and look forward for a life which has so much to give u

  106. 🙂 dont worry, a good friend is helping u out in yr life and u dont see her 🙂 but she is helping and will always be there for u inshallah 🙂
    u know who is that girl ? i hope u know who that is 🙂

    • ok, ill send u my email to yr saik……………………. id.
      but there is no harm in meanings of dreams, dreams are 46th part of nabuwat( prophecy) and Prophet SAW said that risalat will end on him but good dreams, allah will continue to show his momin people. and dreams usually come to help us.
      there are unfortunate people who cant even dream and really beg allah to show them dreams.

      dont be unthankful to Allah and dont get astray for dreams. they come to u because u r usually tensed and think too much abt yr future , so allah is showing u all this to make u realize that He is watching and He is with u !!

  107. i will inshallah, but dont copy yr dreams again and again, i got yr dream 3 times abt somali…
    just be patient sister, i will understand yr dream 1st and reply it with Allah”s help

    • mona permalink

      ok im sorry sister!!

      could u pls send me the answer to my email?


      bless u

      • i just replied them here and dont write yr email id in comments, keep yr privacy .. i can see the address when u make a post to me..

  108. khalid permalink

    salam, my mom dreamt that back in my country (i study outside my country) in the holidays, i never went out. she said it seemed like i didn’t have any friends. she would ask me why am i not going out and i would just give different excuses every time. she said she woke up feeling really sad for me. the strange thing is i do have a lot of good friends back home.

    please help. thank you

    • salam, yr mother has seen some other relative in yr face, ask her of her brothers or anyone had not contacted her from a long time, tht person is actually sad..

  109. Yus permalink

    Salaam… Sister!!

    i need to know the interpretation of this dream..
    it was before Fadj time i dream that there were two black Oxen being slaughtering at my place, one of them was strong and big ox,and the other not really, there were some friends of mine wearing toppi were slaughtering the animal with a sword but not with a knife, while i was actually watching it, all a sudden,the Sword came into my hand, on the right hand side, it was of pure Metal but it was light when i lifted it.

  110. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that Iwas at the backseat of a car with my sisters…and the siters of he boy i used to like….and i think i was on my laptop chatting to my cousin…then i saw suddenely the car stopped and then i sut my laptop and i said to everyone that i will drive the car…went to the driver seat and i saw my bare feet..then one sister of the boy i used to like was sitting next to me..and i was just reminding myslef loudly exactly where the brake and fuel pedals are and reassuring by asking her…then I began driving…and she began making comments…if u can drive a car properly why do u drive…then i saw my driving was very rough..i was on a motorway and the cars were packed closed together…suddenely i quickily pressed the brake …i nearly wud of banged a car infront of me…i think our parents were in another car and i was trying to follow them…but they were far away….

    then i saw myself entering my house and i went into my room and saw my sister on her laptop and while i was talking to her i switched my laptop on and then suddenely my dad came in and he said i knw everything wot u did yesterday …then i asked wot did i do dad?? thn my dad said everything frm the laptop… everythingg..i was like ok…then my dad said i have a sofware..then i sad to my sister …dad is telling the truth there is a sofeware called family safety..then my dad went and i switched my laptop on and it said some bad comments about my driving skills…then i woke upp

    please interpretate…
    Jazzakallah khair

    • salam,
      well, u will try to fix yr family issues with wisdom inshallah,
      things wont happen over night so dnt loose hope sister,, take yr all sisters and mother wit u and make them understand …
      you wil have peace inshallah..

  111. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    my mom had this dream that she was out on the streets trying to get to her family and she saw soo many snakes nad scopions covering the roads…cars everywhere she looked and her family were at the other side of the road they were all sleeping outside…and my mom was trying and trying to get to her family but there was tooo many snakes and scopions she couldn’t pass..while she was thinking it gradually became dawn and my aunty woke up and she said how come u didn’t come to me…and my mom said how can i get to u when theres soo many snakes and scopions then my aunty sadi theres nothing they are just many many red ropes are u even scared of ropes…then my mom saw one small scopion and my aunty said kill it then come to me…eventually my mom got to my aunty…then my aunty said remember this place …it was a forest we’ve been here long long time ago…it was a massive forest…then my mom said that she needs to go to the toilet shes bursting then my aunty said theres a house here we will go there and theres this lady who will let us use the toilet…then my mom went to the house and the lady directed my mom to the toilet..then my mom was using the toilet and sueenely too men came inside sitting on a chair waiting for my mom to come out but they couldn’t see her…my mom recognised one man was a work collegue or her boss when she used to wrk…and the other was a stranger… then suddenely two men passed right infront of my mom and they saw her in the toilet…my mom got ashamed and began covering herself then suddenely two other women came inside waiting to use the toilets ..then my mom realized there was a long queue forming to use the toilet…then my mom began thinking ohh…my sisters waiting outside for me..someone needs to stand here for mee too…then she woke up

    please interpretate…
    Jazzakallah khair

    • salam, i have sent u the mail, yr all replies are there, read it and make yr family understand before u all get ruined.
      take care

  112. salam,
    I saw a dream in the early morning time like 4am or 5am n would like to knw the interperation of tht here is as follows…..i saw my friend (guy) was yelling n fighting with me on the phone i cant understand for whats the reason he is upset with me so i cires very much bcz of all sudden change in his behaviour with me like this then i see tht my friend (guy)aunty came to my house talking to my mom n preparing things for his family n him as thy were inviting to him n his family to my home so my parents n his family can see us n if purposal talks can start abt my friend(guy) n me when i see this i start crying n thinks how to tell his aunty n my mom tht he fought with me n dont knw whether he is going to come also if they r going to invite him..i becomes upset n cry again n pray to allah y this all happening to me again is there anyone who can understand me n who is made for me ..then i got up
    so plz tell me the meaning of this dream i will be waiting .

    • salam, yr dream doesnt show any sign to be interpreted, pls note that some dreams are created by our conscious…
      if yr dreams has any meaning, than it means that u will face stress and worry created by yr own thinking a lot abt certain things.

  113. This is the dream my friend saw:
    she has seen this dream 2 months before;

    she is in Makkah-near the holy kabbah and some group of violent ppl come and destroy it.she and few ppl over there begin to pray to Allah swt that plz get our holy kabah back and then due to tehir prayers it comes back but with a green cloth on it,so her including the few ppl again begin to ask Allah swt to get back its orignal black colour with their prayers thy get back its orignal colour
    she was wearing a white scarf throught out the dream.

    Would really appreciate your reply soon.


    • salam, she is trying to contact some of her loved ones whom she hasnt met from long time and insallah allah will make her ways easy for her.

  114. Bilal permalink

    I would like you to interprete 3 dreams i had on Friday 4th March. I was walking to my mosque that i usually go for friday jamat prayer. as i was a about to walk inside the owner of the mosque outside threw a stone like object at me but he missed me.

    in real life this man is aged about 55-65 i am not sure, and my mother does have problems with this guy. he does hate but doesnt show it much, its to do with wealth/money.

    the second dream i had was this man kept following me and wanted to ask me questions but i kept walking fast avoiding him.

    the third i had was that there were three big dogs on this main road and one them chased me down my road but never bit me. what do these dreams mean? am i being stalked/followed by people or somethink?

    • yeah 3 people envying u brother, and u r continuously shown it in yr dreams, its not really be the same person wit whom u have conflict in real life, but they are 3 people…. usually workplave have such things happening, be wise and seek refuge wt allah and pray for yr safety and dont envy anyone else, allah will protect u inshallah as well.

  115. Mona permalink

    salamualekum sister!

    i would like to get a dream translated
    my mother dreamt that our youngest sister was pregnent she is 18. in the dream she saw her own grandmother my grait grandmother she was a nurse in real life and in the dream she was the one who delivered my sisters baby and it was a boy.
    could u pls tell me what it means?

    another dream she had the same night is that she saw a boat crash and it had alot of gold in it she found 3 rings in gold and she ran and told her sister about it she saw alot of diffrent shapes of gold

    i dont know is it good or bad? we are 4 boys and 3 girls in our family maybe the 3 rings had something to do with us girls?

    anyway i hope to hear from u soon and pls tell me what it all means


    • Mona permalink

      p.s my grait grandmother past away years ago!

    • salam, thx for yr patience in waiting for me sister, i had been really ailing from past 2 weeks and hardly take out time to sit at PC to reply dreams, pls excuse me for delays.

      boat crash is not a good sign, she really seen the boat crashed or saw the gold scattered so she felt the boat may have crashed?
      anyhow in near future the some good proposals and possibility for any brother to get a promotion in work or new thing inshallah.

  116. Munazzah permalink

    AoA sister,
    Ive had two strange dreams in last two weeks and im sure it means something but i cant figure out what.
    1. i am in some place near a jungle n suddenly all birds they fly off( like when some one shoots or something) and they all fly to mountain tops. After sometime i see poeple all around me runnin saying “Qayamat” is here run…..n then the mountains suddenly turn to dust and start moving.

    2. I see im in e very old house (bunglow type) with old people. I know who these old people are in my dream but in real life i have no clue who they were. I was busy helping around the house with these people. Then i come accross a big whole on the roof of tht house n im looking at it helplessly as a lot of water in falling inside the house from tht hole in the rooftop sice its also raining outside. (at the same time im thinking wht more can i do now to repair this, but im feelign helpless)

    Usually i c myself in some old house n im always walking up some staircase of a huge house to get to the top most floor of it where there is a room…but i wake up before i get to THAT door.

    Pls help me to undertsand if these are genuine sigs of something ……….Many thanks in advance

    • yup yr dreams have signs, your house is under some crucial circumstances and fighting among members of family.. and u r trying to solve them.
      things will turn beyond control but if u pray to allah and make duaa in sujud than inshallah all will be off.
      read the quran with understanding and keep praying for things to get better..

  117. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…I had a dream that there was a celebrity there were many people crowded around him and so was I and my mum and he was showing off his room or a bed and which has a vet awkward looking ladder which would go up hrough the celling and the celebrity was climbing up the ladder or stairs and he fell and he injured himself badly…then everyone was asking him are u ok??…then i woke up…

    please interpretate this dream…
    jazzakallah khair

    • the boy u like, is yr relative as well i think, so he is shown to u in face of celebrity.
      can u stop thinking abt him please? how many times i have asked u to forget him, he is into another woman and u jst dnt trust it.. u keep having dreams abt his insincerity wit u and u dont adhere girl!!
      i didnt wana be harsh on u but pls grow up!

  118. waseem permalink

    I had a dream that I had come back from somewhere and I my mom told me that my dad had died. I don’t think I had seen him but I am scared that this dream is going to come. True

    • salam, no it doesnt really means yr dad will die, can be an elderly relative brother, or u may have a sad news abt something..
      pray to allah, keep up the namaz. inshallah all will be fine

  119. saadia permalink

    assalamo alaikum. i saw that all of our previous house maids are in our house, those who are left and new too, …….. i don,t remember the whole dream but i have one kid 3, 4 yr old whom i have been helping to wash his hands in sink.
    iam nt married ,neither engaged in real life.

  120. jannah permalink

    assalamu alikum,
    I had been slacking on my deen and recently Allah blessed me with more humility and awearness of what true islam is and what is really going on in the world.I have been asking Allah for guideness in my life i’m not sure what this dream is telling me please help.sorry its kinda long.okay here it goes last night i had a dream i was sneeking around a hospital queitly going from one room to the next by a door that was connecting them.The last room I came to had dead bodies in it,i was surprised and horrified.I thought i heard someone coming so I hide behind one of them that was on a bed.Nobody came but i realized that this man was not dead but still alive.I knew that they were trying to kill him,so i decieded to try to get him out of there.Then a nurse was coming so i went to the next room to hide.when she left i went back and got himout of bed and was helping him walk so we could make our escape.Then we got caught a nurse seen us then she went and came back with two men dressed as devils.They were going to try to kill us.but i think they gave us a chance that if we could get out they would leave us be.I was trying to get to a phone to call911 but once i got to the phone they were pulling on me.Then my husband showed up and some how we ran the men dressed as devils out of the hospital.Then in the mist of that my husband was wanting to have relations with me.Then the next thing i know we are outside at the front of the hospital and my mom was there with a car and then we left.Then I was at house useing the restroom.I had a ingrown hair and was trying to pop it.First aliitle stuff came out the an unbelievable out of fulid pour out of me.Then at end the dream a sister I know came in the restroom to clean the bath tub,but when she dumped the bucket of stuff in the tub it look like some type of bodily fulid possible stuff from afterbirth.Sorry for some of the details but that was the dream,please help Jazzakallah khair.

    • salam jannah 🙂
      looks like some one in yr workplace is trying to divert yr attention and take u away from yr husband… dont adhere to anything which is haram sister.. talking or hanging out just create things worse..
      yr dream has lot more to say, but i cant say in here, u r a wise person and u understand tht u r married and u know how to keep yr married life healthy, happy and safe.. if u cant help it, just recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek refuge wit allah to save u from the evil of one’s mind, heart and desire. take a translation or hear it on youtube if u cant read ayat al kursi in arabic, but prayers are the way to help u ..

  121. MNR permalink

    I have seen this dream 2 months before;

    I am in Makkah-near the holy kabbah and some group of violent ppl come and destroy and few ppl over there begin to pray to Allah swt that plz get our holy kabah back and then due to our prayers it comes back but with a green cloth on it,so me including the few ppl again begin to ask Allah swt to get back its orignal black colour .To our prayers we get back its orignal colour.

    I remember i have worn a white scarf throught my dream.

    Would really appreciate your reply soon.


  122. saadia permalink

    assalamo alaikum . i saw this dream in november and posted it on site named dreammoods but there was no reply so i thought to post it on ur blog.
    i saw a mad woman sitting in the corridor of my previous institute.she took out my 2 notebooks from a matchbox(strange) and handed over to me, they were crumpled.
    in that same dream i was cleaning and dusting things of my home .i also saw in that dream, a cat came into my house i was a bit scared ,the cat was of some mixed colour ,black,white and brown. i started reciting ayat ul kursi, the cat changed into a black puppy,after that it changed into a piece of cardboard.this dream i saw before my final exam, and its over now .
    (ther r some people who say that seeing a cat in ur dream and its interpretation depends on whether u r a cat lover or not.)
    last yr i had a lot of dreams but i found no one to interpret them.i was really worried the whole last year.( dreams of cats, walking in darkness, babies, attending weddings)
    by the way, great job dear. i love ur blog.

    • i came up with this idea of dream interpretations when i was looking for interpretations myself 6 years ago
      but there were sites which interpreted thru christianity and muslim’s dreams were also taken into same line..
      than later with the dreaming increased and allah started showing me dreams coming true and i took help from quran
      and hadith and lot of resources. than i got able to knw my own dreams, but last year in november i saw sites even in islamic section but no one was replying them.. this is why allah helped me making this page 🙂 alhmdulilah, so i help as i know how bad it feels when a person had dreams and he was never able to understand them..

      wat u dreamt tells me that there is a creation of allah whom we cant see! they live and eat /drink like us and present around us .. so it was harmless and u were shown abt them in yr dream.
      if u really get scared and dont knw wat to do, jst ready ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa to allah to protect u. and believe that if we cant see them and they can see us , than u seek protection from the almighty powerful being , whom none can see and he can see everything.

  123. Mona permalink

    salam sister
    my aunt and her husband are having problem in there marrige, last week she kicked him out of the house,
    she now had a dream : she saw her husband throwing dirty water at her and there children, and the water had rats and insects, and discusting stuff in it

    would u pls tell me the meaning of this?
    and pls if u can send the answer to my email and delete all my post on this wall
    jazzakallah kheer!

    • sister, evryone else puts his/her dream on this page,
      wat u write here is as much confidential as everyone else’s dream but yet ppl write. i have stopped sending mails now, as its very difficult to maintain 2 websites, i hardly get time and now if i maintain an email if jst for dreams than i guess you all will get yr replies once in a month.
      answering dreams is not cup of a tea for me, i have to understand 1st and it takes time because everyone’s personal life is connected with dreams and they are in need of solution and worried so i take a lot of time to read and understand and reply.

      pls try to understand my problem as well, i am not machine sister. jst a human like you all and daily i am receiving so many dreams that it has become diff to reply all daily. so many a time i reply late due to long que. i cant maintain dreams on email.

      your aunt’s dream mean that someone from her relatives is trying to create hatred among her husband and kids.
      and hatred will overcome on both sides and they wll not even care to see faces of eachothers.
      only solution is allah’s help
      and make duaa to him and recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek protection from allah to keep them all away from envy and harms. ameen

      • thank u sister jazzakallah fik!

  124. shenaz permalink

    i had a dream that i am at my aunts house and that every room i go in cats keep coming from nowhere i am scared because there are so many then one cat attacks me i am screaming, i woke up screaming loudly as well.
    i do not like cats but my husband does i can tolerate them in other family members house but iwill never keep one in our house my husband wants to bring a cat.

    • lol 🙂
      dream from yr nafs, and no sign
      pls relax and you can explain yr husband abt yr preferences as u stay at home all the day and he doesnt so he should also cares for u. mutual compromise required in here 🙂

  125. saadia permalink

    assalamo alaikum. i dreamt about one and a half month ago that i was trying hard to take my hijaab but the pin opens up, i was trying again and again, standing infront of mirror, the scarf was white or off white in color. and in the same dream my sister was getting late from college, she had a paper,i looked at wall clock, time was 2-3min to 2 o’clock. i said to my sister, bushra,be quick, you are short of time.
    then in same dream i saw a plate of cooked rice near my mattress.

    • a ready made good person offered u marriage but u couldnt make up yr mind 🙂
      dnt worry, u will get another better soon inshallah, u dream a lot of dreams sister 🙂

      • saadia permalink

        assalamo alaikum sis. i couldnt make my mind sis bc he is younger to me and i always feared the social stigma attached to it. and also he never said it but i felt it strongly and it is still very painful ignoring the one u like. but now i think if he proposes in a proper way then i will accept insha ALLAH. ALLAH knows what this whole situation meant to me.

      • yeah only if he is serious than he will say it and kindly dont bother abt age difference, tht is nothing in islam.

      • saadia permalink

        and i was indulged in wrongdoings like palmistry and i think this pain is its punishment ,perhaps. may my dear ALLAH ji forgive me.ameen. sumameen.

  126. saadia permalink

    assalamo alaikum, i have one more dream. kindly interpret. i dreamt that we are going somewhere, and while i was getting ready ,i opened my sister’s cupboard to wear her sandals,i took out 2 pairs, one was orange and other was pink,when i looked at them ,it seemed to me that orange one is a bit loose, so i decided to wear pink which although looking small as if it will not fit into my feet, when i wore it ,it was well fitted.

  127. Manal permalink

    what a beautiful page mashallah!
    i was wondering what does it mean when u dream someone getting burned,?
    my mother had a dream she saw me getting burned by candles, and when she put the fire out all of my hair was gone
    u know the meaning of this?

    thank u in advance!


    • salam manal, alhmdulilah ( all praises for allah alone for appreciating this page.)
      it means that few troubles which your family have will be gone inshallah.
      keep praying regular salah and make duaa in sujud for yrself

  128. Bilal permalink

    Salam sister/brother. I did istikhaara for whether or not the girl I want to marry is better for me, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, and on the night of Sunday, I finally had a dream. In the dream itself, I was being told that the istikhaara had shown a bad sign. I did not see anything but that, and because in the dream I was told that the istikhaara didn’t come out good, I was feeling worried. Please interpret this for me.
    JazakAllah Khair.

    • dream from yr nafs, no signs at all.
      and FYI, istekhara’s has nothing to do wit dream, its made lika a duaa to seek allah’s help if the work u wana do is better for u so u ask allah to make it easy for u and if its nt good fr u than allah make it far away from u.. and this is how sahaba RA followed istekhara.

      • Bilal permalink

        Jazak allah khair.
        and thank you also for letting me know about istikhaara, i appreciate it.

  129. deeba permalink

    Sister,i have seen a dream last night & its bothering me..
    Actually i like a boy but he left me for another girl & later i did ISTIKHARA & u said “the one guy wont cum back again”
    But few days before he just came to clarify few things but few things which i couldnt clear thinking that why should i clear now .. when there is nothing left between us .
    but now i feel to clear few stuffs with him.
    last night i saw one dream , there was one small kid whom i adored and loved very much.there was one ditch which wasnt very deep but it had divisions.just below that ditch there was another ditch which is deeper than this one in which he fell.he out stretches his hand for help from me from the ditch which wasnt deep.when i gave him my hand just thinkin he is getting hurt i couldnt pull him up.then he fell into the deeper ditch below.and i started to worry about it. all of a sudden i see the boy (who had left me -mentioned earlier) comes and looks at me for sometime. he didnt uttar words to me but he seems to be telling me that why didnt you save the kid when he was in the little problem-that is in the upper ditch. or else he wouldnt have been in other bigger that moment i see that water starts to fill the ditch and the kid floats and he rises up.thats the end of the dream.
    i shall be very thankfull to you if you can interpret this dream for me.please
    Jazakallah khair…

    • sister the person u want will be back to u inshallah, allah has asnwered yr prayers, actually that kid is the person who was trying to come back to u and was stuck in a big trouble, well, all will be ok

      • deeba permalink

        Assalamualaikum sister…Jazak Allah khair:):)
        4 evrything Khuda ka laakh laakh shukar hai..if u think ders any particular surahs of Qur’an that i should recite soo plz do tell me!!
        waiting 4 d reply

      • yeah, do read Quran from cover to cover in a year or two years with translation in english or hindi.. and try to understand tafsir. Quran as a whole is important and asking abt any surah in particular is like taking out a kidney or heart or lungs from a person, where as we need a person not his organs !! therefore entire quran is necessary and its not a diff task .
        allah has made quran easy to underatnd and remember.

        peacetv urdu and both peace tv english has a programme where they explain the Quran as well by sana ullah madani.
        watch it as well.

      • deeba permalink

        salaam…jazak Allah khiar 4 d advc & inshAllah i’ll do it!! 🙂

  130. sana permalink

    Assalamualaikum… sister
    i have a male friend for whom i had unsaid feelings and same from him.
    once i saw a dream that there is a big home and and everyone is together but i do not recognise those people just me and him.i see everyone in white dress including me and him and whole home is brightly lit.i think in the dream its his marraige with me. but i am not sure. i enter one bed room.i see a window from where bright light is entering into the room.a dog enters from the window and transforms into an old man.that man has grace one his face and bright light is falling on his face and he too is in white with long white beard.he tells me this decision of you and him to be together is good and says that you should never leave him and being with him would be the best thing for you.and he keeps his hand on my head. i have seen this dream twice.

    please i will be very thankful to you sister if you can tell me what this dream means.
    thank you

    • someone is honest with you sister, take allah’s help and wait for alah’s will
      inshallah you will get married to a good person

  131. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    my youngest sister had a dream that the whole familly were at a beach and we were building sandcastles and then we all having fun…then she woke up…
    please interpretate…
    jazzakallah khair

    • you will make efforts all together to work for yr family standing up back again in future.

  132. Aish permalink

    Assalamualaikum Sister, I apologize for posting this twice, not sure if the first post went through.

    How are you? Jazak Allah khair for replying to our posts, it is much much appreciated. 🙂 Last month I went through the most difficult time of my life. I was introduced to a gentleman through my family & he came to see me. My family and I love him and he felt the same way. The two of us became very close in a matter of days, but before the week ended, our relationship did too. It ended mainly because his family did not accept the rishta and he didn’t give a reason as to why. It’s been a very difficult month and this has brought me close to Allah than ever before. The night that our relationship was close to ending, I prayed 2 rakat nafil at around 3 am & went to sleep. I had a dream soon thereafter in which I’m sitting in a bedroom with my mom by my side dressed as a bride. At times during the dream I see myself as a 3rd person & at times I see myself through my own person. As I see myself sitting there, all of a sudden I hear loud instruments playing so I look at the entrance to the bedroom (3rd person view, I still see myself sitting down next to my mom) & see my father and uncle (my uncle is the one that brought the rishta, my father & mom r divorced & I am not in good terms with my father, not speaking to him however am taking care of his livelihood). My father and uncle are leading a procession into the bedroom with their hands raised making dua (can’t hear what they’re saying) & I look to see (still 3rd person) who else is with them& see the gentleman amidst the people dressed as a groom walking in towards me. The surprising part is that his face is completely different, completely different facial features (unattractive compared to him) it’s black but teeth are sparkling white, which I see when he smiles at me. I want to make sure it’s him so I ask him to call me, which he does. He calls me on my cell while standing in the same room and I hear his voice. He reassured me everything will be okay and we smile and laugh together. While talking to him on the phone I see the dream in my point of view, no longer 3rd person. However, when we smile and laugh, I can see myself & I see that my face is also black yet my teeth are sparkling white. I get disturbed with what I saw and wake up.
    A few hours later, in waking life, he calls me to say that he can no longer pursue the rishta because his family is not accepting me & he doesn’t want me to go through hardship because of him if we do decide to get married. He later changed his mind that evening wanting to go against his family’s wishes but because I wasn’t talking to him, he didnt tell me his decision. I texted him a day later saying that I’m okay and pray that Allah give us what is best for us & that is when he replied that he’s going to think of possibilities for us to be together. He made no promises, but recently I found out that he gave up. What’s bothering me so much is that dream I had after praying 2 nafil around 3 am and this reoccurring feeling that things will work out for us. Fearing that it’s shaitaan, I’ve been reading 4 Qul, Ayat-ul Kursi, Astaghfirullah, & Kalimath, trying to read all 5 prayers, Qur’an with meaning. Sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have bad days, but the feeling of him & I being together is reoccurring, it won’t go away. I’m so sorry for writing so much but I really neeeed your or anyone’s help.
    May Allah swt ease our suffering & bring a strengthened imaan into our hearts. Ameen.
    I’m looking forward to your response. Jazak Allah khair.

    • salam sister, pls dont worry and leave all to allah, if yr parents r not happy than its best in yr favour. yr dreams says this..
      inshallah all will get ok and u will find a better person.. this person is not good for u.

  133. Manal permalink

    i had a dream today, i dreamed that i was in school i hated my classmate and the hole classrome, i went to the bathroom andon my way back another teacher asked me to come in to a new classrome, i sad no at first told him that my teatcher would be mad at me, but he said dont u worry ill talk to him, so i followed him to the new classrome and i saw my brothers friends and my sister and alot of ppl i know, everybody was so happy in there and smiling and laughin, i also saw kids running around happy it feelt almost like it was eid!

    • salam , it looks like u will have a proposal fized wit someone, than u will get a job and than u will get another better proposal….
      jst pray for yrself sister for everything to be good and peaceful and has betterment for u.

      • Manal permalink

        u mean proposal in marrige? twice?
        im sorry didnt quite understand


      • yup! u got it

      • Manal permalink

        haha wow ok i guess ill wait for proposol nr 2:) and i will pray for the best thank u very much sister i still cant belive i found such a beautiful page mashallah!!
        thank u very much and barakallah fik!

  134. Ali permalink

    assalamu alaikum.
    firstly, i wana say, how are you able to interperate dreams.
    my dream is about me dying and the angel of death coming to me disguised as a person that i know and suddenly taking my soul. i remember i felt the pain of death. what does dying in a dream mean.
    and jazakallahu khair.

    • salam, if u wana knw how dreams are interpreted than pls seek the knowledge from islamic scholars, read the quran and hadith. your dream means that you will be harmed by some one envying u. for this you should be regular in yr prayers and make duaa for yrself and ne good in taking care of charity. recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek refuge with allah

      • Ali permalink

        jazakullah khair. brother i actually read in a book of islamic dream interpretations in arabic that dying in a dream means that allah will give u longer life. or in arabic: barek lak fe 3omrak. i just wanted to see what you had to say about my dream, can u explain to me where u get your sources. plz and thank you
        p.s i actually have another dream that i would really like you to interpretate late

      • not all interpretations represent all dreamers, all tabir and taweel vary from person to person depending upon circumstances..

  135. Manal permalink

    salam sister
    please dont forget about my dream i havnt heard from u…

  136. nabeela permalink

    Assalamoalikum! from few months i am dreaming after nearly two weeks & always i am alone at home my husband left home for work & my children were at school & if they are not going school then they are in their rooms.In my dreams i feel someone or two sort of human shape shadows are putting force over me i try lot to move but i can’t someone hold tight from my left shoulder & someone from my back or from my ankle i tried a lot to release myself from them but in vain when i try to release myself they put more force over me.&in dream i pray to Allah as loud as i can,i recite Aytul-kursi & beg to Allah please finish my dream.the dream take its time & then slowly i come out of the dream.please help me what is this .i pray five times a day.i recite Quran daily.i recite morning & evening masnoon duas.i start reading & writing Quran’s tafseer& i have a plan to teach Qurans tafseer to others.then why i am disturb by these type of dreams.please help me.

    • salaam, sister allah tests us by fear, hunger, loss of food and death, u knw this right?
      mashallah u r into making tafseer, jst remember that yr tafseer doesnt go agaisnt tafseer ibn al kathir ( kaseer), this is the most authentic one.
      give charity, help ppl with money who r needy, try to make sure yr parents and parents in laws r not sad due to you.
      and seek allah’s help while in sujud, duaa in sujud and ask allah to protect you.

      jinns come and disturb like this, but it only happens only when allah wills, thy cant harm you unless allah wants, so next time this happens than dont worry, recite ayat al kursi 3 times and take allah’s refuge only.

  137. Ahmedali permalink

    Asalam Aleikum,

    I have a dream that i had lastnight at its disturbing me alot, i dreamt that i was in a building and that building is a swimming pool,i was with my mother and my big sister,and they were leaving to go home and wanted me to go home with them but i decided to stay behind,,and i managed to sneak in the swimming pool. while going around the swimming pool building i came to a shower room for men,,it was a big shower room(open showers with no door) and alot of men were there some were even spectators,,on looking down,i saw my wife she is naked waiting to take a shower as all the showers were occupied by men,i got so embarrassed ,,when i was going to her to ask her,i saw her sister was also there naked also with her daughter young girl of age 10yrs but she was not naked,,she had a swimming costume on,i saw her sisters buttocks,and i told my wife see i can see your sisters buttocks..the spectators at the shower area was behind me and my wife and i was trying to cover my wife and asking her why she is naked infront of all the men,then suddenly a guy who was behind us ,,begun to touch my wife and i got angry and beat him up..he left ,then his bother came seems like a big mafia with a cross chain of silver or diamond and asked me why i beat up his brother and took out a knife or a gun and had others with him wanting to beat me up and he hold wife jumped on him while still naked and i managed to get loose from him,,then i woke up , when i lookked at the time it was around 2.00 at night,,i woke up and went to make wudhu and i pray swalatul istikhara,, and pray to allah,for guidance and went back to sleep.

    on my 2nd round sleep,i dreamt again me and my wife in bed ,,she was naked again but in the dream she was my sister and there was another guy a tall guy white (caucasian) on the bed, when the guy starts to come on top of her,then i realise it was my wife and she is not my sister,,i got so angry and embarassed and asked her why she is doing that,,she replied me why i ask her..and then i woke up,,i checked the time it was 5.30 in the morning, way passed fajr was 4.30,,,i woke up and pray ,,but this dream has been disturbing me all day, please let me know the meaning of this dream before i take wrong steps..

    • Ahmedali permalink

      Asalam aleikum

      i want to add something ,b4 i sneaked into the swimming pool,,i was at the reception and sitting down on a chair i was reciting some duas,,i dont remember which duaá but was praising Allah,, and infront of me was a metal tin and in it was green leaves and was putting in like alud gums i think u know that gives nice smell when smoke come..but it was not charcoal ..later i sneaked in the swimming pool..

      Jazak Allah Kheir

      • salam, i am sorry for the late reply,
        i dnt think this is exactly abt your wife !!
        but someone amongst yr sister or sisters is related with this dream, being naked is not an issue, here your dream means that everything is open to everyone and no one is hiding anything, someone is trying to approach your female relative and very much interested in her.. and all are quite ok with this relation, but its not abt yr wife at all, sometimes allah shows faces of our who are closer to us to show dreams for ppl who are also closer to us, like wife and sister, both are closer,
        if u have anyone like this, maybe yr wife’s sister or yr own sister, than try to find out wats goin on and deal wit it.
        also pray and ask allah to keep yr family safe ..
        duaa is a solution for everything brother.

      • Ahmedali permalink

        shukran,,jazak Allah Kheir ,may Allah reward you with all the goods inshallah..i would like to add one more question into this,,does the white guy(caucassian) represents a white guy or can be any guy..?

      • yeah, can be any guy..

      • Ahmedali permalink

        Asalam aleikum warahmatullah wabarakat,,some few weeks ago,,a girl ,,her dad is a cousin to my mum hanged herself in her room after being away for the whole night outside roaming around or what..i dont know much details as i am away abroad,,but they say she has been sick abit out of her mind,,could this dream that i had before related to this episode? i was very sad to hear her death as she was still a young girl at early 20’s..

      • wat dream?

  138. Yus permalink

    Asalam….. Sis!!!

    My Mom did dream about a relative , who came and said that ” U won’t see me( relative) now and she did see that our home was dirty.

    She wanna know the interpretation of the dream..

    • dirty like what? wat kind of dirt? pls specify

      • YUS permalink

        Asalamalaikum Sister..

        Dirt on Chairs, everywhere..(e.g: Black papers, plastic bags etc..)


      • you are not able to understand the situation you are in , this is meaning of yr dream

  139. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that i was in this shop or restaruant which belonged to some relatives of my mom…and they had a long white table which me, my sisters, my mom and my aunty and her kids were sitting around then all the relatives who owned the shop were on the other side of the counter and were having longg, happy conversations with us…we were all having a good time…the suddenely out of no where a boy appeared who was actually a celebrity (this was a completely different celebrity to the one I saw in my previous dreams) and I immediately went up to him and said..oh were u the one who worked in so on so progamme then he nodded and smiled and his family said yes he’s the one who acted in that serial then i just gave him a tight hug and then he smiled and he went I was suprised to find out that he was my mom’s relative…everyone was normal and they were all still smiling and happy..then everyone began talking again…and then 2 boys who were on the other side of the counter asked us would u like some cookies and then i said ofcourse..yess i was really really happy…and then the two boys came one boy had a black plastic plate in his hand which had one massive cherry cookie on it…i lifted my hands up to get it …the boy didn’t give itto me in my hands as it was too hot…..then i saw myself and everyone eating…then we were having some converation about some tv serial whihc one of there family members acted in and then we got up it was still early in the afternoon and we were leaving the shop and one of my mom’s relative came outside and saying something to me or all of us which i can’t remember….then i woke up..

    please interpretate..
    Jazzakallah khair

    • i think u will get engaged to a new person but you will also be taking care of your household, you all sisters will after yr education..

  140. Fatima Hussien permalink

    Salam!! Thank u brother for doing this. It’s very random how I found this. Ive been trying to find someone to help me no luck tho. For the past few weeks I’ve been having an odd dream and it keeps repeating it’s self. It’s about this black cat chasing me and she won’t leave me alone, and I keep running and running closing doors but the cat just walks right through no hesitation!! I dreamt that ahoy three times and the dreams stopped for about 3 weeks. But last night I had another dream where the same black cat kept scratching me feet and once again I was running away jumping on couches. Please help me I’m getting really creeped out I wake up most nights and can’t go back to bed.

    • salaam, doncha pray at all? you have to get regular in prayers 5 times daily and start reading quran from cover with meanings pls.
      someone is behind you and you will get rid of it with Allah’s help only sister, pray and recite ayat al kursi 3 times , ask allah for protection, read surah al falak and al naas 3 times blow on yr palms and rub on the body of u before sleeping, this is not bidah, but mentioned in sahih hadith, you can find it out as well.

      but nothing can help you unless you do wat i asked u 1stly, prayers and quran!! keep up wit it, inshalah all wil get fine

      • Fatima Hussien permalink

        Thank u thank u thank u I can’t thank u enough inshallah il try harder to not miss a prayer salams take care.May Allah reward u for doing such a good deeds!!!

  141. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that I was in college and for some reason my youngest sister was in my college to…and i was with my tutor who was explaining to us students that each of us will have younger students and we will have to teach them a specific subject..i think my subject was chemistry i was kind of getting nervous…and then my tutor as looking for a student..then i said to my teacher that i knw where she is i will get her…as i stepped out of the room..i saw the tutor had a stopwatch in her hand and she had timed me to find the student and get back into to class then and she clicked onto the stopwatch and i ran and i got to the student and i told her ur late for class hurry up…and then i was running up the stairs really quickly and then i remembered even my younger sister is late…i was shouting at her name and i saw her she was still downstairs then she came running up the staircase and she got to me and there was a crowd of young girls all looking at my younger sister then i pushed her to gtet inside the classroom and we got there and my younger sister sat down…then i woke up

    please interpretate…
    jazzakallah khair

    • you remain worried alot abt everyone and everything, thts why u see most of time such dreams.
      i advise u to pls pray esha and witar before u sleep and while making duaa after prayer, pls praise allah , read durud ( salawat on Prophet SAW) and ask allah to give you peaceful sleep and make your mind relax and free of dreams.
      keep hope and inshallah yr mind will calm,

  142. Fozia permalink

    Asslamu Alikum sister! hope you are doing well inshallah!i am unmarried girl, I seek your help in interpreting my dream…so here it goes-i saw this early morning. It’s a beautiful weather (raining) outside and me and my husband (his image is unclear to me)his mom as well as my family r going in car.
    The surroundings are filled with greenery and beautiful atmosphere(raining). The road is built in a hilly way
    in dream my husband teases me,my dad turns back and sees both of us and i go all shy later on ,i assume the lady is my mother in law… and she want to get the green chilies,she herself tries and my husband tries to get it but fails ,and when i go ,i collect bunch of beautiful green chilies including 2-3 red.

    waiting for ur intreprtation.
    Jazak Allah!

    • walekum salam wr wb sister,
      problems awaiting to gather you among the midst of peaceful life but in the end all will be easier inshallah,
      this is abt your own personal life.

  143. nadia permalink

    Asalaamualaikum sister..
    there are two dreams that are bothering me since a long time..
    the first dream i kept seeing for months together half a year ago..
    it was sumthing like i am standing at a far place n viewing plane crash…at times i saw myself standing on the runway and asking my friend who are with me to stand with me at a distance n telling them that the debris of the plane wont reach us here..and it sure doesnt reach us.! many times i saw two or three planes crash together hitting eachoter n falling rite infront of me but not touching me…n that too i am assured in dreams that those parts of plane wont touch me to where i am standing.

    the second dream is now wht i see nowadays..since 3 i see myself on airport ..n as soon as i come to check in..they announce that i have missed the plane..! i strt crying yelling my want to board times i see myself going on wrong destination n at times i see myself having problems with my luggage weight…i see my family waving me gudbye and then as soon as i see my flight cancelled or something wrong there come bak to them…and finally bid tem gudbye n go off..!

    its jus surprising me for me too see just airport and plane crashes..!please reply

    jazakAllah khair

    • salam, i understand how u feel 🙂
      many ppl see such dreams , so dont worry.
      it simply shows that you keep on reach by different guys and they all fail to get yr attention and sometimes u try for someone and he doesnt stays longer, lol.. this is ok, it is happening becase allah has not made them for you, but since u dream all this, it means there is someone whom u r worth, inshallah all will be well, jst stay away from any relation. right guy will come by himself to seek your hand in marriage from yr parents and all will be ok.. pray regular and make duaa for yrself and dont hurt yr parents and ask them to make duaa for you.

      • nadia permalink

        JazakAllah khairun sister…insha Allah i will never ever hurt my parents.!:)

  144. Arshiya permalink

    wat does seeing a pregnant woman in dreams mean?
    1 of my cousin sister is is it related to it.

  145. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    My dad had a dream that….my mom had some heavy gold bangles which she had left on the window seal and the windows were slightly open …suddenely my dad saw a person outside who had a clothes hanger in his hand and he put the hanger inside our house and managed to hook the gold bangles on the hanger and pulled in outside…and stole the gold bangles….then my dad woke up

    please interpretate this dream…
    jazzakallah khair

    • yeah so ur dad and sis had similar dreams, now i understand it,
      look, there is a person with bad intentions to grab one of yr sisters thru marriage…
      now you all have to be careful, try to see which of you sisters is indulged in talking with any guy.. and try to know abt the person and more over, pray to allah to protect you all sisters from the bad ones. pray in sujud. recite ayat al kursi 3 times and seek allah’s protection from such people


  146. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    my sister has a dream…
    that me and her were outside…and she was talking to me and laughing very loudly..
    and suddenely a famous celebrity and his wife and son were there too…then the celeb noticed my sister and asked his son do u like this girl?? then the son replied yeh..shes ok…..then the celebrity came up to her and said would u like to marry my son….and she was very happy and replied Yeahh!! very excitedily….then she woke up

    please interpretate this dream sister…
    jazzakallah khair

    • i dont knw who is coming up, this is 1st time since u and yr sister have recorded dreams..
      but whoever is showing up in yr lives, may be a proposal will be brought by friends of family. who how ever are not right.
      that could be for your sisters, but i am not sure for whom you are seeing this dream..
      be very careful.

  147. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    Here are two dreams I had….

    DREAM 1:

    I had a dream that i was in my house and it was very…dark and different and i was lying on a sofa and a friend frm my college was at my house watching tv and then suddenely i had this asthma attack and i was feeling uneasy and then i could hear my parents arguing or talking and i couldn’t breath properly and then my friend brought my inhalers and i took my medication and i immediately recovered and felt better….and then i woke up

    DREAM 2:

    I had a dream that i and the boy i used to like were in hospital looking for a toilet all the toilets were transparent and were being used by lots of girls…then me and the boy went to this bed and he laid down and there was a girl there… I covered her view i think by drawing the curtains and he was looking at something and i went closer to his faced and kissed him on his cheek…then i woke up

    Wot does this mean sister?…does it mean that i will begin doing such haram, sinful acts…i’m really worried…please reply


    • no, u wont do any haram inshallah, this means that you will get some work after school and than you will get married.


  148. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    this is my cousin’s dream..
    There was a boy called faiz who proposed to her for marriage like 2 yrs ago but both her parents and family rejected him…and now shes getting these dreams about him…

    DREAM 1: I had a dream that a boy i like called faiz called me and he said he wanted to meet me on Saturday or Sunday.. then me and my family went to my nani’s house and suddenely i found out that my whole family was flying abroad going to india excep for me and my 2 brothers…all this took place during the flight day…as nani was in the bathroom we planned as soon as she comes out we will travel to the airport..then suddenly my dad said to me get ready its ur engagement day today…then my dad turned to my aunty and said get her dressed and make her hair…my mom was doing my makeup …then i asked my mom what’s his name?? My mom didn’t answer me at all…then i asked my aunty how old id he…then she answered he is 30 yrs old then i said ohh noo he is soo old …then my aunty said me and my husband have 10 yrs difference then we both clapped each others hands…and then i began thinking i want to meet the boy but i had a engagement ceremony coming up and then i turned to my mom and said mom…then i woke up

    DREAM 2:

    Me and the boy met eachother and ate outside …then on my birthday he invited me to eat out again then I went with him with my parents’ permission and he took me to this big hotel…then after eating…we went to another hotel and he booked a room in that…and then I saw a very small beautiful girl who was throwing lots of flowers on me and then i entered the room…we were both sitting on a table alone and there was lots of romantic music playing in the background…and then he gave me an drink and then he gave me a flower and he asked me if i can dance with him and i agreed and i began dancing with him and suddenly i fell down….then i saw myself in a room in his house …and i tried to get up and i got up….and i looked around the room it was full of lit candles…then i suddenly saw myself in a bed and both my hands and feet were tied up and then i suddenly noticed that I had no clothes on and I was just covered with a white cloth andd then I saw he was naked in front of me.and then he said i want to rape u and then i began pleading and I said no..i love u soo much…how can u do this to mee…..then he said yes i can u do this to you…i had always loved you…but everytime i see ur parents and ur family they have always been rude too me and have neva said salaam to me….now i will rape u and i will take revenge…i began screaming…then I went to back to my parents and i was crying and my my mom asked mee what happened then he called at my house and he said to my dad i raped ur daughter and now even if u want me to marry her…i will not marry her…i was constantly crying and crying…then i woke up

    please interpretate…


  149. humna faisal permalink

    asalamoelaikum in dream i saw a death of somebody and i saw that on the ocassion of death the old woman gave alot meat to me. that old women was related to that dead person the meat was on the grave of that person.
    so please interpreted my dream

    • salam, sister, this means that someone among the relative will leave inheritance for their heirs..

  150. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a very mixed up dream…firstly i saw i was in my bedrrom…on my bed with a laptop reading an email and it was in hini but written in english and it was frm the boy i used to like…and it said…that I have deleted the facebook account and i deleted not because of u have deleted ur facebook account and i don’t love (i can’t remeber anything which was written) but i saw it was a very long paragraph…i stopped reading it as i was very tired …then i looked at the screen again…….

    …then i suddenely saw myself in college…and it was a assembly so i was sitting in the hall on my chair and i saw I was surrounded by all lots of boys sitting next to me and around me…whom i knw as we used to go to the same primary school…..and they were all talking to eachother…

    ….then i suddenely saw i was in a room and i was searching for a room to sit but all the rooms were full of women i think applying henna on their hands and do then i went inside a large was bright and the wall was pastel green colour and i stood infront of a mirror and saw a clear reflection of myself..i had my black hijab on and i was wearing a brown outdoor coat…and then my sisters came in the bathroom too…and the door was left open and one sister had a henna cone in her hand and she placed a stool beside me and the other was standing and we were just about to settle down for my sister to apply henna on my hands someone (i think my mom or my next door neighbour) said don’t go there the bathroom has insects/ ants there…and then i was still seeing my reflection….and then i woke up

    please interpretate….
    jazzakallah khair

    • Tamanna permalink

      The bathroom was very clean as the floorings and tiles were all white and shiny and had no dirt in it at all…but still someone told us that theres insects/ants there…
      jazzakallah khair

    • salam, just pray for yourself and yr family my sister, inshallah all is well ..

  151. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister,
    I had a dream that all the children in my family were sitting outside my house…my close cousin and the boy i used to like were sitting on a railing near a bin….and i was sitting far way frm them i think i was trying to ignore then…i was sitting right opposite my front door….eating breakfast..and i was still in my pyjamas with no hijab on….i was running slightly late for college and i wasn’t ready at all…then i went on my laptop and saw that the boy chating to my cousin was back on facebook..and there was a picture of 2 ol married people the man was laying down on his stomach in bed smiling and the his wife was on top of him…they both seemed happy in the pictue then i suddenely saw a video playing of the woman and my nanni smiling and talking joking around …..and then i saw a picture of the two old married couple again but this time the boy was inbetween them and had both his arms on there shoulders i kind off guessed these old ppl might be one of our relatives who i don’t knw about…then i think i came outside still in my pyjamas and i saw my sister was ready for school and it suddenely went all dark and it was the night time…there was a massive carnival near my house soo man people were dressed up dancing singing…fireworks it was a very exciting ambiance and my cousin and the boy were still sitting there but now there were all dressed up in shiny costumes…..then my sister was going to school went inside a red car and suddenly a everything looked massive compared to my sister and the car she was in an then i was telling my sister don’t go anywhere…come back…i was guiding her to take a reverse…i was explining and suddenely saw lots of broken glass on the floor ….then a massive bus was coming just about to crush her then my mom came ouut and began shouting someone save my daughter…then i saw i jumped on the road with bare feet and picked up the red car in my palm and I immediately sat down on the railing as i was in lots of pain… i had saved my sister and then she went inside …i was in aot of pain as i trod on the broken glass and i had shut my eyes tightly and i saw the boy i used to like came and took the glass out of my foot and told my mom she trod on the glass..he had the broken glass piece
    on his palm showing it too me and my mom said open ur eyes can u see…i opeed my eyes slightly and then i shut my eyes again and i said yeh..i can see…..

    ….then suddenely i saw myself in someone elses house..sitting on a sofa this time i had my hijab on and there was man i think an old man wearng black sitting next to me whose face i couldn’t see properly…but opposite me, on another sofa my dad, uncle and his son were there all talking about some boy who is always ill and saying he might die soon as he’s always ill and i can’t remember wot my uncles son said but all i knw he was make fun of the boy who was ill and then they were all laughing….then i woke up

    please interpretate this dream…
    jazzakallah khair

    • problems in way but will vanish thru efforts inshallah,
      you people in your home normally have similar dreams showing a major pro to come but inshallah everything will be good. keep praying sister, allah will send his help inshallah

      P.S : when you write , pls press enter after u write .(…..) these dots ! and start new line.
      i becomes difficult to read yr messages and hard to understand, my eyes nearly gives water and pain much sister 😦 but i didnt know how to explain to you 😦
      i hope you will take care of your writing style my sister.

      • Tamanna permalink

        Salaam sister…
        thankyouu soo much for the repliess…
        ohhi really didn;t knw my writing style is difficult for u to very sorry…its no problem i will change my writing style…:)

      • walekum salam wr wb 🙂 jazakallah khairan sister

  152. saadia permalink

    assalamo alaikum dear. i dreamt that i was giving english paper and i was hurriedly doing and i was not understanding what to write.i was not even able to write the word’s meaning. the time was over and i hardly manage to finish it. when i reviewed it i saw some questions were answered, Actually i didnot answer them so i thought that it was ALLAH’s help. ( actually u know that iam not of this field, and i appeared many years ago in intermediate english paper)
    then i don’t remember the whole dream, i saw that my male cousin was in our home and he was serving custard trifle to my mom, and he actually put all jelly and good stuff of custard into my mom’s bowl.

  153. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream today that I was on sitting on a bus coming frm school early in the morning knowing that i will have to go back again and so before returning to school i wanted to buy some snacks…
    then i got of at a bus stop and went to this food store…
    and i was going around and i saw the line was quite long and so i joined the line and i quickily grabbed a packet of crisp and everything in the store seemed really cheap in price and so i think i got some biscuits…
    and then in the line were also my 3 friends who were infront of me and then one friend said to the others ohh tamanna’s here too…
    then i began i opened my bag and i was trying to take my wallet out but i couldn’t so the packet of crisp slipped inside my bag…
    then i saw my friend was looking at me that without paying i had put the crisp in my bag then i quickily took the crisp out……then i woke up

    I had another dream that it was early in the morning and my sister was getting out of bed and telling me i’m going to eat breakfast…and i was waking up slowly too and i said yess i’m hungry..i’m going to have breaakfast too…then i woke up

    please interpretate this dream….
    jazzakallah khair:)

  154. aisha permalink

    i want to ask the meaning of my dream here it is
    i ssaw my friend he comes to my house n talking to me so all of sudden sombody knocks on the door so i go to open when i open i see my grand mom n aunty coming i get shocked seeing them n thinks thy will come to knw abt mine friend too n also thinks thy were in pakistan n how come thy come here when thy dont have visa…so then my grand mothers give me cake of white colour so evrybody was keep on saying we will cut but i say u guys r just wasting time n not letting any1 eat or cut so i cut the cake myslef n eats my slef only wts this mean plz tell me

  155. Aish permalink

    Assalamualaikum sister,
    Jazak Allah khair for replying to my previous post. I am doing much better now and have moved on. I had a dream after praying 2 rakat tahhajud. Im not sure how it started but the timing in the entire dream was at night. In my dream i am standing out on the balcony of my apartment, which is on the 2nd floor ( in real life i live in a 2 story house). I am dressed up for an event and it seems to be a wedding because my mom tells me to go to an aunty’s house to pick up some stuff. While standing on the balcony I’m talking and laughing with everyone. My mom repeatedly tells me to go the aunty’s house and other people are telling me what to do and i think to myself “why do i have to do everything?” But I happily listen to my mom, ask for directions and realize its far and may get lost so i ask if anyone wants to come with me from amongst those that are there. I immediately get this feeling that there are two men in my presence : one gives off a brotherly feeling but i know he has stronger feelings for me. The other, i know he likes me and i feel shy when i look at him. The first man does something for me and to thank him i gave him a hug which created an awkwardness. I asked if he could come with me to the auntys house and he said no. As soon as he said no the other man came and said he would escort me. I felt a little uncomfortable but thought that we had a lot of work to finish before the party so i went with him. We approached the auntys house and used a hidden staircase in her house to get to her. Initially I knew the way in the auntys house because I had a feeling I was there before i was showing him another way which was through a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom but he found the hidden staircase and said that route was much shorter and quicker. I was scared to go his route but he reassured me that he’ll be with me every step of the way. Then I screamed because i saw a white rat sitting on its hind legs gnawing some food. The man i was with rushed down to scare the rat away but instead the rat ran over to me and attacked me. It bit my right foot and i tried to fling it off but it held on. Then it turned into my sister-in-law’s white pet parrot which attacked me too. I somehow got it off and we turned around to go back home. As I am climbing up the stairs to my apartment, I turn around to see where did that gentleman go and see him in the far distance climbing the stairs to his apartment. I look up at my balcony and see my other friend waiting for me, the one who is brotherly but i know he has strong feelings for me. He has a huge smile on his face and surprisingly looks like the gentleman i told you about in my previous post. Im not too happy to see him and instead keep looking back at the other gentleman’s apartment to see if i can see him and i see that he is looking at me from his balcony behind some trees. I
    I feel happy that he’s looking at me from afar and so I rush inside to help get things ready for the party. As i put on my shoes, I see my sis-in-law and she’s upset for some reason and starts cursing saying the “f” word. I tell her that “you should not be cursing and that would have a negative affect on the baby”. She rolls her eyes and mumbles something. All of a sudden, everyone is yelling that “we’re late let’s go!” But as we walk over to the party hall, it is too crowded and the line to get inside is too long. So my younger brother says to “wait in the apartment and that if we leave now we’ll just be standing outside and that won’t look right”. I think to myself “why did we take so long to get ready it’s already midnight and everybody was waiting for us.” I look at my cell to see if i have any missed calls or messages and the messages stated that “everyone got restless waiting so we went ahead and served the food.” I forgot to mention that before we left my apartment my father did come and he was dressed up and unusually happy (as I said before we’re not in talking terms for almost a year) and it made me happy to see him happy.
    Recently I have been concerned about why am I not getting married as I have met with many potential suitors, yet nothing has moved further. Because of this I have a fear of being affected by someone’s evil eye or ill intentions. Can you tell me what my dream means and how do you know?
    Again so sorry for writing so much but I didn’t want to leave out any details. Jazak. Allah khair. May Allah set bless you with good health nd the support of loved ones. Ameen.

    • Salam sis, pls mercy at me, take care of putting spaces and make more paragraphs while writing big dreams 😦
      it really pains me while reading congested texts 😦
      however i read yr dreams and i havent seen any sign which could mean anything right now.

      but to answer yr questions , i will say that

      ————are like apples
      ——–on trees. The best ones
      ——are at the top of the tree
      —-The boys dont want to reach
      —for the good ones because they
      -are afraid of falling and getting hurt.
      Instead, they just get the rotten apples
      -from the ground that aren’t as good,
      but easy. So the apples at the top think
      -something is wrong with them, when in
      –reality, they’re amazing. They just
      —have to wait for the right boy to
      —– come along, the one who’s
      ———– brave enough to
      —————–climb all
      —————– the way
      —————–to the top
      —————-of the tree…

      pray to allah to giv u a best person who is yr compatible and dnt bother when someone leaves u, later u will know that what allah has given you is the one made for you. sister keep making duaa and there are many many girls above age of 30 who are still pious muslimah and waiting for marriage instead of adultery like in west.

      barak allahu feek

      • Aish permalink

        Jazak Allah khair! 🙂 that poem is beautiful! I apologize for making the text too congested. Also I have a request. Could u plz delete both of my posts as it contains personal thoughts and feelings. I would GREATLY appreciate it.

        Thanks sooo much!
        Salaam: )

      • 1st i find yr dreams, thn i del them and than i find my replies and del them… it takes a lot of time sister and i hardly have tht much , this suffers others who are waiting for their replies sister, everyone here has shared their most private dreams and so do u, you all are equal to me and simple thing is that u choose a nick so tht no one recognize u….

  156. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    This dream and is very long
    This is my sister’s dream:

    I and a girl were fighting in a school playground, she was threatening me and I had a phone i my hand and she wanted to take the phone of me, then i started laughing at her and swearing at her, then she pointed a knife and then she took a gun out, then i sad to her teachers are around here u can’t do anything to me, then suddenely i turned around and no one was there, the whole playground was empty, then the girl pushed me onto a wooden table and i fell on my back and she came towards me and pointed the knife at me right near my neck and then she said even if i kill u here no one will find out, then a teacher came out of his room and he was coming too save me but some other teacher came and said something to him and then he saw me and he went away acting as if he didn’t see anything, then my friend came and tried to help me then another teacher came and took my friend away frm me, at that time the gun fell on the floor and the girl did not notice, then i pushed her on the floor and she began looking for her gun and her knife slipped out of her hands, then i picked up the knife then my friend came back and she held the girls arms behind her back and then i shot the girl with gun and he girl fained and me and my frind were returning to our lessons and then the girl stood up ran towards me and grabbed my neck and then she said what did u say??? you are going to kill me??? then i forcifully elbowed the girl and then i stabbed her more then ten times and then she died….

    then on the same day of the incident it was the night time arouund 10.15pm and me and my sisters were sitting down in our bed and my dad was watching the news on tv and it had claimed that the time of judgement is coming within 2 hrs, then suddenely tamanna started to say ya allah, save me, every sin I did please forgive and tamanna ran to a prayer mat and began praying and then my other sister began saying dua’s to allah saying please forgive me and then she ran and said let me memorize the quran and she opened the quran and closed it and began telling me…sister do u knw in 2 hrs all the writing in the quran will disappear i advise u too read the qurantoo and then she began reading the quran and then i said to loudly what the fuck is this nonsense, first they claim we will die iin 2012 and yet after7 yrs we are still alive and then i laid dwn in bed starting hearing music which was loud and then tamanna stood up frm the prayer mat and said ya allah whatever happens send hidaaya to this sister……

    then suddenely my bedroom wall began cracking and water and fire was falling on us and from the ground lots of fire exploding and our whole bed was burning and my sister still had the quran in her hand and the words began vanishing and she tried to remeber wot she had read but she had completely forgotten everything and she looked confused….

    then i saw i was in a line with soo many humans waiting for their judgement, and i saw so many animals like elephants and creatures passing but no one were noticing them and i began begging people to give me some of their rewards, i said to so many people please can i have some of ur ewards and everyone said sorry,no
    then i saw there was a boy infront of me who was 5yrs old and he did not have to face any judgement and immediately was sent to paradise, then it was my turn and i saw lots of noor of allah and also saw the fire of the shaitan and next to the noor of allah i saw an angel, and i saw man who i knew was prophet muhammad (saw), and then shaitan said to me you made alot of rewards towards me and he started laughing and i began feeling a force pulling me towards the fire and i began shivering, and then i was like a inch away frm the fire then i spoke the words laillaha illallah…muhammadun rasool allah and then the forced stopped and then the prophet was asking allah and said please give this girl another chance and the i began to beg ya allah please give me another chance, then the angel said this girl is good she is able to sort herself out, and then our prophet began saying rather then giving this girl a punishment give me her punishment and please give her one more chance, then allah said because your saying it i will give this girl one more chance and then the shaitan began crying……

    Then i was back on earth and everything was back to normal. On the very same day tamanna was cooking food which took her a very long time and then i just entered the kitchen where tamanna was and all the food fell on the floor and then tamanna turned around and began hitting me and then i just said i’m sorry sister i didn’t mean to do this and i just went inside and i saw my other sister was doing her college wrk and i offered her help and for the first time in my life i smiled at my younger sister and then i went to my mom and she was talking to my aunty and then I said mom would u like some help and my mom repied can’t u see i’m busy here just go away and then the next day i was sitting dwn in school and i was eating very quietly and all my fiends were laughing having fun and i was very quite. After eating food i began reading the quran…..

    then i came bck at home i got changed and immediately began praying namaz and then for the rest of the whole day i would just prayer namaz and quran…this contiued for a whole month…
    after a month..
    my sister tamanna was already married and it was now my turn to get married and i had my nikah done…
    then after the nikah i saw i was entering my husbands house and before entering the house i said this dua then i entered the house and i prayed ya allah make my life successful in this house and then althroughout my married life i was constantly praying namaz and quran and then i eventually became a good muslim proffessor….
    who taught about islam and i also had a famous show of my own in which i preached islam to many many people, i eventually became very famous and i also taught many non-believer and i managed to bring many people to islam…
    then after 2 yrs i was sleeping and i woke up and i was saw myself next to the noor of allah, our prophet and the same angel…
    then allah showed me a flash back of both my live when i was a bad and the one when i became good…
    then the prophet said to allah didn’t i telll u this girl will sort herself out and she has now gone to the right path and then i saw i was the last person to be on earth then allah said to me all these yrs when i sent u bck to earth u were not with ur family u were wih my angels
    then allah said i am very proud of u, then allah sent me to paradise…..

    then i saw myself walking on clouds and i sawso many angels passing by and saying salaam too me then i saw this lady who was my nanni and she was surrounded by many fruits and she was eating them and then i noticed my great great nanni floating in a river of orange juice and then opposite that river i saw a huge red waterfall and then i saw my dad sitting on a throne and some angels were massaging him and then i so my grandad talking to some angels then i saw my little sister sitting down and i think she was eating something and then i saw tamanna who was sitting on a cloud she was doing something with a little girl and a lady who i knew was Bibi Mariam (the mother of prophet isa) and then all the angels were handing out red drinks in a gold container…
    i also saw my mom by this long thing and my mom was standing up wiht her hands wide apart and one by one fruits were falling in her hands and my mom was eating it and then i saw every single human sitting down in a massive gathering talking to eahother and lauging and havingg a good time and then i said the reason why when we were on earth every muslim wud say that all us muslim are all brothers and sister as now in paradise we are all living as one big happy family….
    we spent many many many lives centuries in paradise
    and then i woke up

    paradise was a beautiful…it was a peaceful envoironment…everything was white…full of bright beautiful colours and i noticed a tree which everyone were eating off…i also noticed three babies who were talking to eachother..

    Please interpretate this dream sister…
    I very sorry this dream is a very very long dream
    please interpretate….
    jazzakallah khair:)



  157. YUS permalink

    Asalam alaikum sister, I had 2 dreams: 1st dream was about a monkey man with long tail as ( “Hindu god” ) , Actually it was on a mango tree on which branches were shaking slowly(next to my house), well i didn’t remember if there were fruits or not , but it keeps on watching me in front my window.

    :2nd dream was about a moslim soldier (Jihaadi) with a white horse well equiped: Sword,armor and Lances. Coming from the sky towards my door. In his hands, there was a paper, on which he opened and read to me or was telling me somthing, afterthat he returnd to the sky.

    Wanna know the interpretation of these dreams…

    • salam, you have to recite ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa to allah to save u from the shaitan keeping u in target and inshallah u will get allah;s help as in face of this mujahid from sky, actually whn we recite ayat al kursi 1 time, allah sends 1 angel , whn we recite 2 times, allah snds 2 angels and allah says whoever recites 3 times than i protect the person myself.

      this is meaning .. may allah protects u and guides u, keep up wit prayers and quran’s understanding, salaam

  158. MNR permalink


    I saw two dreams recently-

    I go to my cuzins place,there is some occasion(Get-togther)-and one of my cuzin sis is applyin henna on hand and wen i look at it ,i dislike da hena design n her hand.(i c more in this dream but cannot recollect it properly)

    Similarly in the second dream-

    there is some party held by my dad (all my relatives are there)and im getting henna done on my hands but its not pleasing to me.

    In both the dreams the location is very differnt and i have never seen before and i c 2 of my cuzin sisters looking at me in a sad and disappointed manner.

    • a proposal wil get fixed and break , will not turn into marriage and allah does best for his servants, be thankful to him in all situations, salam

  159. Bilal permalink

    I had a dream that i saw a lion and a man they were kind of wrestling/fighting but the man was wining. what does this mean?

    other dreams i have been having is about moulvis/hafiz that i know that go to my local mosque. one hafiz that i am close to his family. the other dream i had about the moulana was the was a long que of poeple waiting in a line then i cam and gave a letter and had some money written on it, then i said to hime o.k and then i called mum over the phone….that was it. what does this mean?

    in real life my house nearly got burgled first time a month ago since living at my house for 17-19 years. so my mum gave some money to give to the local mosque and for them to pray for us that nothing bad happens in future.

  160. saadia permalink

    assalamo alaikum sis, yesterday i dreamt of two kids ,one about two yrs old and the other about four yrs. and in dream they were of some of my relative. these both had diarrhoea, and their shorts were full of loose stools, and they both were very mature, in a sense, that the younger who was of two yrs, was saying to elder that i will wash your shorts…
    and in the same dream , my younger female cousin was getting engaged who is about nineteen yrs, and my uncle’s family is in our house , and there were sweets in plate, all brown coloured, gulab jamun, and a piece of sohan halwa, but the plate was not full, only few pieces of sweets were in plate. and to celebrate they cut the piece of sohan halwa. i took a bit of sohn halwa…
    my aunt was saying that they will not give dowry to their daughter.

    • saadia permalink

      and the piece of sohan halwa was in one separate plate, and the gulab jamuns in the other.

    • ok, someone is making a lot of money and there will be happiness on the way, no need to give dowry.

      • saadia permalink

        w.salam dear. happiness on my way or my cousin’s way?

      • whoever dreamt it…

      • saadia permalink

        w.salam. may ALLAH ta’ala help me.amen.sumamen.

      • BINT E HAWWA permalink


  161. Marwa permalink

    Salam wa alikom brother, allahrahmu my father pasted away nearly 3 years ago and awhile back i dreamt my father was wearing a ablck suit i think and he was at an end of a road i think, also i had other dreams that my father and my sisters where in a room with my dad allarahmu watching tv dont think that meant anything thou, never have i had a dream of him since only ones that he is still alive and i would wake up thinking he was alive but remeber he was not. My oldest sister had a dream where he spoke to her and said allah raadah which means i think god protect yuo dont know how to translate it but basically a sihn of love gratatude he said this to my sister and she said what about hasna or he mentioned her sorry i forgot details and saidallah radah her too, he did not mention me or my sister Mehdia, orhis younger daughters are step sisters. Thank you peace and salam

    • salam, give charity on behalf of yr dad and pray for his maghfirah as mention in sahih hadith..

  162. aaliyah permalink

    salaam please help me with this dreams.
    i keep having dreams that my top tooth keeps aching
    me and eventually in the dream i crunch the teeth together
    and my tooth falls out bleeding.
    jazak allah

  163. Salam sister
    for the last couple of days i have prayed Allah to keep me away from a person, i knw he is bad for me so ive been praying on it,
    today i had a dream,
    that i was in a meeting with my 2 sisters and this guy comes in to the room and sits down opposite to my youngest sister and asks her if she lost a memoery card, she said yes!! how did u knw that??
    and he says i girl found it at a party and gave it to me, in real life they dont knw eachtoher but in the dream it seems like they did,
    and when he gave her the memory card back he also gave her a kiss on the cheek, i laughed so i wouldn look jelouse, and then he come and sat next to me but he looked so cover up like those saudi men dresscode but in brown he said just looked at me and lauged and i woke up..

    could this be the answer to my prayers? or maybe my mind is just playin tricks on me?


    • the guy i dreamed about was the same person i hade prayed about aswell foegot to say that

      • ok i got u and i recognized u 🙂
        this dream is not abt tht same guy whom u wana stand away, but another guy who is good in eeman and he will be kind to yr family as well. kissing doesnt mean bad intention in dream, it shows affection and respect etc..

        keep praying for the right person, inshallah he wil be there , ameen

      • hahaha 🙂 ok thx sis i will inshallah!

        thank u salam

  164. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that i was in an assembly hall..
    it was pretty dark and we all students were waiting and suddenely a friend of mine (who i haven;t spoken to for a very long time) stood up and got near a mike stand a got out 2 sheets of paper..
    and she gave one to me..i think she knew each sheet had a students name on it and had a task on it for each of us to do…
    i looked at my sheeet…
    it said the task and at the bottom there was a note frm a teacher saying she wants to meet me as i was late in school today…
    then a lady came to the mike and announcd something whihc i don’t remeber..

    then i was given another sheet with a different task on it and this time there was no extra note…
    then i saw my friend was making a beautiful white cakes…
    seemed like wedding cakes and i asked her what do i have to do…
    as i had two sheets witth 2 different tasks on it…then my friend explainned to me that there will be rows of students on the stage and i will have to walk around them…
    i just knew it was a importnt role and i think i had to say a speech or dance or do something while going around the students…

    then i saw myself crossing a road with small girls and a few ladies and then i saw the teacher who i was suppose to meet as i had been late for school…
    she was there and she called me and we both entered the school hall together and i entered and i looked around and at the enterance of the door i saw a long line of white cakes and a few small girls making more of them cakes …
    and then i woke up…..

    please interpretate this dream…
    jazzakallah khairan sister

  165. kHADDY permalink


  166. Naeema permalink

    Salaams sister
    Message sent yesterday , just needed to tick off the notification comments hereunder looking forward to your reply to my dream , it really disturbed me as our marriage is under strain at the moment .

  167. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that i was walking alone across a land full of green bushes which had thorns all over them ….
    and i saw my jeans were rolled up and i could see my legs and my skin seemed very soft…
    and i was one by one, slowly crossing the bushes but i was very scared that i might get hurt by the thorns but I managed to cross the bushes and i didn’t get hurt ….
    then i saw myself in my old school and i saw a teacher there…
    then i woke up

    please interpretate …
    jazzakallah khair

  168. *Fathima* permalink

    Assalamualaikkum Sister,
    i had a dream in which i saw a stream flowing from a hilly area and beside the steam there are full of rubber trees and on these rubber trees there are grape wines and full of grapes every where. i saw my mother and my child also with me. thn i was wondering whr this stream ends and i walked down to sea a big river and the water frm this stream was flowing into this river.
    after that i saw (in another dream or the same dream- i dont know.) i delivered a baby girl and i was looking into the baby’s eye to c its colour(i have 2 kids – a boy and a girl and my daughters eyes r Mashaallah very beautiful ) so i was looking weather this baby has got eyes like that. but it was having some different colour and i found that it was due to the reflection frm a mirror near by. (v r looking forward 2 have our third baby)
    pls interpret
    and wud u mind if i ask u ur email id to send my dreams directly to u with out posting it over here…
    thank you
    Jazakallal khair

    • salam sister, no i cant manage wit my emails, its ok if u post here, u dnt hv to write yr real name to keep yr privacy, just take a fake name and write yr dream and get its reply.
      Allah will grant your wishes inshallah, this is meaning of yr dream

      • *F* permalink

        Sorry 2 bother u
        its ok …..i will post my dreams here
        thank you so much for ur help.
        Jazakallah Khair

  169. salam sister
    anothr dream=)
    i saw my mothers friend in my dream, she invited us for dinner and to celibrate her new born daughter. When we arrived to the dinner party the womans 16 year old daughter walked up to me and said; whos baby do u really think it is mine or my mothers. and walked away, then i realised that that 16 years old girl is the one who had a baby, and the parents where trying to cover it up by saying they had another baby. i was choked and looked over my shoulder just thinking this is crazy and then i saw my son who was about 2 years old playing in there living room,

    (i am not married and dont have kids)


    • salam, new ppl u will face … but i dont knw how and why??
      wait and u will knw wats happeneing around you inshallah

      • hmm.. is it because the dream is not clear?

      • no its not abt being clear, its clear but i dnt knw wats going on around you , the ppl u meet etc.. u rememebr u saw the dream abt some boy asking u to come into yr car while u were waiting for yr female frnd.. so this time i really dont knw who will show up, this is why i said that i dnt knw wat will happen..

      • mashallah u really have a good memory! i dont even remember that one! haha but never mind kheer inshallah! thank u for ur time sister barakallh fiki

  170. Naeema permalink

    Asalaam-u-alaikum , my apologies this is my first time sending through a message through this medium , I had a dream a few nights ago where I was alone in a large open field of tall brown grass , there was no one in sight and suddenly my throat was slit , my 10 yr old daughter appeared out of nowhere and held onto my throat as if trying to stop the bleeding , I spoke calmly to her telling her to be good as I was not going to be around and I made salaam to her , over her shoulder I could see her father , my husband ,who stood watching completely unmoved with his arms crossed and made no attempt to assist or talk . My alarm then woke me up and I have felt very uneasy since , please let me know what this means

    • ok, i saw this dream and replied on the other site where u wrote bt i wasnt of tht dream was written was u though the name was same, this is why i asked u to write here, anyhow, my reply is same
      sister its nt in real abt yr husband and daughter, actually in times of troubles and tests from allah, some ppl closer in yr relatives will help you and some will not, thts the meaning.. greatest help is from allah alone so make duaa and keep up wit prayers

  171. Help me permalink

    Could you please explain this dream to me sister?
    Ive had this dream over three times since June2010.
    In each dream there is at least one wolf. And the wolf always attacks me and my family. We some how escape each time, or I end up getting Bite by the wolf and I wake up. And when I wake up I feel like there’s a presence in the room with me.

    • salam, there is an open enemy constantly behind you guys in family, be good in prayers and recitation of Quran and read ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa wt allah to protect u all from tht person

  172. saf permalink

    i had a dream few days b4. many kids were playing and one man came and caught one boy(my friends son) among them and he is telling that this boy should not let his eyes become dry (something like that) because he is the to become a Hafizul Quran. thn iam telling this man 2 take my son also and iam looking 4 my son around.
    then i saw a classroom full of small girls and a female teacher teaching thm. again iam looking for my son but thn i saw a big boy -resembling the son of an aalim i know-sitting on a rock and pointing a lion -a very stong and powerful and beautiful lion-little away from where he is sitting and telling that he wish 2 b like that.

    FYI: v r planning to send our son to learn Quran
    is this dream something related 2 that?
    pls interpret
    Jazakallah Khair

    • ws wr wb, yeah u can send yr son to hifz Quran, but the dream is abt another thing, someone is waiting and is an enemy sister, so you hv to be careful, its from yr close family. ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa to allah inshallah allah will ease yr path, ameen

      • Saf permalink

        Thank you so much 4 ur help sister.
        May Allah reward u 4 all ur efforts u put here 2 help people.
        i always know that i have some enemies because i often c snakes in my dreams. but in my real life i cud not find out who my enemy is….
        iam living abroad with my husband and kids and when ever v plan 2 go back 2 our country 4 vacation i see snake in my dream…
        this has happend 2 me for last 3 0r 4 yrs…
        i pray Allah 2 protect us frm enemies and evil eyes..
        pls include us also in ur prayers…

      • i myself need prayers sister, i am no big thing to pray for anyone,
        just that allah guides us and protects us all from his anger, ameen

        snake is not jst an enemy but a friend in reality who by nature is jealoused and is envious for you.
        u will never knw if he is yr enemy, he wil appear honest and loyal wit u but his heart is evil

  173. MNR permalink

    Thanku for the prvs dream interpretation.
    looking fwd for another dream meaning as follows:
    i saw some functin in some house,and my grandmom is der(its been 2 yrs she expired)…wen i enter da house i run to hug her and shes smiling at me…and i notice shes wearing gold tops..i m like how come u r wearing this (bcz she use to always wear diamonds) so thn i dont rember exatly bt i think i kissed her forhead. and i get up. 😀

    i also want to know the interpretation of seeing clouds in dream.


    • ws wr wb, some close relative may give you blessings and pray for you inshallah

      dreams show that what you are looking for is not there for you..

    • ws wr wb, some close relative may give you blessings and pray for you inshallah

      clouds show that what you are looking for is not there for you..

  174. Moeen ud din Ahmad permalink

    I need to know interpretation of a dream i recently had
    ” I felt like one of the teeth (right one I think) in my upper jaw is loose and when i touch it it fells down but i can feel its roots still in the jaw”

    • which ever teeth, it is, it means that someone closer to u is problematic to you and will depart away from you..

  175. anisha permalink

    Asalam, i posted my dream somewhere else and is posting it here again.Actually last thursday i had a dream and i cannot remember the whole dream but some parts of it sticked to my mind and these parts are bothering me. I love a guy and after much duah that i made for Allah to guide me to the right path, i dreamed. In my dream i was in a place where there was no building at all. I was on the left hand side of the road when i saw the guy i love in a car. As soon as i saw him i crossed the road i came to the right hand side where my mother was. In the dream i told my my mother ‘mother look at the guy’ and my mother smiled. MY mother had a white and green dress. Concerning the guy he was in a black or blue car shining colour normally he does not wear spectacles and is always well shaved. However, int he dream he had spectacled and has bear about 0.5-1cm long. I dont remember well if he had a white shirt but i remember when i woke up i told to myself :’he had a white shirt means i will succeed’. Kindly email me on THnaks in advance.

    • ws wr wb sister, dnt write yr email id in comments pls, thts for yr security, i see yr email id automatically whn u make a comment it asks yr id in the field..

      this abt another guy gona come in yr life , a pious one and good one as shown by his beard and white shirt, inshallah, and your family and you would like him much ..

      • anisha permalink

        Asalamualaikum, thanks loads for your reply. I just want to confirm somehting with you, in the reply you put ‘ANOTHER GUY GONA COME….’ does it mean that this guy will go and another will come? Really sorry for bothering you again.

      • just another will come, dnt knw if present one will go or not,..
        can be any relative as well dear, not always ………… u knw wat i mean 🙂

      • anisha permalink

        Thanks for the reply. Yes i know what you mean. I am waiting for him to come 😀

  176. Bilal permalink

    I saw dream today, there was a small snake looked like a king cobra it had black, red and white stripes. this snake was in upstaires in my brothers room it came from under the floorbaords and it was coming at us but didnt bite so me and my brother stepped on its head and it died. what does this mean?

    another dream i had i was in a lift and it looked like i was trying to run away from people. i kept pressing the closing button fast in the lift so the doors would shut. it didnt shut so i ran out to this roof like thing and it was icey/slippery but i didnt fall and i could see these people looking at me. what does this mean?

    • 1st dream, a potential enemy in face of a friend is behind you or your family. pray to allah to save you from hasids and envys

      2nd dream, you can be in real problem, pls think a lot before taking any decision..and always ask allah for guidance

  177. hey sister I have always admired those who dream meaningful dream of mosque and prophets do not like me small sake and only problem. But today I had a dream that was very weird about the mosque and the holy Koran

    I dreamed that I was in a mosque without a headscarf I was there alone i heard a woman preach but I couldnt hear what she said, the woman who preach had not veil, but she was preaching Islam and I really wanted to hear so I ran to the front without thinking on the right side the brothers and sisters on the left. I saw the brothers look down and feel ashamed because of me, and the sisters gave me dirty looks when I realized what I had done i sat down on the floor and crawled my way to the back quickly, i met a girlin the back who didnt have veil (this girl has a veil in reality and we went to the same Koran school when we were kids) she asked me something but I could hear her. Isaw her quran it was open but the text was blurry everything exept one word wich was writin in really thick inc it said “hada hu” thats how i read it in the dream like this ; هادة in a maskulin way i keept repiting the word then i woke up

    do u knw the meaning of this? im really choked cuz u knw my drems are nothing like this thank u sister

    • salam
      you are from morocco or algerian side i guess thru your words:)
      anyhow, sister you were worried about something and were not sure to ask from people who help you.
      but inshallah they will 🙂

  178. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister….
    I had a dream that I was in school and i had a big arguement with a friend…
    and then we both began crying…..
    then we said sorry to eachother and became friends again….
    and then i saw my self in another room..
    full of other students and a teacher…
    and there i met a old friend who said she recently joined back to further education…
    i was introducing this old friend to my other friends…
    i was congratualating her for getting back on to education after giving birth….
    then in the classroom i was in the techer put a indian film do and it was playing on a widescreen…
    the whole class was intrested in the movie but i wasn’t…
    i was sitting at the back of the classroom near a massive window…
    chatting to a friend and some other friends were there too listening to our conversation…
    suddenly i turned to see the film and the whole room was full of sunlight….
    i could hardly see the movie because the room was soo bright and full of light….
    the whole room seemed totally lit up….
    everyone seemed very normal about the bright sunshinee in the room….
    but it seemed like i was the only one slightly distracted by the bright light….then i woke up

    please interpretate…
    Jazzakallah khair

  179. bint e hawwa permalink

    assalamo alaikum. i saw that me and my mom went for shopping. everywhere in dream as we passed by were boards of AIMST school, their restaurants, their students… i also saw the books piled up near the restaurant. then as we (me and my mom) moved forward, probably we were at some stall of garments, my mom showed me many suits, they were although good, having fine prints and they were of silk, I did not like any. then we saw a home at some distance, on whose door a padlock was hanging, but it was opened, so we entered into that house( knowing that it was not ours) and we moved upstairs. then a strange thing happened, that although i was with my sis and mom, i felt as if i am with my husband, and i said “let us 1st pray our fajar prayers, and then we will sleep together’. ( although iam not married in real life). i remember praying salah. i also saw earphones lying nearby. Then a man came who owned the house to kick us out of house. (after this dream i seached on net “what is aimst”, so i came to know that it is malaysian university, and the garments were also traditional malaysian garments.)

    • salam, wow a real dream, sister, these kinds of dreams just happen themselves and no tabir for them..
      if you are planning to study abroad or someone from yr siblings/family than this dream can mean something for them..

  180. YUS permalink

    Assalamualaikum Sister!!!!

    Some days ago my sister had 2 dreams : 1st Dream was about Dogs ( Black and brown in color) chasing her and wanna bite her, while there was a man in black clothes watching her without doing anything. she was throwing small rock to them (Dogs). That man was the Owner of the Dogs.

    another Dream : There was a huge crowd while she was in a hurry she could n’t walk and wonder how she would move away from that crowd. When all a sudden, 4 girls in white with wings appeared to her and told her that she could fly away.They took her with them flying over the crowd. Actually there was a woman (Dark face wearing black clothes) seems to be unhappy.


    • ws wr wb.. 1st dream shows people are jealoused and envy for the dreamer.. ask her to pray regularly and recite quran wit understanding and pray to allah to keep her save . there are people who are scheming against her thru one person’s evilness..

      2nd dream, allah will protect her inshallah from the evils and hasad of the hasid

  181. aish permalink

    would like to knw the interpretion of my dream here it is
    i saw my cousin sis her mom had bought dresses 4 her in one design so many its like a boutique so when i see this i tell her u have so many dresses in same design so can i take some of from u she says ha u take so i start selecting the dresses later i say i want to have white colour pant too as i dont have so i take white colour pant n shirt too

    wts this mean will be waiting 4 ur reply

  182. bint e hawwa permalink

    assalamo alaikum. i saw a strange dream last night. my mom was going somewhere so she decided to give chicken to the house in the next lane to cook for us, so she took out the chicken from freezer, and gave it to that house. and there were at the gate of house, the owners son and guard sitting.( in real, in that lane one house has some guards sitting infront of their house), then when mom came back, these people have cooked chicken curry which they handed over to my mom, and the amount of chicken was more than she gave to them and probably i think they also gave some cooked rice. then mom came to house and what i saw that probably 4 or 5 children also came to our house…… i remember i was talking to them, one child had some hand injury, i don’t remember exactly.( i had a cut on my hand few days back)

    • bint e hawwa permalink

      actually i saw it after i slept after fajar prayer. JAZAK ALLAH for all this help u gave to me. and many thanks to ALLAH that HE helped me to find u.

    • ws wr wb, may be your parents or u wana invest your money in some business, so inshallah the return will be better
      but they should help wit the money to the needy people as much..

  183. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister..
    I had a dream that i was in my classroom and a friend was telling me that her mother had cancer and she goes to a near hospital….
    then i said thats good…
    then she said wot do u mean?
    then i said its good that theres a hospital near you home…
    the friend totally misunderstood me and thought i was being rude towards her mother…
    then she went off and began talking to a girl about what i just said to her…
    then the girl came up to me and began defending the girl…
    then i snapped and said i don’t want to talk to u…
    this is not even about u so why r u interfering….
    then the freindcame back and i explained to her wot i meant….

    then i saw my teacher telling agirl to look for her folder in the cupboard..
    and he was also saying that the cupboard was neat and tidy and organised….then i saw myself opeening a cupboard and searching for my folder…
    .and some other teachers were net to me discussing something and then i found my folder but i wanted to knw my results but it was not written there and so i was getting confused and ii also saw manymistakes in my folder with red circles indicating the corrections needed to do…..

    then i suddenely saw myself i was infront of the class shouting at the a girl and the a crowsd of girls were surrounding her and i was s and standing up for my rights….
    then i noticed all the students were wearing the a beautiful silk orange and green saree and then i looked down at myself stilll talking to the class and i saw i was wearing the same saree as all of them…then a friend was there i think she was telling me to clam down….
    ….then the teacher came out of his office and saw me talking to the crowd of girls but he acted normal as if he didn’t see anything and then i went over to him to get some help ….
    then he began telling me that some lady who has beautiful yellow car is related to him…the teachers face was slightly changing and looked different when he was talking to me..
    then he went and sat down on my seat infornt of a computer to help me…
    i could onlly see the back of his head as I was behind him…then i woke up

    Please interpretate this dream…
    Jazzakallah khairan

    • tamanna, dear , not all dreams are for interpretations sister, you write almost every dream u see.
      this is not right dear, most of the dreams are from brain itself, what we do in day time is reflected and makes a story.. real dreams are with signs.. so no sign no interpretation.
      signs are like, food, water, sea, river, sky, sun moon stars, trees, candies, mithais, fruits, money, clothes, train, plane car, movie stars, nude people, dangerous animals, wired ugly people, birds etc… …
      hope now u understand

  184. muneeb permalink

    could you plz explain this dream???
    i’hv had this dream that i went to my garden and saw an almond tree. The tree was full of almonds then my daughter came with her classfellow(boy) and she gave all the almonds to her classfellow. i said to her why did you give the almonds to him?then she said that new leaves and almonds will grow and when i again see at the tree there were new leaves growing and my sister was giving water to the tree.

    • salam brother, looks to me someone is inheriting something from his parents in house or money…
      and once its done rightly and managed properly than this will increase as well and helping the poors and needy will make it more and more ..

  185. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister..
    I had a dream that I was in my parents bedroom…
    with me, my mom, my dad, and i think my aunty and nan…
    there i saw my dad and my aunty and neighbour changing infront of eachother but the cupboard doors were open as a cover between my aunty and my dad…
    but obviously they could see eachother..and I and my nan nad my mom was there too…my mom looked absolutely frustrated…
    i went over to my dad and said dad wht r u doing..u can’t change infront of ur non-mahram but my dad was ignoring me and was just looking at my aunty and my mom…and he was kind of pushing me away……

    then i saw myself in the living room and then i went inside my parents room and my aunty was lying down in bed and my nan was sitting on a chair and my mom was standng…
    and they were all kind of had an arguement and my dad was angry so he went in another room…
    and then suddenly my aunty..
    nan and uncle decided to go back to there homecountry…
    and so they had left then i asked my mom what had happened and then my mom was telling me that whenever my aunty goes abroad she buys us some gives and gives it too us on the first day but now shes asking for money for the things we brought form her but she is not giving all the things to us…she wants us to hand her the money and she will then hand over the things we had brought…and then my mom said that they called my dad a greedy person…but this time my mom was claiming my aunty to be wrong and my dad was right…

    then i saw it wass the night time…the same day me and some other aunty and an uncle were going outside…
    and i think i was trying to get changed and i was getting tangled in my own clothes and headscarf..
    .then my aunty or mom came in my room and said hurry up…
    then i managed to get ready and i left to go out….
    then i woke up
    please interpretate this dream..
    jazzakallah khair sister..

  186. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that I went inside my classroom and my teacher was handing out an envelope to everyone…
    while she was doing that i saw a paper was near her…
    then she looked sort of angry or frustrated…
    and i began wondering wheres my envelope…
    then suddenely she came up to me and gave me the paper…
    i think she had already opened my envelope and looked at it…
    it was a behaviour, attendance and puntuality report..
    it had a massive table with many days on it and in 2 boxes there it said INSULT and there was a water sprinkler and in another box there was another picture which i can’t remember…
    then i thought ohh i must have insulted the school on these two days and i began smiling, grining….
    then i went up to the teacher to hand the paper back in…
    this time she was smiling…and as i was handing the paper I noticed a massive bruise on my wrist…
    and i showed the teacher..
    and the teacher immediately held my hand a pulled me inside a staff room…
    and there was sooo many ladies sitting there and a lady with a hijab told my tacher you will have to take her somewhere else and the teacher and i left the staff room…
    and immediately outside the staff room i saw sooo many clothes all nice..bright..shiny..looked like clothes that would be worn….
    at a wedding or a party and a mad cleaner was ripping then and she was doing something to them..i thought she might burn them…..
    then some lady was saying these clothes are soo beautiful and she said i love that brown one..there minee…some other women was saying this one is still safe u can still take it….

    …..then i suddenely saw myself in a car park and I think i was running from something….i think it was some sort of destruction…and i think a car was following and i saw a broken wall and i went through it and it got me back into the school and i saw a few teachers hanging around…..

    then i suddenely saw myself in my next door neighbours house…
    early in the morning…
    it seemed like as if i just got uop from bed and i saw…
    me, my mom, granma and sisters were all there with all our lu
    and we were watching tv…
    waitin for our neighbour to wake up…
    it seemed as if we spent a night already in there house….
    then i went to the kitchen and my granma was doing something and then i ot myself some breakfast and i began eating away in the sitting room…
    and my sisters were asking my mom why hasn’t aunty woke up yet …
    and my mom was saying she doesn’t need to wake up for us and give us breakfast….
    shes already let us stay in her house..
    and then i was flicking through the channels and an arabic channel came up but all the movies that were listed were all indian and i got really happy and so was everyone else really excited…and i began reading all the hindi movies which were just about to come on…
    and i was trying to read the channel number but it was too blurry for me too see and then i was loudly tellling my sisters remember the channel number…
    then my vision cleared and i read the channel number which was 145 and i was saying it so many times repeatively to remember it….and then i woke up….

    please interpretate this dream….
    Jazzakallah khair

  187. Ahmedali permalink

    asalam aleikum sister in islam,,i have had some 2 dreams lately and its disturbing my mind,, i am continuing with university i am taking masters,,but its in another town than my home town that means i have moved away from my home and live in univesity student apartments during the week and go back home on weekends ,sometimes every 2nd weekend

    my 1st dream is me and my wife have been to a meeting with the municipal authority of our area in some kind of problems with them but it ended up successfull as i was there and helped her out then from there we went to another meeting seems like its now more bigger than the municipal authority,,its like regional authority,,i was together with my wife but the problem seems to be hers and am there just to help her out,,the building was tall building and we took a lift to go up to the top,,on reaching the top offices,,while greeting someone i met,,my wife just continued into the offices without waiting for me and i couldnt follow her up as i didnt know which office she went..then i waited her outiside and sit on the chair but when she came out i had the feelings it didnt went well and she was in a kind of problems then i woke up..what could this she in a kind of problems?

    the 2nd dream sister,,lastnight i dreamt while went home for the weekend,,then a man with a big belly came and he seems very comfortable at home and was very friendly and close to my wife,,while my wife was changing our son in the bathroom this guy was at the door of the bathroom and very comfortably talking with my wife and making jokes,,i was sitting in the living room wondering who was this guy and where did he come from and the guy seems not to mind and not to care i was there..then suddenly my wife put on a jacket and tells me i am going out with that guy by name..and she will be back soon,,i was very furious and told her she could not go out..and i asked the guy who he was and started to make problems to him and ask him not to come back in our home.. i think i slapped that guy but scared that he would go to police that i have been violent to him..the guy guy got into his car and drove away..what is this dream sister?

    i have one more dream i just remmbered now my wife was telling me during the weeknd when we woke up,,she told me while greeting ex-husband of her aunty,shaking hands,,the guy touched her private parts,,and her aunty was there but living in a room that was at the back of the apartment,,while the ex-husband of her aunty was also living in the same apartment rooms,,but in the front rooms with another wife..and me the same night i dreamt that my wife came to visit me in my univeisty town and her aunty was also in the dream but could not remember what was it,,but i remember being given alift by people as roommates but was very scared inthat car as the driver seems like being drunk or something,,i was holding the door ready to jump off,,seems like the car would plung into the sea..then when she told me her dream of her aunty i told her i dreamt also her aunty..what was this in this dream?

    shukran sister,,i hope i dont disturb u..inshallah Allah will reward you with all the good in this life and in the life hereafter..Ameen,,

    • well now i also wana know who is that person really, i am so curious
      u r having all these dreams on and on and now ths ex husband of aunty..
      wat he did in dreams shows someone got bad intentions for yr wife… now i understood all the dreams
      thx for writing them all together…
      now listen, u r away from home, people know this and they tryna take advantage of yr absence and try to flirt wit yr sister or yr wife … u see her naked and yr self naked before, she is helpless as u r away and u r helpless as u also away.
      they hv to do many things like shopping or going outa home for buying food etc,
      does yr wife and sis wear hijab and over coat like islamic dress?
      they shd u knw, it really protects a women from evil men, all covered and no make up..
      this is compulsory for a muslimah and good for her own protection. no husband can stay in home all the day, so ladies shd adopt islamic style to protect themselves.. and not talk not even reply salam to any men, just avoid other men.

      pray for yr wife and sis , pray regular 5 prayers and make duaa wit allah to protect yr home and family, only allah is the protector and read ayat al kursi 3 times and make dua wit allah for protection.

      anything else, pls write…

      • Ahmedali permalink

        thank u very much for your reply,,Jazak Allah kheir,,i pray to Allah to reward u with all the goods inshallah,

        i have dreamt again 2-3 days ago,,i went home from my university town,,when i reached home it was maghrib time around 19.00 ,,my wife was not home,,but i found my wife dad and her mum,,i asked them where my wife is at this time and they answered me ,,she has gone shopping with her girl friend,,i waited and waited she never comes back and the time was around 10 (22.00) at night,,so i asked her mum again where is my wife and why is she not back,,and she answered me not to worry as nothing is gonna happen,,at around 11.00 or midnight i was going out as i was going to sleep at her mums place,,i dont know why i was going to sleep at her mums place,,when reaching at my car,,i realise i forgot to take the house keys of her mums house,,on returning home to pick the keys i saw my wife coming back,,she was sneaking in from the back door we have in our home,,and she was covering her face with her clothes,,i asked her where she has been,,and she told me she has been shopping with her friend,,i was checking her hair to see if its wet but it was dry ,,she has not taken shower but her face was shinning as if she has washed it or like someone that has been sleeping and waken up,,i asked her how did she get back home,,and she told me someone drove her,,it was a guy and i know this guy and she said it by name Ali..i looked at window i saw this guy driving away and i woke up from this dream..what could this be in this dream,,i am dreaming alot of this kind of dreams lately..

      • salam bro, u have to speak wit yr family abt these dreams and ask them who is having problems with other people in yr absence.. pls be kind and dont push them, be polite and try to understand situations wit love
        and seek Allah’s help, and why r u studying now? u dont hv a job?

      • Ahmedali permalink

        waaleikum salaam sis,,i am studying now because as a constructing architect at the moment overhere there is no jobs..the work has come down as a result of economy crisis that has affected this part of the world,,i had only bachelors,then i have decided to take masters for 2 yrs,,hoping after 2 yrs constructions will boom again and i will have a great chance to be employed again..thats why ,,but seems to be difficult being far apart from my family..

        my sisters are all married and living with their husbands and far away from me,,my eldest daughter is just 6 yrs old..

        someone i could think that has difficulties in my absence is my mother-in law and father -in law as i was the one helping them out in almost everything..but this dreams with my wife i have been having them even when i was at home..

        i always discuss them with my wife immediately i have this dreams..and she says she never can do such a thing,,she always goes out with hijab and she knows how to respect herself..i am just worried and why i dream this kind of dreams almost everyday…and for many years now.. thanks to God i discovered u r site and now i can share with u my dreams to get translated,,b4 i couldnt not translate them at all and made me very sad..i thank u very much my sis and Allah will reward u with all the Kheir in this dunia and tomorow in the world herefter..Ameen

      • jazakallah khairan bro, dont worry, the dreams have meanings and they dont mean always how they seemed..
        u better make duaa wit allah to protect yr family.

  188. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that I was in school with a group of my friends in one room and a teacher and she had set a task or maybe it was an exam and we all had to write a long essay on wedding clothes….
    soo all of us friends were sitting on a table planning and preparing for the essay and i was working really hard..
    reading through lots of papers, taking notes and there was a massive cloth material and i was looking at it making notes….

    then the teacher said your time starts now to begin the essay…
    and i began thinking ohh i thought we had already started long time ago….
    then everyone began wrting awayy…and i had noo idea whatsover for my essay..
    i was totally confused…and I was lost as i didn’t knw how and when to start… i was really getting frustrated

    …then i saw myself sitting on the floor i think in a mosque with a very close cousin who was also writing the essay and she was talking and sooo was the teacher there and a few of my friends…
    we were all in a little crowd…

    and i still had the essay sheet in my hand and it was still blank and i had a pen in my hand and then suddenely my cousin gave me a shiny bangle and it was beautiful and i think i wore the bangles…
    then i thought it might help me write the essay…
    i also thought that my cousin was writing an essay about wedding jewlleries which was wrong as the essay was on wedding clothes but then i decided to ignore it ….
    then i told my teacher i’m going back in that room as its too noisy around here and the teacher said ok….
    then i suddenely saw myself in that room on the table and the table seemed slightly empty compared to before….

    and then i wrote a sentence or two and i got up of my chair and gave up…
    i turned around and i saw a few of my friends sitting behind me…who were writing the essay too…and i saw there papers …
    one had a sentence or two just like me and my other friend had 5 or 6 long sentences and i said to asked her how much have you done? she showed me and showed her mine…
    and then i said to her we both haven’t done much…
    .and she said yes smiling……
    then opened the door to leave…

    then i was suddenely outside maybe at a bus stop with my mom and i was telling my mom about the essay and that it was soo cnfusin i didn’t knw wot to write…
    and then i also told my mom that my cousin misunderstood the essay topic and had done it all wrong….
    then i suddenely saw mmy friend at the bus stop who had wrote 5-6 sentences and I told my mom that she wrote more then me and then i said i’m suree you wrote more after i left and then my friend said yehh i did..and we were both smiling……

    and then i woke up…
    please interpretate this dream…
    Jazzakallah khair

    • darling sister, u r still waiting for something
      whn u will stop waiting ? lolz
      u know wat i mean, dont u?

      • Tamanna permalink

        Salaam sister…

        I think i knw wat u mean…
        do u mean marriage?

  189. also another dream was about spiders.. i had two dreams:

    one which i was with my mom and i was talkin and then i look up at the wall and i find a huge spider so i was shouting “MOMM! a spider and they kept increasing more n more. then i woke upp

    and the other one which i was with my dad this time..again we were talkin and i find a spider comming near on the table and i told my dad loook a spider so he grabbed it with a tissue and next thing u know up on the wall there were alot of them in their webs so much of them ……

    what are those two dreams suppose to mean and what should i doo plz reply asap..

    • read ayat al kursi 3 times and make dua to alah to protect you from shaytan
      and read al falak and an naas 3 times, blow on yr palms and rub on yr body and seek refuge from allah…

      • Makeen ul haque permalink

        zajakallahu khaairan.

        but pls what about 3rd one that YASIN word floated on the blue background ? can u pls make me clear sister ? Pls

        i will do as per your advice .Thank u once again.

      • its meaning was included in the reply, nothing else means except wat i wrote

      • BrotherAftab permalink

        Please reply to my dream. I am just a few comments above this! I would really like your help!

      • i have replied bro

  190. SALAAM

    Sister I would really appreciate if you can interprete the following dream for me.

    I did Istikhara asking allah s.w.a to give me help me decide if I should wait for the one I am waiting for and if I will be blessed with a happy halal marriage. Although my feelings have always been positive throughout the period but sometimes I think that may just be me.

    Anyway I had the following 2 dreams after performing the istikhara dua.

    Dream 1. just before 3am

    Im in a house and I enter a room. In the room there is a lady and a little boy running around. I notice the guy im waiting for in the same room. He looks at me and gets abit upset and so he looks down. I walk upto him and ask him why he hasnt contacted me, he seems really sad and says I have been trying but due to issues i haven’t and he gets all emotional. Then I remember him saying I will talk to you later we both smile and kiss eachother on the lips. Then my mum walks in and she gives him money and then gives me some money too and he walks off.

    Dream 2. Just before 6am

    Im in a mosques with my mum, sister and cousins. I remember i’ve just finished reading my namaz. I walk out to the entrance and I see my cousin sister standing outside. I tell her to come into the mosque with me. As we walk in I remember I am in a big room with my mum, we are sitting down and all of a sudden a woman walks in wearing a maroon/brown wedding dress, (i know her in person, she has the same name as me, she’s in her late 40’s already married and with kids) she sits down and and starts telling us that my 17 year old cousin brother has a critical health problem basically something along the lines of blood problem. I get very upset and look away with tears falling down. I say he’s got too many enemies after him. The lady tells my mum you need to give him this taweez it’s white wrapped with red string, i look at it and think to myself iv’e got the same taweez, she says it will protect him. The lady seems really upset i just look around with my tears falling and feeling very distraught, the lady says to me you care about him alot annd then she looks at my cousin who is this boys sister and she says you love him alot. I get really upset thinking how can you say that when i care about him more and she doesnt even get on with her brother but then my cousin brother walks in and we all go quiet.

    • sister another person who loves u will take you and your family will approve of him, stop waiting for the one u r waiting, he is not there for you.
      just stop thinking and leave to allah, he knows wats best for us, we cant think to the level allah knows
      sobe happy, smile , stand up and strech yr arms, look at the sky and take a deep breath and say alhmdulilah

  191. Allahs slave permalink

    Asalam alakum sister! How have you been? Inshallah khair!!
    Last night I had a dream that 2 of my older married sisters got shot and died, and I was the one trying to help them escape from the house bc the killer was inside! Then I started running to my house to tell my mom and I was crying!! And when I went back my mom was sad! And my oldest sister was crying and whn she saw me crying she said “they died?” and I said yeah they did and began crying!! In the dream I was saying “wow this is how it feels to lose a sister” and I kept crying!! I went back to the house and picked up my nephew and niece, in the dream my nephew was already walking (he doesn’t even crawl yet he’s young) and i picked him up and began crying and feeling bad that his mom which is my sister died, then I seen the guy that killed my sisters commit suicide, he jumped out of the window and died!! The cops was trying to calm me down, but I couldn’t handle my mom was soooo sad, and the tears I cryer felt so real when I woke up! Plz tell me what this means sister, and send the intrepretation to my email, not here! Thank u! Salam

    • walekum salam wr wb sister, alhmdulilah im ok
      some jeopardy in yr ways sister, just stay patient, and noone is killing yr sisiters
      its just showing u in prior abt stresses to come so u shd be prepared and pray to allah to take away the museebat and give u aman/salam

  192. help permalink

    salaam sister
    i frequently find myself in an ELEVATOR thAts going to crash down, and most of the times it does – but I am not hurt in the dream . i always manage to save myself.. but the fear is terrible in the dream and even after when i wake up….i have been havin these dreams since 3/4 months ///
    what does it signify ????????????

    • well, you may not achieve wat u planning for, u will reach the top level but wont be able to make it, if u r in a relation than its for that, if u work and keen to go at top than its abt that,
      everything happenes for best , be happy for wat Allah has given u

  193. Ahmedali permalink

    asalam aleikum,

    lastnight i dreamt we were like in an open desert and group of people i think should be my family including some other people,we found a like a sand dune and hiding from someother people who were rounding us some with motorbikes and we were very afraid at they would find us and harm us.

    then we were in a building so many people ,,me and my wife but my wife has find someone seems like a distance relative of mine, through email and they were going to get married,,i ask my wife why do u want to get married when u already got married to me,,she told me it’s me that introduced her to this guy ,,and i told her in islam a woman is not allowed to have 2 husbands,,but a man can have 2 wives,,so what she gonna do,,will she leave this other guy and not get married to her,,she told me she will see if i love her enough then she will make her mind either to leave me and marry the other guy or to continue to stay with me..

    whats the meaning of these dream,,and i dream alot of my wife different dreams for a longtime now,,many yrs,,i have dream her taking shower with someone else..and many more that i cant remember,,could these be some kind of a message..shukran ,,am worried somehow..when i get this dreams i become so unhappy..

    • yeah i remember u wrote dream abt her and i told u it could be yr sister or someone else colser in relation wt u, not yr wife..
      do u have any daughter who is grown up? this could be her , if not than find our in yr sister or is there anyone whom u admire in secret !!
      but thts not a bad image, actually wat its shown is that someone is in relationship and is hiding from u
      as they are scared to disclose , u may dislike a guy …
      be patient and be cool to talk these kinda issues at home.. take allah’s help

  194. eddy permalink

    hi if you see your passed away mother in the dreams asking you if you are praying or if you have prayed wat does it mean thanxs

    • this means that allah showed u dream that she wants u to pray for her after every prayer u shd pray for maghfirah for yr mom, make her ways to jannah and pray for her maghrirah, ask allah to forgiv e yr mother, read quran and understand it , follow it and pray for mom

  195. aisha permalink

    salam i saw a dream plz tell me a meaning of that
    i saw this after reading fajr prayer i saw my friend ( guy) he comes to my mom n tell her abt some rishta so my moms say lets go n see so thy take me with them even my friend comes with us…when we reach there the lady tells my mom seeing me i dont like ur daughter she is not mannered etc etc she says bad things abt me n she doesnt want my rishta so thy leave so later my friend(guy) says i m coming n he leaves by seeing him i say tht y i feel he knws before only tht this rishta not going 2 fix i feel fishy n feel he is hapy inside tht her rishta doesnt happen
    so plz tell me meaning of this i will be waiting

    • i think i replied this one, pls dont repeat /re post dreams, once i hv it , i will reply
      nw i am getting confused if i have or hv not…

  196. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam siter..
    I had a dream that I was in school going through some past exam papers and
    and then I was constantly touching my hair…
    and then one of the teacher came and she made my hair into a neat bun…
    and then i think she touched the tip of my nose and she was smiling and there was another teacher he was there too …
    i think he was smiling too …
    and then the teacher who done my hair sat infront of me and she was helping out solving the questions and then ….
    my phone rang and i quickly closed it and the teachers asked was that your phone…
    then i said yeah…and then i put my phone away…
    and the teacher was still happy and began helping me again…
    suddnely both the teachers left the whole class and they were both were on my table, sitting infront of me helping me out and my friend…

    and then i saw the room was empty only the two techer, me and my friend…
    i was just packing my bags and getting ready to go and my friend was waiting for me…
    then i was saying bye to the both the teachers….and then i woke up

    please interpretate my dream…
    Jazzakallah khair

    • okay, you will inshallah find solutions to yr ways that u usually see in dreams, the probs, ppl mis treating u etc..
      you will gt help from allah inshallah soon

  197. YUS permalink

    Assalamualaikum Sister!,

    I had a dream in which i was in a Garden, there was a river, a bid bridge in wooded.under the bridge, there was many people. When i was crossing, i did see prostitutes swimming, but while passing, a prostitute lady came up on stairs where i was about to go down. She was naked, she told me somthng about the price, I was interested as i was attracted to her naked body. she laid down next to the right shoulder, but all a sudden a young African boy appeared( There was Noor (light) on his face).we were three, me, the lady (middle)next to her the young Noor boy. He was telling the lady to Convert to Islam, the lady agreed on, she was covered with a white Sheet, on which on her forehead there was a mark of Salaat. While the boy converted her, we all 3 look towards the Sky,all a sudden, i could see that Clouds formed in Arabic writing it was in different colors, a few moment another prostitute lady appeared just next to my feet, she too was naked, i was watching her completely , the Young African boy did know that i was watching her, He told the lady to cover rapidly, she was covered, I smiled saying that i wasn’t looking at her, then I narrated a Hadith about an incident of Ali( Last Caliph) about precome (becoming mature), what did Muhammad(P.B.U.H) Said to Ali. The Boy was very Happy and even Smiling. After narrating, the boy disappeared, then a group of boys appeared to us, they fought to us, they were pulling the convert lady(they seems to be unhappy about the Conversion to Islam). while we were fighting, i could heard a voice telling them “Beat him(me) on his head as i was protecting the Converted lady, 1 of them a strong one lifted me by his hands up, he was about to beat me, as i looked next to them, I saw the young African boy leaving us behind, he was going down through the stairs, but actually it was me who left wearing my own blue clothes, it seems that He gave me a way to escape from the Fight. I woke up it was the time of Fadj.


    • salam , allah will be protecting you and your righteous deeds will actually be behind them.
      if yu leave the deeds you can be mislead and get in fitnah of problems
      so be good in islam and dont approach which is bad for deen and eeman

  198. omg im sorry sister i see the original dream now something wrong with my computer sorry pls ignore the latsest i thought it didnt come thrue

      • Naz permalink

        I can’t seem to post anything … please

      • u just write and post , it will disappear but will be in my system, once i read i will approve thn u wll get able to see that
        ok , i hv seen yr comment and replied it, pls keep one nick name, dont keep diff names , it gets hard for me to relate ur dreams later

  199. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    today i had a dream that i was in school watching some videos at classtime…and then a teacher came and asked me what are you doing?? and then i began making excuses that ohh sorryy..
    no this is seriously my work..and then the teacher said just go home…
    if your not going to do anywork at classtime time and on freetime then you might aswell go home…then i began saying sorryy..
    and then the teacher said finee anytime u have freetime we will send u home..
    then i was following the teacher going down thre stairs saying sorry please forgive me…
    then …i saw myself next to my cousins climbing up a school staircase and suddenely it was crowed with sooo many girls and i noticed some of my friend climbing the same stairs and some boys were climbing up…
    i think they knew my friend and then a boy was chatting to my friend and he kept on looking at me ….
    and then i saw myself following the same teacher back into the same classroom and then i said sorry…

    and then the teacher began crying and was sharing her pain with me and then she hugged me and then i said sorry to her again and then she said its ok and she told me to work in both my classtime and freetime and that she would see for a week…

    then i left her…and i saw my cousins near a school entrance near a glass door…then my cousins who i was climbing the stairs..
    one of my cousin were telling mee..ohh u got in trouble i will tell ur parents..
    then i was explaining to them and went out of the door…
    then i saw outside some young men gathering up setting up tables and speakers and i saw them and they began saying some speech then i passed infront of them with my cousins and

    suddenely one of the men took a picture of me and then i said no delete the picture and i said to him take a picture of me with my hijab on then my cousins and sisters joined me and they took lots of photos of us…my uncle was also there at that time …

    then suddenely I went inside and came back out with my cousins and saw those boys were runnning awayy and my uncle had been shouting at them and as they were running my uncle got a large bottel of petrol or water and began splashing it on one car and then my uncle set the car on fire….then i woke up

    please interpretat my dream…
    Jazzakallah khairan sister

  200. avish faz permalink

    my aunty had a dream of her next door neighbour (who has now passed away). Basically the deceased woman was arguing with her daughter in law- she was very sad and angry. please interpret the dream

    • if yr aunt has something of her belonging than she must return to her family
      otherwise yr aunt has any hate in her heart than she must forgive her,.. and pray for her

  201. e6salam permalink

    I had a relative who passed away in 2009,she was mentally retarded…
    and she was about 17, so anyway ever since her death i’ve been having 3 dreams of her..the 1st dream was that me her mom and my mom were at the kitchen and her mom which is my aunt asked me to go and give her water,even though in the dream they announced that she was dead “annd in real life she was dead” so i went upstairs
    * and gave her the bucket of water and i find her on the bed smilling and talking to me “in reality she never knew how to talk as shes mentally retarded” she was tellin me “Im cold Im cold” so i gave her a blanket and then we were playing and she was chasing me down the stairs and i believe i was affraid….and then i woke up
    the 2nd one im not really sure of it..but the 3rd one was that i came home
    * to their kitchen and i find her eating yougort all by herself “again in reality she never knew how” so my aunt walked in and was so happy with her..and thats all i could rember.
    *.i had asked someone about these dreams they told me to give charity and pray for her i did and i still had a dream which was the 3rd what should i do ? plz interpret these dreams thxzzz alott

    • salam, dear its another relative who is in need , you have to help them , find who in yr relatives needs help by money or by human efforts, if there are old grandma or grandpa than u go to them
      tht mentally retarded is sinless and will go to jannah, she doesnt need any charity or prayers..
      u should look for the ones who actually need u, could be yr dead old relatives as well .. u can pray maghfirah for them and giv charity from their money or fast on their behalf

  202. sorry am pretty bad at this….
    i am married and hav two girls , my mother died 7 years back..
    here is my dream
    me and my mother are going to a some sort of ceremony a rat ceremony and there are two mice with us we are sort of introducing them to the party!!
    when we enter a black dog starts barking at us theres a rat he threaten to cut the dogs throat which makes me very uncomfortable but my mum asssures me its just a charade!! and shes right!!
    well we safe our goodbyes leave the mic there and we are in a que towards a black gate i see an apple tree and has golden apples looks grt from outside but when i pick them up its rotten from within!
    well finally we are out of the gate and its evening time noone is there to pick us up so mum asks me to call our female cousin to pick us up….
    this dream is sp becoz my mother is in it i was very close to her and i miss her alot
    please please help

    • hey dont use my name of islamsunshine !!!!!!!!!!!!
      be careful
      yr dream shows people u trust are not loyal wit u, and envys around u, be careful and pray to allah and read ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa wit allah to protect u,
      and i think u r expecting a baby, as u also seen new moon in other dream u wrote.. u better check wit doctor , seems tht baby cant make up healthy 😦 well, if u pray to allah , he can make yr baby better and live longer.. so pray in namaz and duaa in sujud..
      have faith in allah and be strong and stop writing islamsunshine on my site!!

      • Sorry as I said am really bad at this I wantd to subscribe to this site so entered islamsunshine and it become user name sorry but once I got hang of it I did change my name! Didn’t mean to upset u!!
        No am not expecting!! My sisterinlaw is pregnant! But I have two girls!! Is seeing those rotten apples mean I won’t hav healthy baby but in my dream I don’t pick it up!!
        In my dream I leave two mice at ceremony and leave with my mother through a gate and not pick up those rotten aplles And when we get out it’s nite time and noone to pick us up!! U website is breath of fresh air otherwise we just have those christen website dua come from heart for u!!

      • ok than pray for her baby, inshallah all will be well
        yeah Allah helped me in making this site, i was also so tired of christian meanings of dreams, weird lol
        but alhmdulilah , Allah made my work done for you all
        remember me in yr prayers

  203. Salaam Siister

    I come back again to get my dreams interpreted…. Basicallay again I been asking allah s.w.a if I should continue waiting for the guy and If we will blessed with a happy halal marriage?!

    My first dream was just before 12am

    Im at my office ready to go home, my collegue tells me it is raining heavy so i look for an umbrella but I cant’ seem to find one. There is one but that is broken so I just laugh and tell my work collegue there’s one in the room upstairs but im not going to fetch it as im going to run and catch the bus. I walk out the building and it’s raining heavy I run really fast to get to the bus stop only to realise that the bus stop i need was on the other road. Again i start running and getting wet in the rain. It’s quiet dark i get to a street but it looks as though there are road works and that road is shut. Im about to walk through the roadworks but then i get abit worried and walk away. I then see another street ahead. As I walk out i see cars are stuck due to to the road work. I just smile and start running towards the next street as I walk towards the road I notice there are still road works. I manage to get past the road work and get to the end of the road. Then all of a sudden i see a man coming, i stop to ask him if there are any more roadworks ahead. As the man gets close towards me and the roadwork island I notice he slips and falls down. I try to walk towards him to help him up, he manages to help himself up but then I just see myself standing and waiting.

    My second dream was just before fajr.

    Im on a countryside with an old woman whom I calling grandma. This old woman in reality is a very sweet Christian lady. I see myself walking with her on this really long countryside road. I remember im holding her arm, we are both talking very pleasantly and the view is beautifull. As we are walking on this road she’s giving me a brief history on the countryside and about my aunts. As we walk we get to a bend I notice there is like a cave and it has a small exit. It’s dark and I say ” grandma lets go back” but she starts to look into the exit and stops. and we just wait for a couple of minutes until i woke up.

    My third dream was after sunrise:

    I see myself waiting outside a bus stop. I also see myself talking to that guys uncle and i remember him doing 2 plaits on my hair. He does them really nicely, i ask him do you do your daughters plaits? I think he says yes but she doesn’t live with him anymore. I ask him a few questions in regards to his family and then i notice 2 familiar men approach him. They ask him where there are places to eat? He directs them to the right and then he says to me he’s going now. I smile and say good bye. and then im still waiting at the bus stop for my bus.

    • sister, yr dreams shws its useless to wait for someone who is already gone
      yr all dreams show u r wanting to go , catch a bus but roads block, just forget him
      lanat de do usko lol. if u understand urdu 🙂
      i mean just kick him outa yr mind, these kinda people are not worth to waste time in thinking abt them..
      u will get a person worth u, inshallah, jst hope in allah and dont wait for him or call or txt,

      wait wait and wait for a nice person, pray to allah in prayers for marriage and if any relative suggest u a good one than accept him by his morals and faith in allah that allah will make y rlife peaceful, ameen

  204. salam sister i am so happy to find this website for islamic dreams interpretation firstly i would like to say i had a bad dreams about me seeing all the area i am in my dream was covered in water from the sea like those tsunami some 4to5 people was with me and i got on top of a roof and those people with me and the water was coming coming and stopped below my foot nearly there and i was saved then i woke up i told this dreams to my people, and do you know what happens in reality i saw live news earthquake and tsunami in japan and i could’t believe this it really is happening somewhere in the world in another country recently on 11 march 2011, now i want you to interpret for me please what does it mean to see me standing before Allah and crying what his decesion gonna be for me in akhira i also saw Allah called other people and they didn’t obey Allah and came back to earth then i woke up, in another dream i see myself sitting in a prayer mat with quran and tasbeeh and the prayer mat takes me up to the heaven and i prayed and came back to earth what does it mean? and also what does seeing a black cow and seeing a mango in dreams means please reply to me in my e-mail box which is Allah hafiz

    • hmmmm, sister you are just worried abt some situation in yr life, u feel like ur life is ruined.
      its all ok, allah knows all jst have faith in allah and have blind faith that all happenes is for a good reason
      keep up with prayers and duaa, make duaa in sujud and make astaghfar , it will give u relaxation in mind and heart inshallah..
      dreams are separate thn reality, it happenes tht dreams come true , but their are meanings behind dreams.. wat u seen in lots of water is lots of problems u think u hv but they wont harm u, u just stay strong inshallah

  205. YUS permalink


  206. BINT E HAWWA permalink

    assalamo alaikum sis. for past 3-4 days i have been dreaming of things in pairs. one day i saw i was making 2 chapatis, which were one on top of another, and i was putting oil on tawwa. then next day i saw 2 couples , kissing each other, next day i saw i was tying 2 wrist watches together with their straps. and yesterday i saw cats’couple’ in copulation.

  207. shabnam permalink

    salam alakum
    i dreamed that i planted rice in a filed when i returnd to it males whom i felt i knew were replanting on to of them i told them that this was were i had planted my crop the pointed to a filed on my right saying that was my crop the crop was very big a healthy but when i went near it was all rotten what does this mean.

    i also dream of lossing my teeth the pain is so real. i am alway worred about my teeth

    • you are tryin to work with or compromise with somthing or someone but things wont be positive
      that person or work will go away giving you pain, both dreams means same
      just be happy on this and dont get sad, wat happens is always in our best and allah knows wats in our best

  208. Makeen ul haque permalink

    1) i saw an ugly planet which is full of hole and looks very scary . But a very beautiful planet came and hit the ugly one very forcefully and the ugly planet disappeared. Pls tell me the meaning of this dream.

    2) a complete white horse with wings and I ride on the horse . but when i ride on it the horse is on the top of the earth. it looks like i’m observing the earth planet from the HORSE. and when the horse began to raise his wings the whole earth rotates . a violent rotation of earth . it seems that many ages has passed there in earth. what it that means?

    3) the word “YASIN” in ARABIC floated . It is the same word of SURAH YASIN .

    Pls let know the menaing of this 3 dreams.

    • someone will drive a closer person to you.
      you wil be trying harder to earn more
      and you are tryna find answers for something but u cant find now. will take some time
      start praying regular and recite quran wit understanding and pray for yrself

  209. asa again there is another dream and its bothering me alot if u can help me in this dream interpretation!!!
    i dream of my brotherinlaw, two of my brothers and my husband are walking through some strange places and finally reach a mountainous road with a river flowing on one side. i keep tellin everyone not walk so close to the edge only one of my brother listens to me and is right behind me….then right infornt i see a new moon very beautiful sparkling with glitter!! i cant see my husband so i look at my brother face for a good month!!
    hope it makes sense!!
    please do help me out with my dreams….. it drives me insane figuring it out!!
    thank you again
    Can’t seem to publish this

    • new moon is a crescent , if u seen it, it means a new person to come in family but for shorter time
      if its full moon than it means the person will come in yr life , son or girl etc..
      pray for yrself, allah can change the meanings as well…

      • Salam thank you so much for your ans!!! But wat does it mean seeing it on my brothers face rather than husband?
        This website is helping so many u must get alot of ajar from it many thanks again

      • close relations appear in another close rlations, like wife as sis and bro as husband
        this happens..

  210. ame permalink

    Assalamo alaikum sister,

    I had a dream yesterday that has been lingering on my mind. I can’t understand what the meaning of it could be.

    I saw that i was in a room with 2 people. I don’t know who they were, i couldn’t see their faces. I had 3 or 4 rings on my hands. I can’t remember the exact number. But i do remember seeing atleeast 3 rings on my left hand. All three of them were gold rings. One of them had a big blue stone on it surrounded by little diamonds. I don’t remember what the other rings looked like properly, but one of them wasnt that pretty, but the other was very nice (but i dont remember what it looks like now).

    One of the people in the room looked at my rings and commented that the rings don’t suit my hand because of my complexion (i have light tan brownish skin) and said that i should wear silver rings instead. I replied that “I didn’t buy any of those rings myself, other people gave them to me as gifts.”

    The second person in the room told the first person to not make such mean comments to me about the rings, since the rings looked nice.

    Then i said “It’s ok, if i bought the rings myself, i would’ve also chosen silver rings because i like silver better.”

    So that’s the dream. I don’t understand what i it means, but i felt that it had some meaning to it.

    Please tell me what you think it may mean.
    jazakallah khairan.

    • salam sister, u hve choices to make but u r getting confused with people whom u discuss yr issues, like mom dad or friends
      just rely on yr self and if not sure, pray to allah to make yr heart opt for the one which is best for u

  211. BINT E HAWWA permalink

    assalamo alaikum. i saw a lady who has already prepared her grave(digged it already) so that when she is close to death she will move inside. and she did the same. when she realized she is close to death she moved towards her grave,mumbling some words, and she threw something out of grave which was filling the grave.(probably to clear the place before she gets in). and probably she was wearing black dress.
    i also saw that we are decorating our house, with scenery pictures and flowers on wall, the flowers were big and beautiful.
    Sorry sis if my so many dreams disturb you.

    • BINT E HAWWA permalink

      MAY Allah bless you sis.amen.

    • salam, someone is getting away himself and not causing u probs anymore
      and inshallah all things will be alright if there are probs at the moment

      no, its ok, write yr dreams, i just delay in reply but i do reply them

  212. Bilal permalink

    lol salam your back. another dream to be intrepreted. i keep going through this entrace to this forest. i have seen this same dream before. when i go in it is quite and dark, ahead of me there is statue of a lion but when turn around and run a real big lion comes infront of me and stands there looking at me. then straight after that i see myself at the edge of a cliff and the same lion is there with me and it looks like i was about to fall off when you get that feeling on your chest. but i dont think i fell off.

    • an envy wit u , dont be scared, there are people who r jealoused in offices and work places
      keep up wit prayers and seek allah’s protection from envys , recite sura an naas and make duaa for yrself

  213. Bilal permalink

    Is it possible for a guy or girl to see or meet his/her future husband/wife in their dream? i heard it has happened to many people before muslim or not. please i need to know.

    • Prophet Muhammmad SW seen image of ayesha RA in dream, shown to him by Jibrael AS
      and i dont knw how normal ppl see this.. cant take as affirmative

  214. Dear sister,
    I am in dire need of your help. May Allah reward you for this…

    1) I dreamed of the father of the friend I know (his dad is dead and did not know at the time of dreaming) that he asked me to marry his son because he loved me and I hesitated and said so. Some time later, I have dreamed that I am waiting for him in ana assembly, supposedly to get married to him but since I am tired of waiting I was about to tell everyone to go because maybe he forgot, and in this that he opens the door, comes in all dressed in green and a white shirt , he came alone and grabbed my two hands and kissed me on the cheek and we were about to get married, I could not believe it in my dream.

    Also I dreamed that my grandpa deceased welcomed me when I walked into a hotel and in my small room, I was sitting and the door was glass (like shower type), the people in the hotel said they were waiting for me and even it was a nice one by the beach and it was sunny, my grandpa said we will move to the Ritz Carlton tomorrow (most expensive hotel in town). I have heard that hotels means death, and I worried if it is coming as I knew it was summertime.


    • salam sister , may be yr family is planning yr marriage or engagement with someone, not necessarily wit the one u seen in dream… its not abt death, its abt having a new life sister for temporary time,
      pray onto allah and dont fall in love wit anyone b4 yr wedding, we never knws how relations break easily..


      • My dear sister,

        JazakAllajkhair; however, I am the only revert to Islam, so no one could plan my marriage. My closest relatives (mom, and grandparents are dead). I feel they are kind of guiding me from there. Sister, I feel married to this guy of the dream even though nothing has happened and all is halal….so I will get married for sure? It has been 3 yrs II dreamed about his dad and a week this one…I get other offers for marriage, real ones, but my heart is on him…what should I do??? May Allah bless you for helping sis

      • is the guy of dreams really exist? or u see him only in dreams?
        well look in the real world, if someone wana marry u and u like him so wats bad in it? go ahead wit allah;s help

      • Salam sister, Thanks for the comment, but I do not have close family that could do this. I also can tell you that my heart is attached to this man of the dreams in real life, BUT I have got marriage offers from others…so do you mean that I should keep my heart straight on this man I love and dreamed about????? I do not know how to interpret your words of not falling in love with anyone else….. 🙂 thanks sis

      • not falling in love b4 marriage wt any one, i meant this

  215. BINT E HAWWA permalink

    asa. is there any meaning of seeing one large solitary mulberry on mulberry tree?
    although we have mulberry tree in our house which is now full of mulberries.

  216. Bilal permalink

    I saw a dream today that i was at the airport and seeing faces people who i know from my secondary school and college. i havn’t seen them in a long time. and i think i was inside the plane but the plane wasnt moving, no one was inside just two of my friends. then i look out the window of the plane then i see images of the girl i like and people keep mentioning her name talking about her, i could hear her name. what does this mean?.

    • lion means a potential envy
      and seing planes etc is starting of new life, a new turn, a new work etc..

  217. salam would like to knw the meaning of dream

    i saw few days back my friend(guy) comes to my mom n tell her tht there is 1 purposal so if u want 2 c for me u my mom agrees n take me too with them to meet tht ppl when we reach there the purposal guy mom say bad things abt me n dominte me i feel bad n they ppl say we dont want to do then thy leave the place….later on my friend says i will be back in a while when i sees him i notice he is happy for some reason n i feel tht he knew this purposal not going 2 work before only bt then y he did this
    will be waiting for ur reply

    • leave it sister, anyone creates a trouble for someone actually creats a prob for himself,
      its not yr mother who is doing but some one closer to u…
      just rely on allah that allah will gv u the person who is worth u,
      rest all are passers by
      pray for yrself and I

  218. salam …

    i saw a dream that i went to my friend place when i go there i see her how she is staying n her flat is nw small for only 1 bedroom n hall( in real her house is big) later then i see Rain is happening n again i see i m going to my same friend home so i go by walk to her house in rain n i m completely wet n trying to reach fast when i reached her house i sees her brothers sitting there so i went out of the house in rain again my friend tells me 2 come her brother will go but i say no i will go back, this time the house i see is white in colour n there is greenery too outside her house….when i left her place i went 2 other place which is very weird like nobody lives there n the way i m going from is backside door that nobody knws usually,so i m going n going there r so many doors which r close by locks so i m opening the lock n going i open 2 or 3 doors the last door when i opens i see that is hotel n some function is going on ppl r having their foods so i go inside i look around n thn get to knw its somebody marriage function but there is no bride n groom arrive yet….so in the hotel i sees 1 child is crying as he lost his parents i pick tht kid n try to find his parents n finally i found them the father of childs he got very happy as i helped them in seraching his kids he say u come with me i will tell this hotel ppl tht u helped me as thy were unable to helped me so wt i see i again going with them to hotel ppl from the same place where i entered the hotel so we reached to them n he says how i helped him but when he was talking to them i just comes out from the room n i start closing the door but i dont close them fully with any lock or shut them i just close them little bit n comes back

    wt this dream means ? plz tell me

    • sister u will face problems, seems like u r expecting your association with someone but seems nothing is gona happen in positive manner as u want
      jst focus on allah’s will , all is done in our best by Allah

  219. Bilal permalink

    i had a dream today again. i was queing to take my order for my food. when i got the bag of food i was walking to this table and the girl i like was sitting there. so i sat down on the same table then there were more people coming sitting down eating with us people who i know. we were eating chips/fries and some meat. there was a maulvi who was sitting opposite me that is close to my family. he was taking pictures with his phone we were all happy. then i got up to get more food i think, and i ended up at this small stall and i asked for fries and he said “we dont do fries” somethink like that then he gave me a small packet of pens. what does this mean.

    sorry for all the dream posts.

  220. Yus permalink

    Assalamualaikum Sister,

    i saw strange dreams, 1st dream: I kissed my cousin as actually she was about to get married, she did say zat I should tell her before.(well I didn’t luv her ). 2nd dream was about my expired father, in a room he did closed a door, but 1 was able to opened it and closed it later, while closing it, i saw 2 gold fishes in a big aquarium., 3rd dream was my sister who is already married, is being married, she wore Gold clothes or yellow, there were many girls around her, and were looking towards me, I did see big cooking Utensil (stainless steel) on one another unlike my height, then near my house there’s a street, on which all a sudden a beautiful bridge was built, they were crossing it. the last dream was about a road accident, a police traffic was projected on the air and get killed on his own motor and i did see how his soul was being taken while he was lifted by an invisible thing. then another sisiter of mine said : “LOOK! Look!!! there’s blood, and i did see blood dripping next to my Helmet.

  221. BINT E HAWWA permalink

    assalamo alaikum sis. i saw that iam sitting with my class fellows, and the teacher was giving lecture about papaya and jamun. and he has also placed a papaya and jamuns on the desk. then my colleauge gave me jamuns to eat. she handed over me a handful of jamuns, in which there were seeds along them.
    then perhaps it is the second part of dream when i was at bus stop along with other classfellows waiting for daewoo, and the daewoo driver stopped it away from stop, so i ran to ride it. conductor asked a lot of money but i gave less amount as i felt it will go in his black money, he asked 60 rupees probably and i gave 10 perhaps. then when iu came in hospital, the lab machinery was not working, and in lab i saw a man was cutting his subordinate finger, and obtaining punch biopsies from his finger.(strange) . i had weird pair of sandals, actually not a pair but i saw 3 pieces of sandals,very weird, 3 had different size. i put one by one in both feet.

    • BINT E HAWWA permalink

      actually my colleauge mixed the seeds of jamuns, which she ate along with new ones. and in real life iam not intimate with the ones i saw bc i always heard them backbiting others.

      • you are looking forwd fr someone but its not gona happen, rather 2 people are good ones, make friends with good gals
        and dont worry, yaar just pray to allah and hav faith on him, just dnt loose yrself..

        really whn i ask u all to pray and be strong, it makes me remind myself to stand for my troubles as well 🙂
        you all have become part of my life now lolz..
        may allah bless u, and pray namaz and quran pls daily..

      • BINT E HAWWA permalink

        MASHA Allah. ALLAH has given you something very precious. may ALLAH bless u too and us all.amen. AND MAY ALLAH GUIDE US THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES.AMEN.

  222. BINT E HAWWA permalink

    assalamo alaikum. yesterday i saw this. its quite fearful.
    i saw that me and my family members mom and sis are sitting in courtyard, when i saw a plane flying down and it dropped 2 smaller planes in the park outside our house. the plane which was dropped just a mile in front of our house just started to blast, and there were sparks of fire emitting from that plane,it was bursting. i said to my family members “move inside”.and it was very horrible, there were sparks of fire which destroyed our window panes, our walls, and we hardly managed to save our lives.
    and in the same dream i saw my old friend in my house, she gave me a pan(a big degchi) whose lid was not in good condition, and i saw that i threw a rotten guava out of my house.
    pls ap dua krna agr iss ka koi bura matlab hai.

    • aray behan is ka jawab de diya thaa na. aap bar bar mat likha karen,
      please pehley wala jwab prh len, aap ka koi pichla janney wala hai jo aapko tang krne wala hai, insult kare ga, koi rishta hai ya phr koi shaks jo apko pasand krta tha,…. urdu likh ne lag gai hum lol
      koi acha shakhs nhi hai aap k rishtay ma abhi, kharab fruits yehi batatey hain khwab ma


  223. Salam sister!

    i would comment on my old dreams for some follow ups, but couldnt find them, anyhow, i just wanted to say that in my pass dreams u said it meant that i would get a proposol in marrage, and a job then a better proposol=)

    well guess what!!

    I GOT A JOB!!!! i got the first proposol witch i passed on not beacuse u said another one would come i didnt even think about it until today! but it just didnt feel right but hamdullilah i was lookin so long for a job now i got it!!!! all prais to Allah!! the only thing left now is the next proposol:) hahaha

    have a good day sister i knw i will!!


  224. BINT E HAWWA permalink

    assalamo alaikum sis, u said,”pray to Allah in salah ( prayers) and make duaa for yr self”. does it mean to make dua during prayer? if yes, in which part?

  225. BrotherAftab permalink

    I had a dream a couple of months ago. I was on my way home from somewhere (not sure) and remember crossing a thin road when suddenly the road collapsed in front of me. I looked back and saw the same happening behind me as well. Next thing I know I am on a raft or something, stranded in the middle of the ocean. I got so scared, I was shaking.
    It felt so real. I thought my time was up and Allah is doing all this. I didnt know what to expect next. I was trembling. I wanted to confirm that I was not dreaming, so I kept sticking my hand in the calm water around me but it felt so real. Also, another point to note is that the water was very clean. I could clearly see the rocks underneath. I looked behind me and the sun was shinning brightly giving me a nice warm feeling. I was 100% sure by then that I was not dreaming. But it was all too scary and sudden for me and I couldnt stop trembling, maybe because of the certainty I felt that it wasnt a dream. Then I woke up!
    Please help me understand this dream!

    • salam. no need to worry,
      if u like someone, the person will go and there will be another person in yr life later and yr life will be filled with peace inshallah

  226. Salam sister, thanks for replying. The guy is real but I get mixed signals from him; hence the doubt if he is the one. I’m confused

  227. BINT E HAWWA permalink

    assalamo alaikum. i saw that my neighbour aunty rasheeda entred our house along with my mom, and they both sat on sofa together, i saw black shoes, and aunty brought a shopper full of oranges.

    • inshallah sister, you will get blessings from Allah, fruits shows good things to come up
      keep praying and thank Allah always in any times evn u r unhappy. there is always a reason behind everything. and allah loves us more thn anyone in the world.. He knows wats best for you and wat not


  228. Yus permalink

    Asalam…. Sister ,

    I had a dream : I saw myself as a “Jinn” with a long white hair next to my shoulder while someone else was showing that Jinn (myself) to me, and was pointing an Ipad on which the Jinn was seen clearly visible alike me but i was was a bit scared when i look.


    • walekum salam wr wb
      tell me more, u saw yrself lika old man with long white hair and beard etc.. gime details

      • Yus permalink

        Asalamualaikum Sis!

        well in that dream, i was n’t an old man but the jinn resemble exactly as me but with long white hair, with no beard, appears to hav noor on his face. but i was a bit scared when he turn towards me.

  229. e6salam permalink

    also another dream was about spiders.. i had two dreams:

    one which i was with my mom and i was talkin and then i look up at the wall and i find a huge spider so i was shouting “MOMM! a spider and they kept increasing more n more. then i woke upp

    and the other one which i was with my dad this time..again we were talkin and i find a spider comming near on the table and i told my dad loook a spider so he grabbed it with a tissue and next thing u know up on the wall there were alot of them in their webs so much of them ……

    what are those two dreams suppose to mean and what should i doo plz reply asap.

    • you should pray dialy prayers, and recite quran in yr home daily, and when you have prayed recite ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa to allah that he should protect your home and u from the evil of this dream.
      and all harms to happen.. why dont u give charity, help needy people and yr probs will be over soonest.


  230. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that my aunty had twins and she gave a twin boy to me to take care of so then i was holding the baby it skin colour was kind of dark…

    then i went to my moms bedroom and i saw she was unpacking the luggage and on the window seal was a huge black cat toy and evrytime i was saying something to my mom it began roaring at me…
    then i asked my why is it doing that….

    then i saw me, my mom, my sisters all came to my moms room and the curtains were drawed and the toy cat was roaring fiercely…

    then i saw myself holding the baby and this young man with a beard came to my house and he was sitting right next to me on a sofa and the baby was in my hands and he was telling me some quranic verses and explaining things to me about islam….

    then i saw myslef, my cousins and my sister and that baby in this large empty flat and suddenely the lights went out and we were all running downstairs from the flat and in the background we could hear roaring sounds getting louder and louder…

    and suddenely the baby in my hands turned into my youngest siser and suddenely she was also making wierd sounds and my other sister was running infront of me and then i began saying ‘aud billahi minash shatin irajim’ ..

    and then suddenely all my cousins had disappeared and us three sisters came out of the dark flat and were running on a street full of people…
    all three of us were safe….

    then i saw me and my two sisters had sat down on a table being served icecream and maybe eating it….
    then i woke up..

    please interpretate my dream
    jazzakallah khair

    • salam sister, recite ayat al kursi 3 times daily and seek protection wt allah, have u stopped this?
      do u even read my replies or keep writing yr dreams?
      keep doing this daily and inshallah ull hv icecream 🙂 all wil be good

  231. Bilal permalink

    1st dream – i was in my front driveway there was a car going by people were in there looking at my smiling, then a car comes in and parks in my driveway and woman driving wearing black hijab she was looking at me.

    2nd dream – I was in my house upstaires in my mothers room. when i walked in the wall on my right was caved in (smashed in), but in real life the wall is normal (thin) it looked all weired i was with my nephew looking at it?

    3rd dream – i keep going to different places and i keep seeing old friends from school and college?.

    • u will have some opportunity to arrive in future inshallah
      and u will find good people to deal with, seems to me, ull hv a new job, as yr present job is troubling for u and someone is envious as u mentioned in prior dreams..

  232. amna permalink


  233. what does seeing a mango in dreams mean

  234. shafana permalink

    I have posted one today but i cudn’t find its reply..dnt knw wether its coz of server error.Recently we proposed a boy and i made a call to him and he spoke to me very friendly.but still it is in pending stage.After a few days i saw a dream dat iam tryng to call him and at last ,we had a my great surprise ,in reality ,the same thing happened that morning and he spoke to me the same words as if in the dream hours before.Then yestrday night suddenly i remembered a dream which i saw 5 years before… that guy was havng a close resemblence with this proposed boy in terms of his colour,height and face cut…and he was tlking to me regarding my dat,During my second conversation ..days bfre.. in reality he ws telling about my career.Also in between i saw another dream where i ws sitting lonely in a class room(all others were sitting 2 each in a bench)and dis fellow ws also sitting back to me lonely.then teacher asked him to come and sit near to me and he did like dat.only Allah knows the secret behind dis..and now a days ,(not only bcoz of these dreams) iam feeling dat dis is d guy whom i ws searching for .. in all means.cud u pls gve an interpretation to this? iam new to dis site.and dont know where to check my reply.cud u pls send it in my email also?

    • salam sis, pls have yr parents decide for u and u dont talk much wit him or dont call him yrself
      let yr parents look, this is wat islam says

  235. Bilal permalink

    these dreams i am having about the girl i like is getting serious. today around 2:30am in my dream, this old muslim woman with glasses wearing dark green/black jubba and black hijab (aged 60-65) the woman wasnt ugly looking, clean face just old age. she came to my house i opened the door i gave salaam, then she walked in to the dining room and sat down on the chair with her back towards the dining table. my mum was infont of her sitting on a chair aswell. then i walked in the dining room and for some reason i was on my knees about to give salaam with my hands on her feet (i could actually see her feet), so i got back up. then my mum kept saying did you give salaam i got a bit angry and i said i did (my mum always does that in real life if she thinks i dont give salaam to guests, its bloody anoying). after that the woman looked at me and said:

    do you know my doughter? i said “no, who is your doughter”.

    she replied and said her name “_____ ______” first and second name bang on (it turned out to be the i like).

    then i replied “yes i know her”….thats it???

    Please reply in detail if you can. I don’t understand why i would see this girls mother fully in my dream?

    • seems like her family is willing for u, why dont u talk to her and send yr mom to her mom

  236. Saima permalink

    I had a dream that I went in to my garden and a black and White kitten jumped on to my shoulders and digged it’s nails in to me and wouldn’t let go of me after pulling it off and trying to get away from the kitten it then somehow stil manages to jump back on to my shoulder.. I begin to scream and run upstairs to show my brother so he can help me take it of…
    Can you tell me the meaning of this in Islam pls

  237. Sarah permalink

    Asalam sister,
    I have been having big problems in my school due to intolerance and we decided to raise the issue now, and I are going through a very stressful time of my life. My mum had a dream, where she was asking her mother who has passed away to pray to God o help me, and my grandmother was parying for me for God to help me .. and staff. If you coukd please tell me what the interpretation of this dram is when a close relative that has passed away prays for u…

    • actually yr mother is praying for u, so this is how she dreamt this..
      if u r on haq, but still use yr brain and wisdom, dont make any issue without hikma or wisdom.. sometimes we have to remain patient to get things done .. so dont put yr self in trouble pls
      and try to deal with cleverness. pray the duaa of musa AS, surah taha which says ribish rahli sadri……..

      • Sarah permalink

        Thank you so much sister, i appreciate a lot!
        I have been bullied by a teacher really badly as i am the only muslim girl in the class and the teacher doesnt like this at all and i received loads of threats, till i got to the point, where i couldnt carry on with my studies for this year, so i thought it was time to stand up for myself ! plz sister d3aili be nasr … thanx loads

  238. nada permalink

    hello sister,
    can you plz help me, i am desperate, and i need to know why i cannot sleep every night, i stay awake, and unable to sleep, my whole body is always aching pain, and hot aching feet only when i come to sleep, i feel this pain,
    and also…. when i do manage do sleep , i see devils every night, they are scaring me ,and sitting on my chest, and pulling me and pushing me,,every time i see them, i wake up frightened,and scared to go back to sleep, i have been seeing these dreams 2 weeks straight so far,every day the same,
    also to let you know, im a arabic singer, i sing at parties and there is alcohol, am i getting these dreams because god is not satisfied with me, or these devils in my dream ,does it mean someone is making a bad spell on me,or to make problems between me and my husband ???
    plz i desperatly need to know, can you help me asap…
    jazak allahu khair sis

    • salam sister
      singing for a woman is haram , u know this? im sure u u know and music is haram except of daff ( tambourine)
      and only singing is allowed for little girls in weddings or eid.

      so u r yrself doing haram things so shaitan and jin are coming to u in dreams, they only come to whom, who displeases allah. keep yr self in wudu as much as u can,

      pls try to change yr profession, make clothes and sell them, cook arabian food and sell it.
      or make a cafe and sell tea and cookies, just leave this haram work, wear hijab, offer regular salah, recite quran with understanding and please allah so u get succes in dunya and aakhirah
      allahuma aaina fi dunya hasana wa fi al akhirati hasana wa qina azab an naar

      once u start this wat i asked u above, u will have peaceful sleep
      and recite ayat al kursi 3 times as well b4 u sleep and seek refuge wt allah.

      pls also note, make a lot of astaghfar

  239. lilaanah permalink

    salam sister,
    it’s a short dream but i thought i should really get it interpreted

    i was sitting with my family, my brothers, my mum and my dad. we were sitting all together in a room watching a movie or something that was on TV not really sure but some how we paused what was on, and my dad, my mum and me started smoking a cigratte ( my parents and i are non smokers) so my mum was looking for an ash tray to put the cigrette in it and she had a camera in her hand i wasnt sure why, then my cigrette dropped where the heater is and our heater it works by gas, so when the cigrette fell where the heater is my dad knew what was happening from my facial expression and he kept saying No but it was too late and the whole house exploded and i was so scared and all i said is “ashado la elah ela allah wana mohamad Rasol allah” and everything was white, blanked and i know i was still alive but i didn;t want to wake up and i was waiting whats going to happen next.

    Thank you sis

    • salam, well, u can make a mistake which can upset yr parents..
      pls be careful and make duaa wt allah to save u from the errors

  240. Salam Islamsunshine, hope ure in good health!!?
    Another dream if u can help translate…
    Dreamt of my ex fiancé in my house which is not my present house but some other beautiful big house and ex is there and crying and very depressed dat he doesn’t love his wife and can’t stay with her anymore, he is sittin in bathroom tub and crying I feel very bad and am worried he wud kill himself!! So call my husband to tell him to come home as I am worried to wat might happen!

    I had another dream me and my husband are traveling in beautiful mountainous valley lush green tall trees and end up on top of mountain in a white painted house there I see one of my maid from back home! she is very very happy to see us and makes rice for us am so busy with kids don’t get chance to eat but then I see my mother(not living) starts feeding me rice with spoon and suggesting I shud take care of myself!!
    Thanks again ever since I found u all my past dreams are comin to my mind!! Please when u get sick of my dreams let me know I will stop!! :))

    • Sorry forgot to add in first dream the ex is sitting in my bathroom tub with drops of water dripping over him!! And he’s very sad.

    • well dear someone in yr family is not happy wt his job..
      this is the meaning

      • Khumariyan permalink

        Asa do both dream mean same thing??

  241. deeba permalink

    Assalamualaikum sister…:-)
    Actually i stay in a hostel with my friends & last night i saw dream that we have shifted the room and it seems to be vry dull & gloomy..and there is a window from where i hear a sound of female running wearing heavy anklets..and one of my roomates is saying to her friend that the same sound came even before & she(myself) got scared very badly..i suddenly woke up & argue with her that i wasnt scared i just got disturbed by hearing the sound of a while my friends left the room & even i was trying to leave it suddenly the door closes & i was unable to get out of the room..& i feel sumthing coming closer & closer to me,,so i started reading 4 surahs of QUL…i tried my best to leave the room but somehow i lost my leg in the tragedy & the door dint open!!! Then this unkown thing disturbed me for many days,after few days i find that near my old house there is a junction where people have dig a ditch & the two evil souls unite and fall into it..and when i see up i can see that ALLAH(SWT) has sent a a slit which is very very heavy and comes down forcefully & fall over those evil souls & forms a covering over them…still a hand of one of the evil souls tries to touch me but i move backward..then one of my aunties says me to give them food for the last time but i refuse & move back with a baby in my arms…..when i reach my home i find mail on my dads computer that the hearing of one the courts case was not in his dad was in so angry mood & he left the room & went to talk to the lawyer….& i was about to leave the room sunndenly the door closes and the baby in my arms turned into a evil character…have seen this dream aroud 6:00 AM……..please interpret it for me!!
    Jazak Allah khair

    • salam, this dream is nothing bt from shaitan, u pls make wudu and do namaz before u sleep
      and read ayat al kursi 3 times and seek refuge wt allah to protect u
      and be good in prayers, and reading quran wt understaing nd meanings
      make astaghfar alot and have peace

      • deeba permalink

        walaikum as salaam….
        Jazak Allah khair 4 d reply!! 🙂
        May Allah(SWT) keep u in good health!! Ameen.

  242. salam sister i had a strange dream i cant remeber it all, but hear is what i can remember:
    i dreamed that i kidnapped a girl and when her sister and mother found us her sister stabbed me in the back with a knife, right before i feel on the floor i thrue i knife at her mother and she lost her fingers,.

    and another dream is i was going to work for the first time, i saw a boy from my old school in the bus station there was a girl there to i asked the girl witch bus takes em to my work she pointed at a bus and said follow me, i went across the street and the bus woulndt stop becuse we where standing in the wrong side so i missed the buss and she startet to laugh.

    • someone may mislead u

      • Mmm permalink

        in what why ? that was 2 dreams

        mislead me in what way ? work realations or love life or another situation ?

        thank u for ur time sister!
        barakallah fiki!

  243. Sarah permalink

    Asalam sister,
    My mother wants to know the interpretation of this dream.
    When my mum went to pilgrimage she dreamt that she cimbed this very high mountain in Mecca ,and she climbed to the very top. And at the top of the mountain there was a very strong bright light and everyone was wearing white. then one of the woman that was there at the top of the mountain came to my mum and told her that “Hussein invited you here “. when she asked where she was they said you are invited by Hussein here.
    At the top of the mountain there were loads of people all dressed in white, and it was extremely bright , like light shining from a moon it was bright. Then when my mum looked down again from the top of the mountain she saw a river down at the very bottom which wasnt there previously.
    salam….. and thank you sister

  244. Mmm permalink

    salam sister
    i had a dream this morning i dreamed that i brought home a man to meet my parents, he came with his brother my mother wasnt at home only my dad and 2 sisters.

    everything was OK until my dad phone rang, i answerd and it was my dads friend wantet my dad to pick him up, so i told my dad and he decided to bring his friend, and he said that the men had to come with him, he didnt want to live us alone with them, so i and my sister laughed and said our dad is so cute, on there way out i said i wantet to se them from the balcony my sister said no dong go there dad will be angry, and we where so loud that our dad heard us, all of the sudden, our dad came back running and pushed me so i feel he was so angry with me cuz i wanted to watch them from the balconey and that i was so loud. then i woke up..

    does this have a meaning sister?


    • no need to worry and dreams come and go, like ppl come and go, keep up with duaa and allah will do best for u

  245. Moeen ud din Ahmad permalink

    can you kindly tell me the meaning of below dream
    ” I was combing my hair and when i looked at the comb I saw two head lice in it, i didnt remember wether i killed them or not.”
    I saw a similar kind of dreams few months as well in which one of the lice fell down from comb and i tried to kill it by placing my foot on it and when i lift my foot i can see a bigger size lice and blood all around it.

    • salam. some problems in your work.. do u keep up regular prayers and do charity?
      charity, helping the poors with food, money are the easiest way to get rid of any troubles..
      but one has to stick to his Lord Allah and show him sincerity in praying and praising him and following Quran and his Prophet SW

  246. Bilal permalink

    1st dream – 2 days ago i saw myself entering a big house kind like. the walls look very nice with mosiac tiles/patterns (i think it was a mosque) i was happy. then i saw these stairs i walked up the staires and near the top there was a woman wearing a red/gold/brown coloured hijab standing there, and she smiling at me i smiled back. then i got to the top and there was a bathroom, i went in and i think i did wudu then i came out an entered another room. this room was a mosque because i saw an Imaam and other men that i recognised from my local area. they were smiling they were about to start reading salah.

    2nd dream – yesterday i saw my mums sisters family, i got out of bed and i went to the bathroom and there were bedsheets and clothes in the bath so i walked back out and then i saw my mums sister in salah sitting down the back of her. then i went into there kitchen i saw there bathroom, then i went to read salah in my mums sisters room and her daughter was there lying in bed (shes about age 32) and said to me no not in here.

    3rd dream – yesterday i saw myself riding on a bus with an old friend that i know and another unknown girl that i didnt know, she was talking to me alot (couldnt remember what she said). then i see myself at a fragrance shop, there was one particular fragrance that i looked at the colour was light blue.

    4th dream – today i saw that i was in my garden by my niebours gates and by the entrace towards my garden i tiger was coming/walking. the tiger was all relaxed and i think i seen two month old tiger cubbs. i was smiling it looked like i was about to jump over my niebours gate i wasnt that scared.

    I am also starting to see my self as a bathroom attendant in my dreams. what do these dreams mean?

    • bathroom attendant hahaha 😛 well it means u r an employee in an office my dear 🙂
      and some woman gona come in yr life, u r seeing again and again these dreams, abt yr wedding ,,
      and yr life will be inshallah good. and the envies wont harm u now as well,
      barak allahu feek

      • Bilal permalink

        i know my dreams are halarious lol.

  247. Bilal permalink

    today in my dream i saw that there was a car 2007 peugeot 307, blue. and the girl i like was in the back even though i didnt see her face fully i just saw her hijab and the side of her face (didnt see the driver). where ever i went i kept being followed by her. in real life this girl is watching every move of mines where ever i go, going out at night (9:30pm) to the local chippys, during the day in city centre ect. she wont leave me alone. a lot of people of hers (family, cousins, firends) are keeping there eyes on me, but no one is approaching me.

    2nd dream – i see myself in a unknown location with alot of snow in daylight and i am in this bungalow and i keep climbing out of the window.

    3rd dream – i saw these stairs going down and there was this funny man dressed in this grey beenie outfit and he rolled down the stairs. so i went down 2/3 flights of stairs when i got to the bottom it looked i was handkuffed, there was a door and the lady behind me said carry on walking so i went in, there was a long corridor and the left there were different rooms ist room a cell, 2nd room kitchen or somethink, 3rd room some kind of sports hall so i went in then out of nowere i am with my old secondary school friends who i never see anywere for a long time. in the sports hall there were clothes rails, neatly so my friend picked up a short trouser and the price tag was £70 and i said thats too much so we put it back.

    • u wana get out of some situation which is making you like u r occupied and u have no freedom, but things are not bad as u assume them brother, they can turn up in a good manner as well if u keep patience. this is beacause ppl cant trust u or anyone at a glance, they watch our behaviour and things to see if we are worthy enough but this sometimes makes us feel like we are in jail and all tied up lolz… just pray to allah to give u a good life partner and inshallah u will as yr dreams are giving messages.

  248. Salam sister,

    I dreamed that I was in a hotel volunteering to take care of some kids and i saw a girl who finally decided to let the guy she liked that she loved him by kissing him and I felt happy for them, when I see the guy (that in reality would like to marry) and I sawe myself I was wearing all black clothes with black pants that were wet, and in this I see myself looking at the mirror and I see abundant black hair mashAllah, that I do not have and i behave so excited when I see him. Then, we get into a bus and go for a trip to my country of origin and I offer him a cookie like with a transaparent base and some nuts (almonsd) on top. He refused at first as he was eating already some nuts and wanted to give me some of his as well.


    • yr frned and tht person will have a good time, but haram is haram, love and dating are not allowed in islam..
      ask them to get married than love eachother or talk… salam

  249. mmm permalink

    Salam sister!

    i woke up today so confused remember the dream about the boy i prayed would stay away?

    today i dreamd about him again i saw hi in my house he asked my mother for my hand in marrage and my mother said ask her father not me then i went in my room with him and he kissed me and gave me a big present i unraped it and it was a really big big red rose then i woke up.

    sister im really worried i dont want any contact with this boy im still praying on him, so why do i keep seing him in my dreams does this mean i will marry him?


    • sister may be another good person will and u will get married, so u see him since u liked him tht much. but its not abt him, another person who will know yr worth inshallah and care for u as yr wife

      • that was really good news sister thank u so much!

  250. binte hawwa permalink

    assalamo alaikum. i saw that my maid came to see me, when i went to door to see her off, i saw someone outside the main gate who was busy with milk containers and probably tying them with chains, i did not recognize him. i came inside. but when my mom saw outside ,she got that they are a group of robbers and they are there to come inside, she hurriedly took her gold jewelry and cash out of the cupboard and put them in blood pressure cuff and tied around her arm, then mom said to us(me and my sis) to leave from the backdoor. then i saw that a white car came, and 2 persons were already sitting on the same seat with the driver. so all our family members have to sit on backseat.(5 of us) we sat and reach some place. my mom had still the b.p cuff on her arm which was containing the jewelry and cash. i said to my mom, that my pair of black shoes was left in the cupboard, so i was fearful that the robbers may take them away, and i was saying to my mom that ap wo bhi rakh laiten apne pas. during our travel, i saw 2 donkey carts , on each of these 2 homosexual men were lying together.(i mean in that shameful manner) then we reach at some hospital probably, and when my mom had to get her b.p checked, i said to someone that check on other arm because one arm had already having the cuff of jewelry containing b.p apparatus. i saw some new place , i mean a different hospital, not the one i work in.

    • binte hawwa permalink

      my daily situation z that the dr.s i work with, are wanting me to be with them for the wrong purpose of strike, you know that the strike of dr.s in lahore has resulted in deaths of many patients. i don’t want to be with them, they are saying me to give them in written that iam with them or otherwise they will probably boycott me.
      how can i be a part of them? i know they are wrong. and my family persuading me to tell lie and show them that u r with them for the sake of ur job. what should i do? my parents telling me the wrong way? is it?

      • binte hawwa permalink

        and iam not afraid of their boycott, but the problem z iam new to the hospital, i do not know practical work, so what should i do? iam at my home, not going to work bc iam in perplexed situation.
        tou maa baap say husne salook ka matlab kya hai? jhoot bolna? kya karon?

      • salam sister, i understood u, whn u hv urgent things thn send to my facebook, u have it already ?
        yar tum bas esa kro ,maslehat se kam lo, tum show kro tum bemar ho, or leave le lo.
        or kisi se medical crt bnwa k de do k dihorrhea ho gya hai, to tum chal bhi nhi skti, ya stair se slip ho gai ho to chal nhi skti, koi bhi esa bahana banao k tm ko chuttiyan krno pr jayen.
        or kisi achay dr. se cerft bnwalo, mere khayal se stair se gir k moch aajai to crtf bnwanay ki zarurat nhi hai lol, dihorrea k liye 2 din roza rakhlo to wesei hi kmzor lago gi, or mu mat dhona aik do din lol, mera matlab hai tayyar nahi hona , bas beemar nazar ana, kisi se bat met krna or ORS peeti rhna….
        khair tum dekh lena, and be like a lawyer to solicit such situations…

      • plus tum facebook pa msg kro ma tumhe apna mobile number de dungi to tum contact kr lena, aajkal ma busy hoti hin to dreams pa har waqt nhi hoti…

  251. Bilal permalink


    Today in my dream i saw my older sister and my mum in my bedroom, my sister was wearing a black jubba and a red silky hijab (she looked very pretty). i actually saw her putting her hijab on. i remember saying to my sister “you dont even wear a hijab” then my mum said “i know”. in real life my sister never dresses like that but she is still a good person.

    does this mean my sister is going to get married? or does it mean somethink else?

  252. AftabKhan permalink

    I have had a dream day before yesterday which is still very clear in my mind and I cant get it out.
    I remember meeting my parents, (By the way, they live in a different country). My mother and someone else went off in a different car and my father and I left in the same car. My father was driving and he was too fast. I asked him to slow down but he just laughed and caried on. Then we came to an open green area where my father pulled out a revolver and fired three random shots as if he was making sure its in good condition. Then he handed it to me and pointed to two tiger/leapords (not very sure, but I think they had spots, so leapords). One was pinkish and the other was orangish. I aimed at the leapords and seeing that they tried to run but I shot one down. As I apporached it, it was till moving so I shot it again at point blank range. My father was so shocked at my second fire and it seemed as if he was going to cry. As if I was very cruel. Seeing this, the other tiger pounced at me but I shot it down in mid-air. It was flinching too but I did not shoot again because I felt bad for my father’s expression. Then my dad cut the first one in half and carried half away. Thats all.
    Please help me figure it out. I have been thinking a lot about this.

  253. Ahmedali permalink

    asalam aleikum,

    lastnight i dreamt i was with my family in a cafeteria or a tv room,,eating or watching tv a movie or something,then i think it was my wife that sent me for something in my apartment,,my apartment i have to go out of that hall and walk a few distance,,it was like maghrib time..on the way there were wild animals,,i think first was a hyena that begun to attach.,a man that was nearby saw that and he took a stick and begun to beat tha hyena that was trying to attack me and telling me to go to my apartment while him distract the hyena,,while nearby my apartment,,a she lion was sleeping and stood up and begun to roar and wanted to attack me,,the man begun to fight the she lion that was very angry and roaring so much while telling me to run to my apartment door was locked so i had to put the key to open thé door,,i dont remember if i entered the door to my apartment but i remember while me going to pick up something in my apartment,,my wife and kids left and they didnt wait me to come back,i think there was someone else a man with them,,and i was wondering why they were not waiting for me to come back and then the encounters with the lions…i woke up today feeling my heart still beating very fast..i dont know this 3 episodes what means me being sent to apartment,,them not waiting for me to come back ,,encountering hyena,,that guy fighting hyena and lions,and me facing the she lion..please let me know..

    thank you and wish you all the best of today and always inshallah.

    • salam bro, there are 2 people trying to harm you, pls look who are those 2 people and yet Allah’s help is wit u so u get protected. is there anyone in yr class or university who is jealoused or is it from relatives ? u gota look and keep away from them in a good manner..politely..

      • Ahmedali permalink

        waaleikum salaam,shukran,,its very hard to find out who this 2 people r,as i can see all people around me looks like they r fine and friendly 2 me..i can’t see anyone in my university that can be could of family dont know yet,,i have no idea where to start to find out..inshallah i put all my trust in Allah for protection..please if anything thing extra explaination to add ,pls do so.. Jazakar Allah Kheir..

      • Ahmedali permalink

        i would like 2 ask for some advice,,since i decided to study again and moved to university i have had this strange dreams alot and am not all that happy..feel away from my kids and family..i am beginning 2 have 2nd thoughts of stopping as much as i want to srudy and get done with the 2 yrs..please advice do u think its a good idea with these situation i am stop studies and move back home..shukran

      • cant u do distant learning ? study from home, or take online classes ?

      • Ahmedali permalink

        asalam aleikum,,i want to add something connected to the above dream,,that all the time is popping up,,the hyena that was wanting to attack me was fat in the belly,,seems like preganant and the lion had babies,,so it was a lioness,,does this mean the 2 people that want to harm me are female? Jazakallah kheir..

      • i have no idea brother, by the way, animals look different by face in genders, like lion has lot of hair on head and lioness has no huge hair and is lean and slim and shorter in height, so this can be the case wt hyne as well…why dont google out and see images ..salam

  254. Bilal permalink

    these dreams are not in order.

    today 1st dream – i think i was walking past this funeral, there was a coffin in front of me on the floor as well as a prayer mat towards the entrace of this cemetery with gates. there was a man ahead of me and i think he said to me to cross over so i did as i cossed over the road i think i saw my mother dressed in a black jubba and hijab and there were alot of people behind her walking (i am not sure if i saw my mother it was a quick flash). then i could see some sort of cemetery the one i walked passed , i was looking from a distance and i saw more wooden coffins. one of the coffin had some sort of flag on it, it was green/white with arabic writing on it. then in the background i was sure that i could hear someone reading the janazah. after this dream i got kind of scared.

    2nd dream – i was in this bedroom, my mother was in there aswell. i opened this wardrobe and there was clothes on the rail i remembered seeing a white shirt. then under the bed there was to pairs of shoes i tried on a pair and the fitted well the colour was bright red.

    3rd dream – there this family who live on my road we are not much in contact with them, i seen them in my dream except for there mother. i remember hugging my mums sisters husband as he was sitting down on the sofa twice smiling, who was also in this dream. then i shaked hands with this sheikh i know a good religious man, but a tear was falling from his left eye down his cheek. (he wasnt really crying). every body was sitting on the sofa.

    • salam bro, some ceremony inshallah will happen, and u are gona have a suitable partner as well.. all the dreams show the same message..

  255. Naima permalink

    I dreamed about seing my family and myself in a beautiful house and also saw my mum succeding by selling food

  256. shahanasaleh permalink

    Dear Sisters,

    I had a dream that I was sleeping in my husbands arms and all of a sudden I noticed that my hands were full of henna beautiful colour and pattern I cannot discribe I was showing it to my husband and saying to him is ‘nt it beautiful and it went darker it was as if it was part of me and felt as if it was there forever never to fade out

    • was yr wedding in some sort of trouble? well if it was than yr wedding will be safe inshallah

      • shahanasaleh permalink

        yes I have been going through tough times with my marriage for some time recently we both went to do Umrah and since then I have had good dreams one of which was that I was praying in infront of the kaba door and the there was extremely strong light coming from the door and shining on me what does this mean

      • see sister, i felt it thru yr last dream and u had been given good news in yr last dream already that yr wedding will be fine, and this dream also shows that inshallah all will be well, keep me in yr prayers as well

  257. Yus permalink

    AsSalaamu alia kum… Sister!!!

    i need to know the interpretation of this dream: a huge amount of Blood coming out from my mouth and the “LavaBo” (a device used to provide water for the washing of hands) is filled of Blood!!!


    • walekum salam, bro are u doing regularly good deeds like praying , helping yr parents and relatives?
      you also need to make astaghfar walking talking everytime do it from yr heart and than if u do all things right
      than read surah ikhlas, surah al falak and an naas, bow on yr palms and rub on face and body do this 3 times
      make duaa for yrself in sujud while praying tht allah protects u from the effect of this dream and dont mention to anyone else.

      • Yus permalink


        Yes Sister, i do the 5 prayers regularly dear, but somtimes it may happen that i make KAza for those i missed. Sister i had another dream, there was a beautiful girl ( Blonde) she was half naked, but her private part was clearly visible, can u tell me about the Dream?


      • yeah i have replied it in another dream of yrs, salam

  258. Hanen permalink

    Salam Wailakum Warahmatulah Wa Wabarakatu

    I’ve always had really weird dreams and I’m starting to belove they mean something InshAllah something good:)

    Ok erm the first one was that I was in my room (not my actuall room) and erm I’d gour to go wake my mother up. When I fot to her bed I found there was two of her but one was asleep while the other told .e somethhing (don’t remember sorry) and I ran out of her room back into mine full of fear then it was like I got possesed by a jihn and I was being fling about hitting walls severly but their was no blood or broken bones,I then started to recite ayat lkursi and it stopped then my mother was beside me comforting me then I saw my little nephew in his peam all beaten up with blue bruises

    My other dream started in a swimming pool and I was had my phone in my hand trying to not let the water get it. And then suddenly I was at my school gates and I was with a really pretty girl with a nose piercing on her nose wearing hijab (seen her before near my mosque) we got on a bus but the inside was like a train she was telling me to wear hijab and practice humility because my end is near then almost immediatly she corrected herself telling me that oh no youe gonna live for long or somethimg like that in the term that the end for me is far inshAllah

    Finally my last dream was there were these creaturs and they killed people and they entered my neighbours house (whose daughter has cancer may Allah help them) and killed them all, me my sis and mum went to go and help them but sadly they died then they started chasing is around and suddenly this changed and all I could see was me pulling down my white knickers and their full off blood, I wiped myself and found more blood but I was really happy as I’m 15 and haven’t had my period for 5 months now. After all this my dream went back to how it was (btw not entirley sure when the period scene came up but it deffo did) so we are back fighting these creaturs and I kill one and then we find out that my mums fiend has died so my sister calls his ex wife and tells her to come, we inform her and she starts crying hysterically. And then we are back to running away from the creaturs and they eventually go away so me my sis nephew and some girl I don’t know go lay in some freezing cold water and I don’t know why but I was trying slowly to drown my nephew but I didn’t (apparently had to do so because creature was inn him) we all lay in water then I woke up

    Please please please help me with these dreams inshAllah jazak Allah

    • walekum salam wr wb sister, when u have bad dreams like these , creatures or someone killing, dont discuss and read the duaa of rasul sw that allah i seek protection from you from this dream. you can find on web search the method. and abt the girl wt u in pool is that some good friend will come in yr life inshallah who will help you and guides you towards deen.
      you should keep up wit prayers and make duaa for yr guidance and protection in sujud.

  259. Bilal permalink

    1st dream – 2 days ago, i saw that me, my mother, sister, uncle (who i never saw in a long time) and this unknown woman in white hijab were in my dining room. we were all happy, the unknown woman was carrying a baby so was my uncle carrying a baby (i think they were boys). then we were all sitting around the dining table and there was white warm rice in the pan and was handing it out to everybody.

    today i saw that i was with my younger sister in this bedroom and there was black dress on the bed, i was also in another bedroom alone, and the wallpapers were kind of teared/ripped? my younger sister is starting to appear in my dream?

  260. Yus permalink

    Assalamualaikum Sister, will there b any answer about the”” Jinn”” on reply to “April 27, 2011 at 2:31 pm”

  261. Bilal permalink

    today i saw i was in this mall i think, and there were escalators, there were a few girls in hijabs in the mall aswell who i didnt recognise. my younger sister was with me and she called me twice like in a hurry (baiyah, baiyah). then we both when up the escalator and then for some reason we kept going backwards on another escalator. then from a distance over the wall i could see tigers sitting down walking about it looked like a zoo or somethink.

    what does this mean?

    • yr relative or frnd may need yr help but some hurdles or envies wont let u do it, sort it out and help them

  262. sana permalink

    i dont feel comfortab;e sharing my dreams can u plz povide me an email address i cancontact you through

    • sister, keep a fake name, post yr dream. everyone’s posting dreams in fake names so u will get the meaning fr yr dreams

  263. sana permalink

    i dont feel comfortable sharing my dreams can u plz provide me an email address i can contact you through

  264. zeeshan ashraf permalink

    the dream which iam gonna write is atleast 15 years ago , at that time i was about 12. i saw a dream in which i was told that the body of prophet muhammad(SAW) is placed with in my school. I rushed to that place to see the body of prophet muhammad(SAW) . i bowed down and kissed prophet muhammad(SAW)`s face and i can feel something happening to my whole body which iam unable to express. As i kissed prophet muhammad(SAW)`s face , suddenly he came alive and prophet muhammad(SAW) seemed bit angry and pointed me towards the Kabba( after the dream i figure out the direction where prophet muhammad(SAW) pointed. When i woke up i was so terrified as i thought i may be doing some thing which is making prophet muhammad(SAW) unhappy but after several years( almost 10 years) i saw another dream as i am taking part in war with prophet muhammad(SAW) and i am his body guard but this time i could not see prophet muhammad(SAW). The first dream still bothers me . i never asked its interpretation from any one. Would be hugely obliged if any concerned and knowledgeable Alam could throw light on it.
    (NOTE: In first dream i still remember that prophet Muhammad (SAW) had no beard)

    • salam, Prophet Muhammad SW had a beard and whon u seen wasnt him.. so dont worry .
      u should read hadith abt Rasul SW’s appearence , shaitan cant copy his real image bt shaitan can come in diff faces and say he is rasul ullah SW

  265. YUS permalink

    Assalamualaikum sister!!

    I had 2 dreams: 1st Dream: there was a small house , narrow road but when I entered the house, it was as a University Inside, i could see Students.

    : 2nd Dream: its not ze 1st time I used to dream at my Grandmother’s place,my mother did tell me zat there’s a Jinn , every time i dream zat place, well am a 24 yrs boy not married, but always I see myself naked or a girl naked, cohabitated wiz me!!! is shaitwaan using me? and even sometime I dream of Blonde girl with Golden hair..

    • yes brother, female jinns are doing this wt u, they are dirty creatures and use human boys , they come in dreams in forms of beautiful women , u better take ruqqya from a sheikh s that those jinns would leave u, try to remain tahir and in wudu always, keep yr clothers motahhir and no filth.. pray regular and give reply to azan, always listen to quran tilawat instead of music.. salam

  266. Bilal permalink

    1st dream – i was in my front room and living room with a shiekh that i know and with my couzins. we were all eating fresh dates (i could see the dates open) i was actually chewing on one date and i think i bit the seed. my elder sister said to me that she was going to ask this guy for marriage, she said his name aswell.

    can u reply back to all of my dreams please. i am concered about these dreams i am having. i would not have posted them otherwise.

    thank you. zajakallahu khaairan.

  267. Salam sister!
    my mother had a dream
    before she fell a sleep she was listning to a sura from the quran *Ruqia sharia* it protects u from black magic.

    when she fell a sleep she had a dream : she saw me waking her up saying mother i locked my sister out from the house i cant look at her face, she ran out and was screaming at me cuz i thru my sister out. when my mother went get her and unlocked the door, she saw my sister but she couldn even look at her face cuz her head had changed in to a cat head and the nose was from a pig, so my mother got scared and said to my sister get in the house now before someone sees u and all the time she was saying ya allah ya allah then she woke up.

    just a bad dream or does it have a meaning?

    jazakallah kheer sister!

    • yes signs of sahar, seek allah’s protection and ruqya shariah is to drive jinn out of someone.. to drive out magic, u have to recite surah iklhas, falak and naas blow on yr palms and rub on the body, do this 3 times and read ayat al kursi 3 times and make duaa wit allah to protect ..salam

  268. Bilal permalink

    i had a dream yesterday that i was in this unknown house and i went in a the bathroom and urinated in the toilet, then i had two kitchen washing up gloves in my hand and i dropped two gloves in the toilet.

    what does this mean?

  269. Salaam

    Sister i would like interpretions for the following dreams

    Dream1. In one of my dream Im speaking to a girl who i know but not seen for years..i remember her telling me she got divorced and so has a her sister. I say but your sister has just had a baby and she just says it didnt work out.

    Dream2. Im walking with a familiar male and hes telling me he’s taking me to introduce me to his family members. i then see myself sitting on a sofa with a little boy. Im telling him i like his uncle..he’s smiling at me and saying something. I then look out the window and i see a green field nice and bright sky and i can see a ew rolls of loose material. i remeber 1 roll was black with colourful flowers

    Dream3. Im looking outside my window and i see my aunts and uncle walk towards our house. I hear my mum is in the bathroom and I am waiting outside for her becasue i want to tell hersomething.

    Dream4. im in a really big building with my aunts and cousins. My aunty is showing me her rooms and telling me she’s getting a house extension.

  270. Bilal permalink

    1st dream – i saw that i was holding this white scroll in my hand, i seemed really happy my mother was me aswell i opened it and it had arabic writing on it, i remember mentioning the word Qur’an.

    2nd dream – i was walking down my road i was stopped by my cousin in a black car he came out smiling and shaked my hand and said “you going home” i said “yeh”. then i got to my entrance to my house the door was open and in the front porch there was a box of sweets.

    3rd dream – i was in my garden with my sister and brother i think it was dark, and half of our gates was gone/removed. instead a line of garbage in bags were lined up were the wooden gates stood. and we were picking the bins up and putting them in a pile.

    please reply, where have you gone?

  271. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister, I had a dream that I was at home and it was the night time and all the lights were lit in my …
    Also everyone was at home except for my mum who had gone outside…
    My grandma was doing something in the storeroom and I was in my bedroom on my laptop downloading some sad movie as my friend likes watching sad films, my dad was doing something on his phone and one of my sister was watching TV and the little on was with my grandma….
    then suddenly my grandma noticed a small spider near my or my sisters shoe….
    Then my youngest sister called me to see the spider I went I my grandma said kill it…
    Then I ran to wear some slippers and I was trying to stepped on the spider…
    then I suddenly saw a bigger, fury and darker spider coming out I quickly began banging on it…..
    then I looked up and across the corridor I saw a medium size Indian snake….
    and then my grandma shouted again step on it….then I went close to it…
    right opposite it…
    I was kind of getting scared that it might bite me but still I tried to step on it with my left foot…
    but nothing was happening to it….it was still alive and then I tried again…
    my grandma began shouting even more. kill it. kill it….
    and then I decided to step on it with my right foot as it is more stronger…then I banged it so many times and finally the snake had died…
    I managed to break it neck and it died….
    i then went back in my room back on my laptop…all this was happening in front of my dad but for some reason he was just not reacting….
    He was too busy on his phone….
    Then suddenly my mom came back home and she saw the dead snake and my grandma and sisters began telling my mom what had happened.
    And that I killed it….then my mom began shouting saying why did you kill the snake…the snake would of made you feel better…as in the dream I was also quite ill…and then I woke up

    please interpretate this dream sister…
    jazzakallah khair

  272. Tamanna permalink

    Salaam sister…
    I had a dream that i was in my homecountry and then we all there and then i was there staying over witj my whole family and the boy i used to like was also there…but i was no longer intrested in him…
    and he too was sleeping in the same house…

    then i saw me and my parent and sisters jus came back to london from my homecounty and we were waiting for this man to come and collect us from the airport…

    my dad was constantly giving notes of money in my hand…which i was finding difficult to handle as i was scared i might lose them…my dad kept on giving me money and i was constantly counting how much dad had given me and i was putting it in my pockets….then i saw me and my family were on this street, which was so bright and colourful shops everywhere….

    then we went inside an restaurant or an ice-cream shop and this waiter served us a tandoori baby chicken….and then my dad ordered some kulfi icecream…..
    and then we came out of the restaurant and we saw the man had come who we had been waiting for…

    it was a black person who was smiling..we all knew who he was in the dream…and we were shocked to see hat he bought the massive empty bus just for us…
    and we were expecting him to get us our car…then we all climbed on and my dad said that he will drive..then i insisted that i will drive…i began driving and i was driving very smoothly and accurately..

    then suddenely i asked my dad wheres the brakes and my dad moaned tamannaaaa, thne suddenely i saw the whole bus had caught fire and it began wobbling….
    then i saw we all had jumped off…

    then i saw me and my parents and sisters were all in my next door neighbours house and we saw my friend frm pakistan had arrived…then my mom said to my friend look tamanna’s got a new phone and it was white..then my friend repplied ohh my dads got the saw phonee…..

    then my dad began calling me and i went and i ended up back in my own house in the sitting room and isaw the bus was in my living room…half burnt and black..and steams coming out and some kindles of fire still on…then my dad told me to go and and pull out all the luggage….

    i did that and then we noticed some of our luggage was missing….then my mom said its good to foret luggage at the airport as then the people will deliver it our home directly..

    then my mom began saying how my aunty forgets luggage at the airport and that we shud to that too……
    then i woke up…

    please interpretate this dream
    jazzakallah khair sister 🙂

  273. Moeen ud din Ahmad permalink

    I have been having this dream for a while now.
    “It seems as if either I am sitting in an examination or preparing for one. Everytime I feel like I have not prepared and I would fail”

    • bro, u need to focus on yr practise in islam, keep up with prayers and charity and help yr siblings and parents 1st

  274. Makeen ul haque permalink

    Assalamu alaikum ,

    I dream that someone is cutting my throat by a knife and blood is flowing but the throat was cut about less than half. I recognize the man who is cutting my throat.

    pls interprete.

    Fi amanillah.

    • salam, seek protection from allah and help needy relatives and parents wit money
      keep up wt prayers and dont miss anyone.
      and the person u see is not really the same , dreams are just shown to giv a message and doesnt mean the reality.
      read Quran wit understanding and make duaa for yrself

      • Makeen ul haque permalink

        assalamu alaikum,

        zajakallahu khaairan. Inshallah i will try my best as per ur advice.

        sister, i post today the same dream for interpretation as i was unable to find the same. kindly pls ignore it. Sorry sister to bother you.

        May ALMIGHTY ALLAH grant u success both world and shows mercy by giving u Faujul kabir .

  275. Ahmad permalink

    Dear Megalacier
    I had a dream last night can you kindly interprete it.
    “I felt as if I have some presentation with one of our customers. I asked my wife to arrange mecloth as we are standing in a small room, she gives me a black pant to wear. I then called one of my colleague to confirm if the presentation is confirmed on not but he seem to be talking to someone else on another issue. Then i went out to buy some cloths for myself and as i am passing through the road I saw two dogs and heard a voice of my another colleague that these dogs chase everyone who passes by here and as i heard this one of the dog starts to chase me and i try to run away from it but it keeps on chases. Then i felt as if I am going back and when i look back that dog is coming back to me and when i try to run my shirt sleeve is entangled in grill on the road. Then suddenly some one (i think he is my first colleagues) comes holding a tray in his hand with meat in it and throws it in the air, the dag chasing me stops and start to eat those. Then i again hear my colleagues voice that there is another dog and then i woke up

    • bro professional jealousy among yr workplace, you will get help from allah, but keep yr eyes open and dont disclose yr ideas to anyone, most of all, pray and pray even at yr office and dont miss seeking help from allah, when ever there is something just praise allah like allahu akbar or subhan allah , alhmdulilah several times and than read durud ( salawat on Rasul sw several times) and make duaa to allah, u should not miss any prayer and also duaa while in sujud
      inshallah when u remember allah than u will get help u will feel wonder how

  276. Bilal permalink

    today i saw an photo of my two elder sisters when they were at a young age (7-10). when i looked at this photo of them i seemed sad.

    2nd dream – i saw this sheikh hafiz i know in this house, there was this unknow young lady in a purple coloured hijab, she said hello how are you i said i’m fine. after that i think i went upstaires and i was naked and i was rubbing oil all over my body (hair, legs, arm, chest). then i looked at my penis and there was a small spot by the nub and i peeled it off.

    3rd dream – i saw the girl i like she was in my bedroom she was standing next to my bed. i was in my bed under the blanket the light was off, but i still saw her and i said “do you remember me” she said “i do remember”. i was actually thinking about her alot that night maybe thats why i saw her.

    • you are on yr way to detach with someone who is closer to u and actullly u r bothered by that person. and u want yr space brother!

      • Bilal permalink

        thank you for your reply. i have been having posotive dreams about her. is she going to come to me?.

  277. Bilal permalink

    a dream i saw yesterday i was in my house and i went in the front room and i saw my friend he was reading salah when i walked in he the room and he was in sajidah, he was actually facing towards the Kabbah. then i went in to the living room and i saw the window opened then i went in the bathroom i was standing inside the bathtub with water in there and ice upto my ankles.

    2 days ago – i was in my local mosque lining up reading salah i was standing next to the imam i went all the way down to sajidah. after that i went i walked out of the room and and went in to the kitchen got a cup poured water from the tap in to the cup and i drank it but didnt finish it. then i turned around and i see my cousin sister she was smiling at me

    • brother, again this is abt yr work place and someone coming in yr life, u have so many dreams telling same things
      and today i have memorized wats going around u 🙂
      takecare brother and best wishes for a new workplace and a spouse inshallah to come, but dont haste pls, just wait with patience and use wisdom

      • Bilal permalink

        thank you. i undersdtand. 🙂 salaam…

  278. Salam sister thank u for ur latest reply. i really really appriciate ur work!

    my mother had a dream : she saw her friend comming to her in a diffrent house, she gave her a golden watch and said how much do u think this is worth, the woman wantet to sell her golden watch she needed money. my mothr took the watch in her hand and feelt it and said its really heavy so im guessing alot. the woman thanks her and leaves. then my mother se my father sitting in the living room my dad says to her the woman who where here today i took her sister home today i saw her outside and gave her a ride home, my mother says how did u know her sister? my dad said she called me we have contact,, my mother got upset with him and started to throw stuff at him and yelling. and he yelled back. and she woke up.

    kheer inshallah

    pls interpret the dream..

    barakallah fik sister!

    • no worries, but the dream says that you will gona have a good proposal.. either u or yr sisters

  279. Qaise permalink

    Recently about 2 months ago . I Dreamed about Prophet(P.B.U.H)

    He didn’t talk to me at all. I was just watching their battle against kafir . and i knew in dream its our prophet PBUH and nor i remember his appearance . But was wearing really good cloths.

    We were all in desert , There were many people and there was our beloved prophet (P.B.U.H) and there were many idols and some Hindu(Kafir) Priest( scholars ) It was like a battle of hazrat Muhammad against kafir , They put their idols in front of Prophet (PBUH) and prophet PBUH didnt say anything But he took a dry mud from land( i dont know what it calls in english ) and Put on the head of idols and the idol transform into living being and knee and sajda to our prophet PBUH . And those idols asked prophet ” You forgot to give our food” and all the people were shocked around there and was thinking he is doing magic .

    • the dream means that you will be heading towards the knowledge of islam in deepth.
      focus on prayers and read and understand quran with translation and tafsir ibn al kathir

  280. Qaise permalink

    My other dream
    I dreamed Allah,he was with dark cloth and we were in dark room and his face wasn’t visible because of dark cloth and dark room,there was two more guy with us.One of those Guy was crucified,Allah asked us”Does suicide bombers go to heaven”The other guy which was wit us said “Yes they will go to heaven because they are martyr”Allah Denied him and said They will be crucified like this guy and told the reason(which i don’t remember)There was a torch with very less light in a guy hand who replied to Allah and he gave me the torch and the light of torch became brighter.i asked god “Why are you telling me all this about suicide bombers”he replied It is my duty to tell you and its your duty to tell others”and I gave Allah the torch and the torch light became very bright and room became very bright.

    • your journey towards ilm has begun sister, and allah doesnt come in human form … u got the right dream but u understood wrong , anyhow i have givn u the meaning, just remember allah never comes in dreams in any form of human or dark clothes… salam

  281. Qaise permalink

    Asalaam o alikum , But i m male(not sister ) i m 17 years old and i always do listen to quran translation . I m True believer and i always try to help people , I see many religious dreams . I don’t know why maybe i think about them more . My father was killed in suicide attack in Afghanistan . I have dream him more than 50times , He always says that he is alive .

    1) Dream : We were walking on the road in sunny day . I asked my father , Do u see the sun? He replied yes but he told me that he cant feel it but he can see the sun .
    2) Dream : I asked him where are you right now? He replied i m in a place where there are many tall buildings but there is no fun because you people are not with me.
    3) Dream : I see him in my house garden that he is cutting plants and he smiles to me when he sees me.
    4) Dream : My brother dreams that we have put zulfikar sword in middle and we all brothers are sitting around the sword.
    5) Dream : He came to us and tell sorry i didn’t have money to come back.
    6) I dreamed that i m fishing on the sea and i get 11-12 fishes with a single pole and it is hard for me to pull and i ask my cousin to help but he laugh and dont help me . and i pull all the fishes by myself.

    Sorry but atlast i have found a website who interpreter dream within a day or two .
    I will post more of my dreams because i want to know each of them.
    Dream is something that science couldn’t find the function and why do people see them . It is a way that god send us messages i guess. thats why science failed to explain it with logic.

    • what are u asking me, dreams or scientific explanation of dreams? if u have found the site than go ahead brother many muslims are working fi sabil illah..salam

      • Qaise permalink

        Brother , You have misunderstand me . I said i found a website who can interpret . Its this website , Please interpret my dreams i post before thanks, peace be with you .

      • salam, ok i got u now brother, by the way, i am sister

    • ok now your dreams say that your dad died and you think as if he was a martyr, well allah alone knows this!! you better pray for his maghfirah
      and dream abt fish is that you will succeed in yr work without anyone’s help and allah alone will help u…
      abt sword , it means that you all better learn Quran and understand it in the right sense and right hadith…. sword is kitab ul allah..
      barak allahu feek, salam

  282. shammy permalink

    Hiya I had this weird dream, I was with this guy I used to like we were sitting in the living room talking than I went to the hall way and say by the front door 3 fingers waving to me sideways, so I couldn’t see the rest of the body. I got very scared and ran into the living room claiming I have seen a jins fingers, and than I look into my back garden from the living room window and feel there is a jin watching me, than the jin enters the living room but I cannot see it, so I get scared and say out aloud allah Akbar and than try to recite surah faatir to make it go away. Than my parents come home and I tell them what has happened, and that I recited a prayer and it was still there, than my parents say it must have been an evil jin. The jin did not harm but and I could not see it.

    • salam, before you sleep, recite surah lkhlas, al falak and an naas blow on yr palms and rub on yr body, do this 3 times
      and recite ayat al kursi 3times and seek protection wit allah, also surah moiminoon ayat 97-98 memorize it and read it while at bed

  283. Ahmed permalink

    Salam Wailakum Warahmatulah Wa Wabarakatu

    i saw a dream that i was having fun with some girls at my house and suddenly i heard calling for prayer ,i went to wudu for prayer and after wudu i turned and started to walk suddenly a man on stairs call me (the stair was in my house, didn’t know even their were a stairs in my house) and he said where are u going.i replied i m going for prayer.he said climb this stairs.i climbed up the stairs and i realized that i was in al aqsa mosque ,i was shocked and i looked around the mosque i saw a tall Arab man wear white Arab clothes praying (he was alone).his hair was black and he looks like some one special and religious.after his prayer salaam he called me from his hands for pray with him.i went and started to pray with him.then i wake up.after this dream i m very interest for knowing this man.and was very happy for praying in al aqsa mosque…

    • ws wr wb , glad tiding for you and your journey towards islam wil inshallah begin soon, start taking interest in prayers and understanding quran with sahih sources, salam

  284. manum permalink

    i see cats in my dream everyday its been more than a week now ..cats hve scary face and i feel scared somehow…can u plz interpret my dream?

    • you have to pray daily prayers and recite quran daily, and seek alah’s protection by reciting ayat al kursi 3 times
      keep yr place clean and take off any posters of pix,

  285. Salaam

    Sister I would really appreciate a interpretion on the following dreams..

    First dream aroun 1.30 am

    I saw in my dream greeting a girl I know who is the daughter of the guy who has recently proposed to me. But I havent decided if i should proceed or not as i dont know how my parents will react because he is previously divorced with kids. But he is a very good muslimah from what i have learnt. in my dream his daughter is sitting on a bench, seems like were in a public coach station. She’s really happy saying shes back to live with her dad. I start talking to her and then all of a sudden her dad and my parents appear in my dream. I see were trying to buy a coach ticket but for some reason were not able to get the tickets from the ticket machine. SO my parents and that guy walk out whilst im still waiting with his daughter who is holding 1 coach ticket.

    Second dream just before namaze fajir

    I first see myself talking to a brother and asking him to go to the man who has proposed to me and ask him for his mobile phone. Im sitting on the back seat of my car and i see that im already holding his phone..the brother comes back and says yes and I see on the phone I recieved a message form that man saying “YES OKAY”.I start smiling. Then i see myself on a bus im sitting next to a woman. She’s telling me she wants to marry the guy who has proposed to me. I ask her how old she is, she says 36 i start laughing thinking you look older. She asks why im laughing.. Then i see myself sitting on the bus again and this time im eating sweets i turn around and see my cousin sister sitting behind me with her sons and daughter..She is a widow and her kids are orphans. I give her children my bag of sweets and then i pick her son up and start kissing him on the cheeks. He’s very beautifull but i see little red heat spots on his cheeks. I realise im standing up on the bus and im holding him and smiling at him. I notice I press the button for the bus to stop but i miss 2 stops. I look at the driver and see him nodding. I then notice I get off the stop that is right next to my street and I see my cousin and her children waving at me and even some other people sitting at the back smiling and waving at me too. Then im walking down my street, i see a woman with 2 little girls and a boy ( im thinking to myself the youngest girl looks like her dad)..Then as im walking I see a foreign family walking down (a young gils, old lady a woman and a man) I see that the woman and man are walking fast and infront of me. As im walking i see a house i think to myself nobody lives there. I notice a robin bird flying near the window..i think to myself i wish the window was open inorder for it to fly im walking i see the young girl clicking her fingers and i see the Robin Bird flying towards her. Its drinking and eating berries hanging from the wall. I stop and start looking, the girl says to me thats my bird i’ve trained it. I start smiling and start talking to her… as we walk down i see my sister she stops the girl and says your mum is calling and the girl look behind and there is an old lady..the girl says thats my grandma..i ask my sis how did you know she was calling her and my sister looks points at the foreign name envelope that girl is holding and she says that lady is saying that name..

    • sister yr dreams only shows u like tht guy and his kids but lots of complications in it.. wait for more dreams and dont get deeper in this relation and control yr heart, u should talk abt this guy wit yr family and invite him and his kids just like that, as yr friend. and watch how things go around and dont confirm anyone that u like him or he likes u, make 4, 5 meetings and let yr parents observe him and than if yr parents say anything thn u act wisely. you can also visit wit yr parents at his home to know their lifestyle but plsssss dont loose yr self and dont fall in love or feel attracted. marriage is an important issue and one should love sincerely to spouse only, not before ! salam

  286. Dreamer permalink

    I had a dream that there were a lot of black and white cats and that they are all around me. Then this black cat transforms into a man and he tells me that my bosses at my work place is very pleased with me and I will be called to america because of it. Then I ask two small cats if I will get married to the one I want to and they reply yes I will but three months after September. I am very confused. Kindly help.

    Thank you

    • you dont pray ? or no mosque nearby u? well u should recite quran or play quran recitation at yr house loudly every day, specialy b4 sleeping put on surah rahman, yr dreams are from satan as u saw cats 🙂 recite ayat al kursi 3 times and duaa wit allah for protection.

  287. mmm permalink

    salam sister 2 short dreams:

    i dreamd that my brother who i havnt seen in a long time came to visit us, he asked me about my job and was happy for me, he asked to sit in the balconey with me, and i did, but all of the sudden he asked why i changed my hair and punshed me in the nose i bleed and cry , and he says sarcastlicy with a smile oh did it hurt? and my other brother laughes in the kitchen.

    dream 2: i sw my baby cousins waking me up in my room and saying come to the living room , when i go to the livingroom theres a party there all of my mothers friends .

  288. Bilal permalink

    1st dream – around 4:30am i saw myself walking up this road, and i heard someone walking up fast behind me, i turned around and i see this woman dressed in a black jubba and a she was distressed, and she went straight for my neck with her hand this chain/necklace that i was wearing and snatched it, i was trying to fight for it but i couldnt so i let go. she was saying something in a another language some sort of spell i think, sounded scary.

    2nd dream – i was in my bedroom sitting on the floor with my brother then i heard knocking on my bedroom door. i went to open it and no one was there so i went into my sisters bedroom and i saw my eldest sister, who doesnt live in our house no more, she lives with her husband.

    • someone is really trying hard to make probs at yr work. and u wil get a better job soon, as per yr last dreams,

      • Bilal permalink

        i dont work. i never had a job. it is hard finding a job. so why am i having these dreams. could it be my mother?

      • u saying u dont work? and yr mother works and support u ?

      • Bilal permalink

        lolz no you dont get it. obviously i go out looking for work, am not that type what your thinking now. i dont get what you meant by someone stopping me from working. you mentioned work place. because i dont work at the moment, it could be something else instead of work?

      • its only abt work

  289. Bilal permalink

    today 1st dream – i was in my house in the dining room with my mother and the walls were painted white (in real life there not white). then i walked outside in the garden with my younger sister, then i see house extensions.

    2nd dream – i was going through this kind of big green tunnel when i got to the end there were two mirrors and next to it there was two diamonds. i picked the diamonds up and i cracked the mirror with it but the mirror didnt shatter. then i went outside and there were a group of people behind me looking in the sky so looked up and the sky was clear blue. then i could see a long shodow of some sort of a beast was coming down from the sky. this beast didnt look scary at all it was all white, it came infront of me and showed me its hands it looked like paws, then i gave the diamonds in its hands then it went?…


    • what did u see in the mirrors, was there any reflection of u or u or else?

      • Bilal permalink

        i think i just saw myself normally, dont remember. what about the second dream i had, never seen anything like it.

  290. Qaise permalink

    My Dream , I was with my mother and when we were passing the mirror , I saw my father as reflect of my mother in mirror . I didn’t see my mom in mirror but my father but there was standing my mom . Salaam

    • salam, i cant tell anything abt reflection which u saw, i dont know wats going in yr life bro therefore i cant come to any point,

  291. ali permalink

    I pray to Allah before I go to sleep, I ask him please come in my dream,
    I was walking with man, I saw many light on floor and every one of them and writting from holy book, I pick them all, and I did not want any one to see that , because I was the only man believe in Allah.

    • ok, allah doesnt come in dream in human form brother and u havent seen as such as well, the meaning of yr dream is that you will get hidayah and noor from allah thru his book ( quran) and sunnah of rasul sw.

  292. Allahs slave permalink

    Asalam alakum sister, wallah I’m hoping you haven’t forgotten me lol. I missed you so much, how’s it going? Inshallah khair. Well here I am back for more dreams 🙂 and inshallah when ever you can, if you’d like maybe email me the translation. Well here it starts, my friend whom is a male gender has been talking to this girl with FULL respect, he’s telling me wallah he’s in love with her because she’s different, she respects herself and others. He said he wants to ask for her hand, but she won’t give him Any information and is denying everything! She won’t tell him anything BUT her age and first name, keep in mind they’re both Muslim. He’s serious about this and I see it. He said last night he had a dream that he was in this BIG bathroom with 2 of his friends where the sun cleans things (that part was confusing) so the girl he likes comes in while he was waiting for his turn to get him some water, with a abaya on that had white things on the sleeves of the abaya, and that she had beautful big eyes with kohl (eye liner) on them. He said she looked so famaliar but he didn’t want to ask her if she’s the girl he knows, so he went up to her and said “whats your you name?” she said “I’m not telling you” with a smile on her face then he asked does your name start with this letter (he told her what letter) and he was right “she said yeah” then he said “YOU’RE *name*” she then asked him for help, she said “could you help me put water in this jar?” she gave him a big jar, and so he filled it up with water, he asked her “what do you need this for” she said “it’s a school project, I have to give it to little ants to drink so they could think and be big like humans” then he told her “mashallah you’re beautful” and that’s it, he really wants to know. Salam sister 🙂   

    • this boy wana marry this gal? is he working? or just student in school a teen????
      anyways sun he saw means a distant love who has not comitted yet… pls get back to me with details

      • Allahs slave permalink

        Yeah he wants to marry her. Yes he’s working and in college, but she’s still in highschool. He really likes her. And he had another dream about her before this one, do you want to know it? Salam.